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Go Beyond The Grid And Meet The New Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Team!

The first Power Rangers comic event SHATTERED GRID has ended and not everything was set right at the end, some of the Rangers were left BEYOND THE GRID. This new team of ragtag Rangers must unite to help protect themselves and other former Rangers they freed from Lord Drakkon's prison. Who are the members of the new team? Find out below!

The team's mentor is Grace Sterling, the 1969 Red Ranger. Grace was working for NASADA in 1969 as a member of the secretarial pool, despite being more than qualified to be an astronaut for the first moon landing. In 1869 Dark Specter sent his right hand man Psycho Green to free Rita Repulsa from her prison on Earth's moon, Zordon and Alpha shot him down with their moon space cannons. Psycho Green is placed in hibernation by his ship.

The events of the U.S. moon landing in 199 inadvertently reactivated the ship bringing Psycho Green out of his hibernation. Zordon had Alpha teleport a team of five to the Command Center consisting of Grace Sterling, Vietnam War veteran Terona Washington, college student Daniel O’Halloran, British singer and songwriter Jamie Gilmore, and KGB intelligence analyst Nikolai Chukarin to go to the Earth's moon to stop Psycho Green. On their first mission Psycho Green takes out the team before Grace and Terona can stop him. Before they return to the Command Center Grace takes the Psycho Dagger. With their mission over, Psycho Green defeated and three members of the team dead Zordon takes back their powers but Grace leaves with the Psycho Dagger.

Grace reappears after the Rangers faced off with the Black Dragon offering them the assistance of her company Promethea. Grace not telling the Rangers the full truth about a lot of things lead to them not trusting her. After the fight against Lord Drakkon in his universe he falls through a rift in space/time and ends up in our world where Grace takes him into custody. When the Coinless Saba learns this he goes to finish Drakkon but insteads frees him which leads to the events of Shattered Grid. With Lord Drakkon and his forces growing the Rangers team up with Grace and sends Grace and a team of Rangers to the moon of the Coinless universe in the Promethea (Terra Venture) to rescue the Rangers that Lord Drakkon has captured. Grace and her team that consisted of Coinless Kimberly (Ranger Slayer), Tanya (Zeo Ranger II Yellow), Andros (In Space Red), Mike (Magna Defender), Karone (Lost Galaxy Pink), Cam (Green Samurai Ranger), and Heckyl (Dark Ranger) succeed in their mission but is stranded somewhere Beyond The Grid.

The leader of the seems to be Kimberly Hart , the Ranger Slayer from Lord Drakkon's Coinless Universe. Kimberly's story parallels that of her counterpart from the Prime Universe until the point where the spell is broken on Tommy. In the Coinless Universe after Rita's spell was broken Tommy didn't join the Rangers instead he joined Rita, leaving his life as Tommy Oliver behind and taking the name Lord Drakkon. During the "Fall of The Power Rangers" battle as Jason was about to take on the powers of the White Ranger Lord Drakkon attacked and emerged from the Command Center with the powers of both the Green and White Ranger powers and defeated the Rangers.

Kimberly joined the resistance along with the rest of the Ranger and alongside others like Bulk, Skull and Matthew. Drakkon would go on to take all of the Power Rangers Coins except for Billy, who before he died gave his Morpher and Coin to Trini. Kimberly armed with nothing but a regular bow and arrows helped the resistance with patrols and rescue missions one of which she found her first boyfriend Matthew Cook, badly injured and before they can evacuate the group he was in Matt dies and Kimberly swears vengeance on Drakkon.

That night Kimberly headed off to take out Drakkon and got to his thrown room and close enough to fire arrows at him. Drakkon managed to deflect the arrows thanks to magic he learned from Rita and placed Kimberly under a spell transforming her into his Dragon Slayer and giving her the Bow of Darkness. As Drakkon's Ranger Slayer Kimberly was used to attack her friends and help Drakkon tighten his hold on the Coinless Universe.

During a battle with the Coinless and the Prime Universe's Billy and Tommy, Drakkon is defeated and escapes to the Prime Universe. The Ranger Slayer uses a fraction of the Green Chaos Crystal to transverse time and space to rescue him but overshoots and lands in the early days of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers before their Tommy was taken by Rita. After a few run ins with the Rangers and a battle in the Command Center, Prime Kimberly broke the spell Ranger Slayer. After running into a young and living Matt, and receiving a communication from Lord Drakkon, Kimberly sets into motion a plan to end Drakkon. Ranger Slayer ensures Prime Tommy's role in the final battle before she jumps to the near future and join up with the present day Prime Grace and her team at Promethea. Kimberly is a part of the Moon Base Rescue team sent to rescue all of the Rangers Drakkon had taken prisoner before they are stranded somewhere Beyond The Grid.

When Mastervile reversed time and reduced all the Rangers to young children, Zordon had to send them on personal quests to retrieve their Zeo Sub Crystal to return Earth and themselves back to their rightful place. Each Ranger's quest sent them into the past to revist a part of their person heritage, the Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell traveled to Africa where she befriended a young girl named Tanya Sloan. Once in Africa Aisha learned of a sickness affecting the animals there and decided to stay and use her veterinarian knowledge to help them and sent her Zeo Sub Crystal back with Tanya.

Tanya arrived in the present and along with the other Rangers Zeo Sub Crystals and the help of Billy's invention they reformed the Zeo Crystal. With the Zeo Crystal reformed time was restored as were the Rangers along with Tanya. But before anything else could happen Rito and Goldar blew up the Command Center but Zordon and Alpha managed to teleport everyone out of it in time. While going through the rubble of the Command Center the Rangers found the Zeo Crystal and upon picking it up were sunk into the ground below where the Command Center once stood. Once there they discover a new Power Chamber and received their new Zeo Powers. Tanya was given the Yellow Zeo Sub Crystal when Billy stepped down so he can be of more use helping them from the Command Center with Alpha and Zordon.

After receiving a letter from Aisha and her tribe back in Africa Tanya learned that her real parents were American explorers and with the help of Jason, the Gold Ranger she rescued them and found the lost Tiki of Auric. The Tiki of Auric turned out to be an ancient hero and Tanya entrusted it to Jason. The power of the Gold Ranger were draining Jason's life force so he had to return the powers back to Trey just in time for the Zeo Rangers to defeat the Machine Empire. During Jason's farewell party at the Command Center the Evil Lord Drakkon, posing as Tommy stole Adam's Zeonizer and then returned to kill Tommy and take his Zeonizer as well. Kat, Tanya, Rocky and Trey all traveled to the Prime Universe's Command Center answering Zordon's call and joined in the fight against Lord Drakkon. In their final attack against Lord Drakkon Tanya was selected to join Grace and her team of Rangers aboard the Promethea (Terra Venture) to rescue the Rangers Lord Drakkon had captured on his Moon Base in the Coinless Universe. After successfully rescuing the imprisoned Rangers Tanya along with the rest were trapped in a universe Beyond The Grid.

When Andros was young his sister Karone was kidnapped by Darkonda, Andros swore that he would one day find her. As a teenager Andros joined his home world in fighting back against the evil empire of Dark Specter and along with his friend Zhane was chosen to become the first Space Rangers. They were entrusted with the Astro Megaship which also held the four remaining Astro Morphers. After Zhane was mortally wounded on a mission Andros kept him alive by preserving him in cryo-stasis.

After spying on the United Alliance of Evil Andros raced back to his ship on his Galaxy Glider where the former Turbo Rangers have been taken aboard by D.E.C.A. Initially not knowing if they were good or evil Andros fought them but learned they were sent there by Zordon. Andros agreed to repair Alpha 6 and their NASADA space shuttle but was unwilling to team up with them.

Early on Lord Drakkon traveled to the In Space Universe that like all the other eras had been splintered into their own timelines to protect the Morphin Grid and took on the Rangers. Lord Drakkon defeated the In Space Rangers but at some point Andros managed to escape along with his Astro Morpher to the Prime Universe's Command Center to alert them that he knew where Lord Drakkon was keeping the Rangers whose Morphers he had taken to power his Sentries. When Kimberly and Jen returned from their rescue attempt Andros met a familiar face as the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger demorphed and it was revealed to be his long lost sister Karone. Along with Karone, Andros join Grace's rescue mission and after completing it he along with the rest of the Rangers and former Rangers were trapped in a universe Beyond The Grid.

Mike Corbett was a security officer and Commander Stanton's second in command aboard Terra Venture, a space station developed by Grace Sterling and her company Promethea. While on a training exercise a young woman named Maya appeared through a rift in space before Mike, and his team. Mike along with his brother Leo, who stowed away on Terra Venture, Kai, Damon and Kendrix accompanied Maya back through the rift to her home world Mirinoi which was under attack by Furio who wanted the legendary Quasar Sabers. During the battle with Furio Mike pulled free the Red Quasar Saber, Maya, and the rest of his team minus Leo pulled the remaining four free. Furio in a fit of rage started transforming the citizens of Mirinoi to stone which caused a casim to open swallowing Mike. Before he fell Mike was able to pass his Saber onto his brother Leo, who along with the rest became the Lost Galaxy Rangers.

As Mike fell he was rescued by the Magna Defender who used his Magna Sword to stop Mike's fall saving him. Magna Defender had been there for some time and needed a corporeal form to return and his spirit possessed Mike's body to aid in his quest for vengeance against Scorpius. Mike would fight for control as his spirit would cause the Magna Defender pain when he crossed a line or was close to it. The Magna Defender sacrificed him self dying a hero and finding the peace he so needed he passed on his powers to Mike who assumed the mantle of the Magna Defender and joined the Lost Galaxy Rangers.

Mike heard the call and made his way to the Prime Universe's Command Center along with the other Rangers responding to Zordon's call to arms. Once there Mike was reunited with Karone, the Pink Galaxy Ranger. Mike join Grace's team of Rangers aboard a vessel he knew as Terra Venture to rescue the trapped Rangers on the Coinless Universe's moon base where Drakkon held them prisoner. While the mission was a success Mike along with everyone else aboard were trapped in a universe Beyond The Grid.

As a little girl on KO-35 Karone, like her brother always dreamed of being a Power Ranger, but was kidnapped by Darkonda and raised by Ecliptor to be the Queen of Evil, Astronema. Dark Specter made Astronema his new right hand (after the Green Psycho Ranger was destroyed) and sent her after the In Space Rangers. All that was left of her life as Karone was a locket and once Andros discovered she was Karone he did everything in his power to save her and succeed for a short time but she was once again put under Ecliptor's control. During the Rangers final battle with Astronema and the United Alliance of Evil Andros destroyed Zordon's interdimensional tube releasing the Z-Wave which destroyed all evil including Astronema. Andros emerged from the Dark Fortress with Karone's lifeless body in his hands and after a tear from his eye touched her, she awoken free of all evil influence.

After a battle with Psycho Pink, Kendrix Morgan, the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger perished and her Quasar Saber disappeared. The Pink Quasar Saber found its way to the criminal world of Onyx where it was up for auction. Karone still feeling the guilt over all the evil she committed as Astronema assumed the guise of her former Queen of Evil persona and got possession of the Pink Quasar Saber, when Scorpina blew her cover. Karone almost died protecting the Pink Quasar Saber and as a reward the spirit of the former Pink Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix appeared to her and passed on her Transmorpher allowing Karone to achieve her dream and become the new Pink Galaxy Ranger.

After Terra Venture was attacked by Lord Drakkon's army Karone was rescued by Kimberly and Jen and take back to the Prime Universe's Command Center where she was reunited with her brother Andros who was unaware of her time as Astronema and Mike who she thought was captured by Lord Drakkon. Karone joined Andros and Mike on Grace's team to rescue her friends and other former Rangers on Drakkon's moon base in the Coinless Universe. The team rescued the former Rangers during the final battle but was knocked through to a universe that is Beyond The Grid.

Cameron "Cam" Watanabe is the son of Sensei Kanoi Watanbe of the Wind Ninja Academy, nephew of Lothor, and cousin of Kapri and Marah. Cam always wanted to be a Ninja, but his father refused to allow him without giving him a reason why, when Lothor attacked the school and took all the students but three Cam presented them with the Wind Morphers and assisted them from their base by his father's side. 

When the Rangers temporarily lost their powers his fathered revealed to him that long ago his mother made him promise to never let him become a Ninja due to the dangers that come with it. His father encouraged him to use the Time Scroll that allowed him to travel back to the past when his father was a student at the Wind Ninja Academy and Cam became the newest student. Shortly after arriving Cam learned that his father had a twin brother named Kiya he never knew and a new Samurai student arrived. The Samurai defeated young Kanoi and revealed that she was a young woman named Miko who Cam recognized as his mother. 

Cam noticed Miko possessed a green amulet and was framed by Kiya who stole the powerful amulet in hopes of gaining power but was caught by Kanoi. After a fight with Cam during which the amulet unlocked and allowed Cam to use its powers Kiya was defeated and banned from the Academy. Kiya renounced his family name and took the name Lothor vowing vengeance. Before Cam could do anything else the Time Scroll reopened and Miko gave the amulet to Cam saying it was where it belonged. Cam returned to the present and morphed into the Green Samurai Ranger.

Cam and the rest of the Ninja Storm team that included himself and the Wind and Thunder Rangers answered Zordon's call to arms. Cam joined the Ranger army in the final battle as a member of Grace's team whose mission was to rescue the captive Rangers held on Lord Drakkon's moon base in the Coinless Universe, The mission was a success but as the rescued the last of the Rangers the Promethea (Terra Venture) fell through normal space into a universe that was Beyond The Grid.

Millions of years ago on the planet Sentai 6, Lord Arcanon was attacking the planet to get the Dark Energem. A kind hearted Heckyl tried to protect the Dark Engergem by taking it and running when the Dark Energem fell from its case Heckyl touched it and was surrounded by Dark Energy as the Energem bonded to him and created a new alter the evil Snide. Because of the effects of the Dark Energem Heckyl and Snide were now sharing a body and Heckyl would never remember what happened or his past.

Snide went on to conquer and destroyed countless galaxies and was ultimately captured by Sledge held in a specialized solitary cell. Upon Sledges believed destruction Snide and Heckyl took command of the ship and infiltrated the team as their friend Heckyl. During a confrontation with Lord Arcanon and the Dark Energem Heckyl's memories re-emerged and him and snide are separated. Heckyl join the Dino Charge Rangers in their final battle against Sledge and after they defeat him and safe prehistoric Earth Heckyl is made into a Keeper and returned to his home world to save it.

Sometime after he assisted the Dino Charge Rangers in defeating Sledge and returning home Heckyl became the Dark Ranger and answered the call to arms sent out by Zordon. Heckyl joined Grace and her team to travel to Lord Drakkon's moon base in the Coinless Universe free the Rangers he had captured. The mission was a success but as the rescued the last of the Rangers the Promethea (Terra Venture) fell through normal space into a universe that was Beyond The Grid.

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