Saturday, December 29, 2018

Comic Frontline's Best Comics of 2018!

Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it! Every year we take a long look back at the year in comics and do an award show to say thank you to all the hard work that goes into making them. From Writers to Artists, to Editors, to Covers, we cover them all! This year we are taking our nominees and sharing some of our thoughts in what makes them the Best Of Comics of 2018!

Best Comic Book Writer


1. Brian K. Vaughan (Paper Girls, Saga)

Paper Girls continues to be one of my absolute favorite comic books, and with every new volume Brian K. Vaughan just keep on raising the bar of perfection. And let's not forget Vaughan's critically acclaimed Saga, which blew my mind with some of gutsiest comic book narrative choices I've seen in a long time.

2. Rainbow Rowell (Runaways)

Rainbow Rowell is not only a brilliant novelist but is also a great comic book writer - a transition not many writers have been able to do as smoothly as Rowell. Runaways have some of the best character work on comic stands as we see our favorite misfit teenagers become their worst enemies (adults).

3. Kelly Thompson (West Coast Avengers/Nancy Drew/Jessica Jones)

Kelly Thompson has worked on multiple titles this year, and even with this heavy workload, all her titles have been consistently great. She explores genres that haven't had enough spotlight in modern comics, like comedy and romance.


1. Tom King (Batman, Heroes in Crisis)

Tom King is fast becoming one of my favorite writers. His deep, psychological explorations of the characters he writes feel important. He likes to drag things out, but he also has a solid plan for where they are headed.

2. Jody Houser (Faith, Doctor Who the 13th Doctor)

Jody Houser has done tremendous work with Faith, taking a throwaway side character from Harbinger and making her one of the standout new characters in recent memory. It's always fun, the stories are always character driven and showcasing different aspects of Faith. And she has been equally impressive on other titles.

3. Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man)

I can't have a top list without mentioning the man that turned my favorite superhero character around! I haven't always enjoyed everything Spencer has done, but in the Spidey corner of the Marvel Universe, he has proven himself time and time again for me.


1. Tom Waltz (TMNT)

Tom Waltz has consecutively always delivered for me when it comes to TMNT. Not one month comes by I can’t wait to read his next issue, whether he has written it solo or alongside legend and TMNT creator Kevin Eastman.

2. Nick Spencer (The Amazing Spider-Man)

I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of Nick Spencer's writing over the years. It’s on a rare occasion I don’t enjoy a book he is doing. His current run on The Amazing Spider-Man has been really pronominal.

3. Tom King (Batman, Heroes in Crisis)

Tom King is definitely a long game writer. I enjoy the mystery he’s doing with Heroes In Crisis, very little answers and a lot of questions. His Batman run I feel has a really good end game, it’s just going to take awhile for us to get there.


1.) Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Kyle Higgins is a legend already! Thanks to Higgins and his "Shattered Grid" event in the comics the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers was possibly the biggest year for the franchise since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers craze. Higgins didn't just write the comic he went way above and beyond making it a multi-media, multi-platform mega event by doing a live-action teaser trailer with Jason David Frank playing Lord Drakkon, and by bringing it to the RPG arena with HyperForce!

2.) Greg Pak (Mech Cadet Yu)

Greg Pak has told some great stories in his career and has many more to come I am sure. He wrote two of my favorite Hulk stories ever "Planet Hulk" and "World War Hulk" which he visited with his creation Amadeus Cho, but for me, his best writing was on full display this year in his creator-owned book, Mech Cadet Yu.

3.) C.S. Pacat (Fence)

I never thought in a million years that a book or anything about Fencing would be one of my favorite things ever and yet here I am loving a comic about it! C.S. Pacat makes you interested in the sport by showing the passion of it through some of the most multi-dimensional characters of 2018. If you can make Fencing cool, and interesting to me that is a major feat and the signs of a great writer.


1. Donny Cates (Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider)
Every time I read a book by Donny Cates I'm thoroughly impressed. He continues to do wonderful work over at Marvel whether it's Thanos, Cosmic Ghost Rider or writing Marvel Knights 20th. The Venom series is his best writing to date as he continues to add depth to Eddie Brock and his symbiote.

2. Tom King (Batman, Heroes in Crisis)

Tom King has accomplished to create a Batman with lots of feelings. In a way, we haven't seen before. Then we have Heroes in Crisis, which is a wonderful mystery dealing with superheroes in trauma.

3. Nick Spencer (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Frontline Pick of the Year: Brian K. Vaughan

Best Penciller



1. Kris Anka (Runaways)

Kris Anka has displayed some of the best facial expressions in comics with his interiors in Runaways and his cover work. His collaboration with Rainbow Rowell is outstanding. Their love for the Runaways truly bleeds through their work.

2. Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls)

Paper Girls has one of comics most imaginative worlds, which is no surprise knowing Brian K. Vaughan is at the helm. Cliff Chiang perfectly balances this visually creative world with necessary emotions for this coming of age tale.


3. Mitch Geralds (Mister Miracle)

Mister Miracle biggest success is making a God like Scott Free relatable, and Mitch Geralds shows this with stride. The strongest aspect of this comic is when Tom King and Mitch Geralds take the beats to show the small moments. Like Darkseid eating a veggie tray for a full page or Scott using the chip in his credit card to pay for his kid's bat themed birthday party.


1. Ryan Ottley (Amazing Spider-Man)

Uncle Wya (an alias of Ottley's) has been on my radar for a very long time now. My mouth used to drool over his pieces posted in the Digital Webbing forums. Invincible being one of my favorite books of all time, story and art wise, I was thrilled beyond measure hearing he would pencil my favorite superhero. Though he's not on every issue, I thoroughly enjoy his craftsmanship on Spidey. He has this fun, light style of figure work that explodes with incredible detail.

2. Sergio Acuna (WWE)

I am a lifelong wrestling fan, and so I've seen a LOT of wrestling comics. I've tried them all. And one thing most of them have in common is that the artist can't tell a headlock from an armbar, and it takes me out of the story. Sergio is not only competent in his moves, but his likenesses are fantastic as well. He breathes new life into the current superstars of WWE as if they leaped off the screen and into a comic before my very eyes.

3. Carlo Barberi (Adventures of the Super Sons)

Barberi's art is off the charts good, to be honest. So good that at a recent convention, the one print at a certain table that jumped out at me and I had to have turned out to be illustrated by him as well! His work on Super Sons is fun, bold, action-packed, just exaggerated enough, and just plain fun to look at!


1. Ryan Ottley (The Amazing Spider-Man)

I’ve enjoyed his art since Invincible and love seeing his art now in The Amazing Spider-Man.

2. Daniele Di Nucuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Truly brings the Power Rangers books to life. Really enjoy his work! It made reading Power Rangers a real enjoyment.

3. Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural)

Her art is what got me into reading Unnatural and I’ve been hooked on the book and art ever since.


1.) Dan Mora (Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers)

Dan Mora has brought a new refinement to the way Power Rangers look. His look has become instant classics, and he has taken his passion above and beyond what was required with some character/costume redesigns that make Ranger fans drool at the possibility of them making their way to the big screen. Mora also managed to allow us to see the Rangers emote through the helmets by allowing us to see through the visor which allowed Ryan Parrott to really pack the script with those emotional beats. But his work isn't limited to Power Rangers or comics. Mora has done covers all over including WWE books and has his designs leap off the pages into the RPG world in the Heroes Of The Grid game where his designs are used for the artwork and the miniature pieces in the game.

2.) Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Daniele Di Nicuolo did a Morphenomenal job bringing the beyond epic "Shattered Grid" to the page. He not only had to draw one team of Rangers but an army of Power Rangers, and created one of the most visually awesome villains in Lord Drakkon. Despite all of the insane amount of characters, Zords, and other characters Higgins threw at him, Di Nicuolo managed to not only deliver them but threw in some great Easter Eggs for the fans.

3.) Johanna The Mad (Fence)

Johanna The Mad brought Fence to life and did as much with her pencil as C.S. Pacat did with her pen. Every page was filled with a visual story. Johanna used every panel to its fullest, with each one telling a visual story that expanded what was written and took us deeper into these characters.


1. Ryan Ottley (The Amazing Spider-Man) 

When Ryan Ottley was announced that he was penciling The Amazing Spider-Man I was totally excited. Going back to his Invincible days, I always said WOW! How awesome would it be for him to draw Spider-Man? Then my dream came true. His artwork screams superhero comics, and he has not disappointed me yet.

2. Ryan Stegman (Venom)

Ryan Stegman's artwork never disappoints. The attention to detail that he puts in his characters and facial expressions are awesome. Venom is some of his best work yet!

3. Sean Murphy (Batman: White Knight)

Sean Murphy is one of my favorite artists. He has such a distinct style! His amazing pencils and Batman the White Knight as a whole did not disappoint. His characters' facial expressions where on point, and I loved all the different vehicles showed throughout the series.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Sergio Acuna (WWE)

Best Inker


1. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise XXV)

Strangers in Paradise XXV has a lot of elements that make this series stand out, but one of my favorites is that it's black and white. This makes Moore's beautiful inking truly stand out, and become a major attraction for the book.

2. Greg Smallwood (Vampironica

I loved the almost chalky texture that Greg Smallwood brought to his line work for this book.

3. Gary Brown (Babyteeth)
The mixture of Gary Brown's inks and Mark Englert's colors made for the perfect complexion for this comic. It gave the darkness the series needed without making it feel too muddy.


1. Olivier Coipel (The Magic Order)

Coipel's inks in The Magic Order really set the tone for the book. This is a world full of magic, but it's a dark world with different factions at war, one side utilizing dark magic to pick the other side off. There have been some creepy scenes in this book, and they were expertly highlighted by the dark, crisp and moody inks provided by Coipel.
2. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise XXV)

Moore's inking style is simple but effective. With a black and white book, inks become that much more important, and Moore's every line is adding to the scene. It would be easy to lose the important elements in a style such as his if not careful, but his many years of experience have taught him the right balance that makes these pages sing.

3. Karl Kerschl (Isola)

Given the beauty of his line art, it would be hard to enhance a book such as Isola, but somehow Karl manages to do just that. His soft, delicate inks provide a canopy of sorts for his pencils that just form this gorgeous piece of work that could stand up next to any work of art.


1.) Dan Mora (Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers)

Dan Mora's inks fall in-between those of the animated and the realistic. Thanks to the inks in his art you can see how he uses line weight to bring more dynamic and fluidity to his characters. This is really useful in those awesome visor shots to allow that emoting to really be seen while not making it looking like it is missing anything.

2.) Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

The inking in Power Rangers is very important with designs as intricate as the Rangers, lines that are too heavy or bold will hide those details and those that are too thin leave them lacking and less appealing. Di Nicuolo did a great job finding this balance on a scale that is beyond anything else. With pages filled with Rangers, Zords, Evil Space Aliens and background goodness his inks were there making them all come to life.

3.) Johanna The Mad (Fence)

Johanna's inks are perfect. She manages to bring just the right stroke to each line making you feel like you are watching an Anime at times.


1. J.P. Mayer (Venom)

Inks are so important to make any Venom series work and the chemistry between J.P. Mayer and Ryan Stegman really shows with the current Venom series.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Gary Frank (Doomsday Clock)

Best Colorist


1. Matt Wilson (Paper Girls, Runaways)

Matt Wilson is not just my favorite colorists of the year, but my favorite colorist period. I love what he brings to both Paper Girls and Runaways with his marriage of colors. I can only compare his work to the beauty of a sunset.   


2. Rachel Cohen (Snotgirl)

Rachel Cohen is able to embrace the fashion magazine aesthetic with her color work. The brightness of her pallete is a great contrast to the darker themes of the series.

3. Jose Villarrubia (Infidel)

Infidel was a pretty haunting book, and Jose Villarrubia's colors really brought the creepy level-up to 100.


1. Protobunker (Adventures of the Super Sons)

With a book like Super Sons, you have to have dynamic art at every stage. This includes the colors, and Protobunker does an amazing job of not only popping these characters off the page but by also using bold, in your face colors and daring palettes that punch up the awesome to the Nth level!

2. Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural)

Unnatural is a beautiful and stunning book that is greatly enhanced by the magnificent color stylings of its creator, Mirka Andolfo. The color holds and glow effects give a soft, supple quality to the coloring that just makes the entire reading experience cozy for lack of a better term.

3. MSassy K (Isola)

If Kerschl's art wasn't enough on its own, MSassy K's coloring makes Isola even that much more beautiful! The almost cell shaded look provides a nice contrast to the seriousness of the story. It's almost a mash-up of cell shading and storybook painting that doesn't sound like it would work at all but ends up being one of the most beautiful books you've ever seen.


1.) Walter Baiamonte (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Walter Baiamonte has to deal with the darker stories in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so he has to balance that grit with that signature brightness that the franchise brings to mind.

2.) Raul Angulo (Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers)

Raul Angulo does an excellent job bringing the bright energy the show is known for to the comic.

3.) Joana Lafuente (Fence)

Joana Lafuente did an amazing job finishing the art process on Fence, transforming the art into something that pops off the pages and makes it feel like an anime in your hands.


1. Andres Mossa (Old Man Hawkeye)

The colors for this series are absolutely amazing. Andres Mossa does a wonderful job in making this feel like a different world and making everyone look older with darker tones.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Mirka Andolfo (Unnatural)

Best Letterer


1. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise XXV)

In this day and age, it's a rarity to get hand-drawn artwork, especially with lettering. It makes everything feel very personalized.

2. Mare Odomo (Snotgirl)

I like the almost manga-esque style as we get certain text without word balloons, but the highlight around these words really bring a uniqueness to the text.


1. Josh Reed (Aspen)

Without going into the praises of lettering as an art, let me just say that if it is an art, Reed is a bonafide artist! He goes above and beyond with the Aspen books, giving them all a sort of unified feel while keeping them individual as well. Some of the best caption boxes in the business, and there's a beautiful flow to his work.

2. Joe Caramagna (Various Marvel Books)

Caramagna is a very good letterer that does a high volume of work for Marvel. One of the Virtual Calligraphy (VC) stable of letterers, he's trained under experts and really gets the Marvel style. His work is fantastic because you don't notice it, and you don't notice it's him until you read the credits. This is a great compliment to the VC crowd in general for their unified presentation.

3. Rob Leigh (Adventures of the Super Sons)

For a book that is bursting at the seams with beautiful art and gorgeous coloring, you have to have the right letterer to finish it off, and Leigh is that letterer. The choices he makes on what to bold vs. what to burst clear out of the balloon with bright colors and bold drops is inspiring.


1.) Ed Dukeshire (Power Rangers)

Ed Dukeshire did both Power Rangers books and brought something both individual yet unifying in the lettering which was really a treat, His Sound effects are also on point and really adds that element to the comics, you feel the big explosions and morphs due to Dukeshire's lettering.

2.) Simon Bowland (Mech Cadet Yu)

Like Campbell, Simon Bowland, for the most part, keeps it classic, but isn't afraid to break out to emphasize a word, and his sound effect is always so well done and placed.

3.) Jim Campbell (Fence, Various)

Jim Campbell knows how to build to things with his lettering. I love how classic most of it is as to not draw attention away from the story or the art and then when he does go big you notice it and it works within the are to help it and make the statement bolder.


1. Sean Phillips (Kill or Be Killed)

2. Jared K. Fletcher (Paper Girls)

Frontline Pick of the Year: Rob Leigh (Adventures of Super Sons)

Best Cover Artist


1. Kris Anka (Runaways)

The same love Kris Anka puts in his interiors is fully on display with his covers. They all capture the story in a new light.

2. Mark Brooks

I've always enjoyed the painting style covers Mark Brooks delivers. Any time I see a Brooks cover I know I'm picking it up.

3. Joshua Middleton (Aquaman, Batgirl)

His work on the Batgirl covers this year were drop dead gorgeous. He brought a very realistic portrayal to the character.


1. J. Scott Cambell (Various)

2. Dan Mora (WWE)

3. Jim Lee (various)


1.) Dan Mora (Power Rangers, WWE)

Simply put Dan is the Man! Don Mora's covers are mind-blowingly MORPHINOMINAL! He captures the essence of the book on the cover in a way few can. He takes the covers and uses them to tell a one image story that excites you and makes you want to grab the issue and read it NOW!

2.) Jordan Gibson (Power Rangers)

Jordan Gibson continues to blow me away with the variants, forcing me to buy them all! Jordan really knows how to play off of context within a cover, whether it is Zeo Gold Jason touching his former Mighty Morphin Red suit in the case or the HyperForce Rangers with little things like Vesper's look at Alpha 55 or Chloe holding a burrito, it is these little things that make these covers must-haves.

3.) Takeshi Miyazawa (Mech Cadet Yu)

Takeshi Miyazawa did great covers for Mech Cadet Yu. Each cover looked like a classic Mech Anime poster subtle yet telling, and each a work of art to be appreciated on its own.


1. Art Germ (Various Covers)

Artgerm's variant covers have been selling out of comic shops everywhere. The attention to detail and the realistic portrayal of our favorite characters is breathtaking.

2. Joshua Middleton (Aquaman, Batgirl)

Some of the best Batgirl and Aquaman covers I have seen throughout the year. The characters look gorgeous!

3. Francesco Mattina (Batman, Deathstroke)

One of the best cover artists out there! The quality of work and the quantity of work that Matina has brought to the table this year has to be recognized. Comic collectors everywhere are snatching these Batman and Deathstroke covers for their collections.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Francesco Mattina (Flash Variant) 

Best Editor


1.) Dafna Pleban (Power Rangers) 

If Mathew Levine was a large part in pulling off Shattered Grid then I have to also hand it to Dafna Pleban who was also a player in bringing the story out of the comics. Bringing the event to HyperForce, the Live-Action Trailer and to Power Morphicon, she was there coordinating with Levine, Kyle Higgins, HyperRPG, Power Morphicon, Melissa Flores, and Jason Bischoff from Saban Brands, Press, and more she deserves a lot of credit for that event. I also want to give Melissa Flores, and Jason Bischoff big shout outs, they are not Editors but they were instrumental in producing this event.

2.) Matthew Levine (Power Rangers)

Power Rangers had its biggest year since maybe 93-95, some may even say bigger and a big part of that has to do with Shattered Grid, an epic event that bridged two series in two time periods in the Rangers history together that also brought in every other period, and it did so without a missed step. That shows the talents of Mathew Levine.

3.) Cameron Chittock (Mech Cadet Yu) 

I thanked Cameron Chittock in my review for Mech Cadet Yu #12 because the series was brilliant. The editing was top-notch and deserves praise.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Chris Rosa (WWE)

Best Breakout Talent


1. Ryan Parrott (Go Go Power Rangers)

Ryan Parrott is not just one of my favorite breakout talents, but one of my favorite writers period. Parrott has given so much character depth to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that I never knew was imaginable for these set of characters.

The sheer challenge of being able to weave in the continuous narrative from Go Go Power Rangers, while tying into a huge event like Shattered Grid should be celebrated. There are comic book veterans who I've not seen able to achieve this as well as Parrott has with Go Go Power Rangers.

2. Fabian Lelay (We Are The Danger)
Slice of life comic books are hard, but Fabian Lelay really aces the formula with We Are The Danger. The series has its share of drama, but it's more about just hanging out with the band, and I love that.

3. Christopher Sebela (Crowded)
Crowded had one of the best character introductions I've seen in a long time. The first issue had personality bursting from the seams. We are only a few issues in, but I am fully invested in Charlie and Vita's story. Crowded #1 was the perfect example of how to do a first issue of a comic book!


1.) Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Kyle Higgins is MORPHINOMINAL! He has sent a call out to Ranger Nation like none have before him and we answered! With Shattered Grid he brought something we didn't even know we wanted then in Soul of The Dragon he made Tommy go from the God Ranger which was boring to a multi-dimensional real human who for the first time in a long time I really can say I loved Tommy.

2.) Ryan Parrott (Go, Go Power Rangers)

Ryan Parrott is prodigious! He really brought the characters back to Power Rangers. Yes he has the big fights, the flashy morphs, and all the standard alien fighting fare, but he manages to go deeper into them

3.) C.S. Pacat (Fence)

Simply put, C.S. Pacat is a genius! She made me not just interested but love fencing. She managed to get so much into each issue to where a simple panel with a few word balloons could tell all I needed to know about characters and those they are connected with. I have been reading comics for my whole life (that is a long time) and I never saw anyone do it with this level of skill.


1. Donnie Cates (Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Marvel Knights)

Who would have thought Donnie Cates would be one of the hottest Marvel writers of the year? Anything that he's written people enjoy. Titles such as Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Marvel Knights, and Thanos have really impressed me.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Ryan Parrott (Go Go Power Rangers)

Best Male Lead


1. Spider-Man

I'm so happy to see my all time favorite male superhero on the top of this list. Nick Spencer has such a refreshing take on the character that brought back a lot of my favorite aspects of the character with a new twist.

2. Mister Miracle

I never was a fan of Mister Miracle before this series, but that's all changed with Tom King! He made a story about a God one of the most relatable of 2018. I was instantly sucked in, and saw myself loving the character more and more with every new issue. It also didn't hurt how psychologically trippy King made the story.

3. Nicolas (Fence)

I always love a good underdog story, and Nicolas is such a fun underdog to follow! Fence is the PERFECT sports story. It hits every note you want from the genre. Every issue allows me to feel fully invested in the world of fencing, and that's what the best sports narratives should do. 


1. Superman

Superman has gone through a lot this year but he’s pushed through it and continues to be the light that shines the way in the DCU.

2. Batman

Being stood up at the alter and being slowly broken by Bane. Batman’s had a hard year but he keeps pushing back against it all.

3. Mikey (Birthright)

Finally free from all evil influence, Mikey has finally reunited with his family and newborn daughter.


1.) Jason Lee Scott (Go, Go Power Rangers)

2018 was the year of Jason Lee Scott! He was done so well in both series on different levels. Higgins really worked on Jason being the leader and how he dealt with that while Parrott focused on how his life was affected by that. We got to see him in two different blossoming relationships with Lauren Shiba and Trini Kwan where you want to see him with both, and that is coming from a long-term fan who always thought he should be with Trini. But the true creme de le creme comes from his deeply emotional and real story of his father being sick, I been there and I know how he feels and Parrott is doing such an honest job with it.

2.) Stanford Yu (Mech Cadet Yu)

Standford to me holds a special spot. This kid came out of nowhere and won me over! I rooted for him every issue, I felt his pain and I sahred in his triumphs, it takes a special character that can come along and grab me like that and Stanford done that.

3.) Nicholas Cox (Fence)

Nicholas Cox is a breath of fresh air. He is a character with such depth and the surface has only just been scratched. He is the underdog, but he doesn't let anything get him down he finds the positives in things and his exuberance is electric.


1. Clint Barton (Old Man Hawkeye)

Clint in the Old Man Hawkeye Series has been absolutely amazing. Clint trying to get revenge on his fallen Avengers has been a great journey and have I mentioned...he's been blind the entire time? Talk about tenacity.

2. Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Peter Parker has always been a favorite character of mine. He's such a relatable hero! He always deserves to be nominated for the favorite male lead.

3. Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Maybe not everybody can relate to Bruce however, you can always wish to be like Bruce Wayne. Come on he's a millionaire and has all those toys. Plus it's a bonus because you're Batman.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Spider-Man

Best Female Lead


1. Kimberly (Go Go Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Where do I start?!?! Kim had so many great moments this year. From the development of her complicated romance with Matt to the wonderful display of Ranger Slayer Kimberly. The Power Rangers' creative team has been able to show the strength of Kimberly's character without taking away any of her valley girl flair.

2. Karolina (Runaways) 

After so many years of Karolina's absence, it's so nice to have her character back on a monthly basis. She's trying to find her place in the group, while still continuing her college career. It's a nice change of pace to actually see a superhero go to college, even if we don't receive a ton of panel time with her actually attending classes. But, of course, Karolina's best storylines tend to be her romantic ones, and her story with Julie Power and Nico doesn't disappoint. I'm really glad Rainbow gave fans that time to flesh out Karolina's relationship with Julie, which had very little panel time up to this point.

3. Spider-Gwen

THE ANGST!! I've been a fan of Spider-Gwen's since the beginning, but I have to say Gwenom has to be my favorite story from the character. It's rare to see a creative team complete the run they want, and it's even rarer to have a completely satisfying ending. But Latour and Rodriguez somehow achieves this and more with their Gwenom arc.


1. Faith (Faith)

Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr (though rarely called that) is by far one of the best new characters over the past decade. At the hands of Jody Houser, she has become a standout character for Valiant and has gained critical acclaim. This is a character that feels like she could be anybody off the street, yet she rises to the occasion to be a hero because it's the right thing to do. It's as if Spider-Man was a comic and pop culture geek like me. But Faith is even more than that because she always puts her friends first and has heart of gold.


1. Kimberly (Power Rangers)

Dealing with watching the man she cared about die, dealing with a shattered grid Kimberly is one of the strongest pink rangers to ever dawn the ranger suit!

2. Batgirl

Hitting a dark patch this year Barbra Gordon dealt with a lot this past year as well as the fear of being re-paralyzed. She is one of the strongest and smartest in the Bat family!

3. Supergirl

Since rebirth Supergirl has been a strong title and a strong character. Now she's off into space to find info out about Kryton's past and how Rogol Zarr is connected to it. Her stories in space have been a huge enjoyment to read.


1.) Rose (Rose)

Rose is flawed. She doesn't know what she is doing, but she does know what is right and she does have the spirit of a warrior in her and that is why I love her so much. Rose is a character that comes along once in a generation, she encaptures your imagination, breaks boundaries and does so organically. She is strength and beauty fully realized.

2.) Carol Danvers (Life Of Captain Marvel)

This year Carol really came out and joined the big leagues but not in the events, not in her ongoing but through her mini-series The Life Of Captain Marvel, where we finally got to see Carol again and that made Captain Marvel a better character, and a stronger one.

3.) Jean Grey (X-Men Red, Phoenix Resurrection)

Jean Grey just happens to be my favorite female character in all of Marvel, and the best red-head in all of comics, yeah I said it! There is something special about Jean, she has a certain reserved strength, she doesn't have to go out and be on the front lines to show she is strong, she can do that with inspiring and helping others.


1. Barbra Gordan (Batgirl)

Barbara is a very strong female lead! She'll do whatever it takes to solve the case and don't forget she's a Gordon, and Gordon's never give up.

2. Carol Danvers (Life of Captain Marvel)

She's strong, she's part Kree, she's has cosmic powers, she's beautiful - what's not to like? Life of Captain Marvel was a wonderful mini-series that came out this year. Her learning more about her family added a lot of layers to the character than what we knew.

3. Kate Bishop (West Coast Avengers)

Kate Bishop has always been a favorite of mine. She was a sidekick to Clint (kind of), but now she leads her own team. Her trial and error as a team leader was a wonderful choice of direction for her.

Frontline Pick of the Year: KJ (Paper Girls) 

Best Villain


1. Lord Drakkon (Shattered Grid)

This was a very easy pick for me this year. Kyle Higgins makes the brilliant move of transforming many people's favorite Power Ranger into the main villain of the franchise's biggest crossover event. A story that didn't disappoint.

2. Coolgirl (Snotgirl)

Lottie's complicated relationship with Coolgirl is one of my favorite aspects of the series. Like Lottie, we don't really know Coolgirl, just that she likes to cause trouble in Lottie's life. But somehow Lottie is still in love with her, even if she doesn't want to admit it. This toxic dynamic is what makes Coolgirl the perfect villain!

3. Jahpo (Paper Girls)

Yes - the same Jahpo the girls saved in prehistoric times is the main villain of Paper Girls. Now set out to destroy them. This brings for some interesting story beats. If the girls didn't time travel and meet Jahpo as a baby would the world be as devastating as it is now? Did the girls create their own villain? 


1. Lord Drakkon

Tommy if he never joined the power rangers and went completely dark. A dark twisted character I never knew I’d love to hate!

2. Batman Who Laughs

At first I wasn’t a fan of the character or the event he was introduced in. However now with the Batman Who Laughs loose in the DCU he is a very dangerous villain not only to Batman but the entire Universe.

3. Bishop (TMNT)

You would think shredder is my most hated TMNT villain, but no Bishop I HATE. He is one evil guy with an entire army behind him. This is a character I love to hate every time he appears on a turtle book.


1.) Lord Drakkon (Shattered Grid)

Lord Drakkon is the ultimate villain this year. He killed multiple versions of himself, Saba, Zordon, other Rangers, Rita, his best friend Finster Five and took over all of existence!

2.) Rita Repulsa (Go Go Power Rangers)

Rita was always a joke, let's face it. "I've got a headache" and the whining, surrounded by buffoons, she was never really a threat on the show. But then you give her over to Ryan Parrott and she becomes the true Mistress of Evil, she gives Lord Drakkon a run for his money.

3.) Dr. Manhattan (DC Universe)

What I love the most about Dr. Manhattan as the villain is that he is in the background he is that known force manipulating things right now but we don't have him on the field yet.


1. Red Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man)

You can't ask any more of a Spider-Man villain! A mix between Carnage and Green Goblin, it doesn't get much more evil than that.

2. Grand Master (Avengers No Surrender)

Avengers: No Surrender is a series I feel that people enjoyed, but sadly also forgot about in the mix of the new Marvel relaunch. The Grandmaster had a wonderful plan as he used Earth as a game board. He even used his daughter to do his evil deeds. Oh did I mention he's an Eternal?!?!

Frontline Pick of the Year: Lord Drakkon (Shattered Grid) 

Best Supporting Character


1. Julie Power (Runaways)

Julie Power is one of my favorite superheroes of all time, and it was pretty perfect to see her dating one of my other favorite superheroes. Even though they broke up, I really loved the time Rowell and Anka gave to this character. It was a nice ending to a chapter and shows how some relationships can crumble.

2. Zoe (Ms. Marvel)

WHY IS ZOE SO UNDERRATED?!? She's one of the most developed characters I've seen in YEARS. Zoe started out as a two-dimensional background mean girl that grew to be one of the best characters of the series. Last year it was revealed Zoe's mean girl act was just a mask to hide that she liked girls, and this year G. Willow Wilson had Zoe totally rip this mask off. Zoe has one of the best comic book coming out stories I've seen in recent years, and SHE EVEN BECAME MS. MARVEL. This girl needs more recognition!


1. Gabby (All-New Wolverine, X-23)

Gabby is a perfect example of a character that is basically a clone (literally in this case) of another popular character, but something completely original was done with her. Not feeling pain made Gabby bulletproof in other ways, leading her to speak her mind at all times. But other times, she's just a big kid. She gave heart and character to Laura.


1. Lois Lane

Lois is the cornerstone in keeping Clark and her family together and strong. She has and always will be one of the strongest women in the DCU.

2. April O’Neil

Dealing with mutants, gods, and…aliens April is always working side by side with the turtles to keep the world safe from whatever threats come their way.

3. Gabby

Gabby is the perfect partner for Laura. There’s so much to love about Gabby from her personality to her abilities in the field.


1.) Matthew Cook (Go, Go Power Rangers)

Matt is the unknown factor. Power Rangers has always been predictable. 1.) The evil villain sends a monster. 2.) The Rangers Morph defeat villain. 3.) The evil villain makes the monster grow. 4.) The Rangers call on their Zords and destroy the monster for good. We all know who the players are, if you are a Sixth Ranger in waiting, we know it. There were no unknowns in Power Rangers until Matt came along. Will he be a Ranger? He has everything a perspective Sixth Ranger should have, the history, the character development, the emotional story, he has it all. We have no clue and for that type of character to exist in this fandom is something major.

2.) Jon Kent / Superboy (Action Comics, Superman)

Jon brought new life into the Superman Mythos. His enthusiasm is just awesome and makes you enjoy comics again. He is something I didn't know Comics were missing until he showed up.

3.) Gabby Kinney (All-New Wolverine, X-23, X-Men Red)

I love Gabby! She is just a great ball of fun and joy to where I just know if she is in a book it is going to be an enjoyable read.


1. Kate Bishop (Old Man Hawkeye)

Nothing different about Kate's character in the Old Man Hawkeye series. Still always bailing Clint out when he needs help.

2. Selena Kyle (Batman) 

Selena was a wonderful supporting character in the Batman book, and to tell you the truth is she was part of what made Batman so good this year. Without her in it, the series is not nearly as solid. This shows you how important a supporting character is to a series.

3. Gabby All-New Wolverine

Gabby is a breath of fresh air for Laura. Everything that comes out of her mouth is absolutely hilarious, and did I forget to mention that she's a pretty good fighter.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Gabby (All-New Wolverine)

Best Ongoing Series


1. Runaways 

This is a series every month I literally couldn't wait for the next issue. Rowell and Anka have a perfect handle on these characters. The character work from both the script to the art is immaculate. I couldn't ask for a better creative team.

2. Paper Girls

The storytelling for Paper Girls is next level stuff! Every time I re-read this series or open a new issue I find new intricacies. I'm deeply invested in these girl's journeys, and the overall life themes Brian K. Vaughan portrays with his overall narrative.

3. Go Go Power Rangers 

Ryan Parrott showcases the perfect balance between superhero action and regular teenage issues that makes me fall deeper in love with these characters and the world of Power Rangers.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man

Eleven issues in, plus the last handful of issues from the previous run, and this is the best ASM has been in quite some time! Peter is back with MJ, the rest of the supporting cast is being sorted out, the addition of Boomerang has been a pleasant surprise, and finally, Spidey feels like Spidey again.

2. Birthright

This is one of my personal favorite series right now, and it's a series that has managed to reinvent itself a bit as the story progressed past the initial story of a boy lost in another world and presumed murdered by his father. At the core, it's a book about family and protecting those you love, but twisted up with some wicked magic and fantasy battles!

3. WWE

I could just leave this as "I'm a wrestling fan," but that doesn't do this book justice. Dennis Hopeless and Sergio Acuna have taken the in-ring storylines and personas of these superstars and made their struggles real to the point where you believe the stories and you're pulled into the narrative. Brilliant work.


1. Birthright

My favorite series from Image, I was not expecting to like this series but I love it now. I rarely have anything bad to say about this book. Absolutely something I believe everyone should try.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I love TMNT. Since its release it’s been an amazing series. It retells the original TMNT 80’s comic series so well and puts an awesome modern spin to it. Almost 100 issues long, I look forward to this book each and every month.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Nick Spencer has officially saved this series for me. Not saying I wasn’t happy with Dan Slott's run but I’m happy with the new direction Nick Spenser is taking the character and story in.


1.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios)

This year, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary for the franchise and thanks to this comic it made it the biggest year for the franchise since the 1993-1995 era when the show first came out and everyone went nuts for it.

2.) Mech Cadet Yu (BOOM! Studios)

Mech Cadet Yu stole my heart this year! I loved meeting the cadets and the Robos, this is Greg Pak's best work to date, I hope it continues on like Fence is going to do in OGN/TPB form.

3.) Fence (BOOM! Studios)

Fence made me interested in fencing, which may not sound big, but fencing was like one step above golfing to me until this book came out. The true greatness of Fence is that the characters are so well developed, and every aspect of the book is utilized to its fullest to the point where a panel of a family lets you know what they are all like without a word spoken.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man series has been definitely a surprise for me. It has consistently good writing and artwork. It's a fun story to read. Great to see Spidey and his supporting cast back in action again.

2. Paper Girls

Paper Girls has been a wonderful series to read. The coming-of-age story alone has proved time-and-time again that it's one of the best comic books out there and deserves the nomination.

3. Venom
Once again Venom is in my nominations as this is one of my favorite books. Donnie Cates proves that you can create more character depth with Eddie Brock and his relationship with the symbiote.

Frontline Pick of the Year: The Amazing Spider-Man

Best Mini-Series


1. Life of Captain Marvel

This has to be one of my favorite Captain Marvel stories of not just this year, but of all time. Life of Captain Marvel forces Carol to stay grounded, and face the one hurdle she could never fly over - her family. It reworks Captain Marvel's origins without disrespecting what came before, which is no easy task.

2.  Mister Miracle

3. We Are The Danger

You know you have a good mini-series on your hands when you wish the series was an ongoing. I love the dynamic of this band and slice of life feel to the series.


1. Unnatural

This beautifully illustrated book is something completely different and unique, that dances around social issues and societal acceptance, but doesn't get too heavy handed with it. There's murder, there's mystery, there's rich characters with complicated and secret histories, government interference, cults, love... this is a complex book that is fun to read and a pleasure to look at.


1. Barrier

I really liked this mini-series, from book type to story. It was a really enjoyable and I’d definitely recommend it (mature readers).

2. Batman: White Knight

This was a really good mini series. I highly recommend this for Batman fans and general comic fans alike. Really excited to see what the sequel will be like. This was a really nice twist with Joker and Batman.

3. Batman/TMNT 2

Batman + Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = AWESOME! The art and story was a perfect follow up to the first volume.


1.) The Life Of Captain Marvel (Marvel)

The best Captain Marvel book period. This mini-series was better than any previous series we have gotten of Carol as Captain Marvel, the last time she was this interesting was in her Ms. Marvel series. The reason being is we got to see Carol, not Captain Marvel And Her Marvelous Friends.

2.) Star Trek: The Next Generation - Through The Mirror (IDW)

This is what Star Trek and IDW needed. I know the new Trek movies are divisive and I am one of those that didn't like it. Having nothing but that universe being used in comics etc was a huge mistake but then this came and it ushered a new era into the comics from IDW just like the show did for the franchise on the small screen.

3.) Star Trek: The Next Generation - Terra Incognita (IDW)

I loved this mini-series! I felt like I was watching lost episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation right in my hand, everything in this was true to Star Trek and it was AWESOME!


1. Sentry
I've never been a fan of Sentry, but Jeff Lemire twist on this story had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. This had a Black Hammer feel to it. A must-read.

2. Venom First Host

This should of have been the final story arc to Mike Costa and Mark Bagley’s run on Venom, but I guess Marvel really wanted Donnie Cates to get started on the series. So Marvel made this into a mini. The story had a more traditional Eddie Brock feel to it as he spawned another symbiote. Another wonderful series to read in trade.

3. Batman: White Knight
Wonderfully written story by Sean Murphy. The narrative focuses on the Joker becoming good and Batman paying for the crimes he did against the city.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Batman: White Knight

Best Event


1. "Shattered Grid"

This is not only the best event of 2018, but one of the best events I've read in YEARS. It wasn't bloated with too many tie ins, but instead set up to tell a concise story. It was a pleasure to see an event focus more on the story than the money.

2. "The Death of the Mighty Thor"

I never was a big Thor fan until Jane Foster took up the mantle. This was a wonderful last chapter for the character to show exactly why Jane was always worthy to be the Mighty Thor. I hope we get to see more Jane Foster in 2019.

3. "Flash War"

"Flash War" truly made me a fan of Joshua Williamson's run on The Flash. The arc had a lot of WOW moments, especially towards the end, that I hope we get to see continued in 2019.


1. Heroes in Crisis

I love a good mystery and this book has a great mix of action and mystery. Just when we finally get a few answers we get even more questions.

2. Shattered Grid

The first huge event for Power Rangers! I love how it reaches all across the morphin grid to many different ranger teams. An event no power ranger fan should miss.

3. Doomsday Clock

While I’m not happy about the series being bi-monthly it has been a really awesome crossover between Watchmen and the DCU. I can’t wait to see how it all ends in the coming year.


1.) Shattered Grid (BOOM! Studios)

Again this event made the Power Rangers franchise bigger than it has been since it started 25 years ago! If you haven't read it, go read it, talk about making a fandom lose their collective shit, this event did that almost on a monthly basis.

2.) Flash War (DC Comics)

I have three words for you: Bart Allen, Impulse! Seeing him race through at the end was that moment where the fandom lost their shit all at once. But other than that the emotion from Wally's story was so deep and profound that it made the story all the better.

3.) Extermination (Marvel Comics)

I wasn't expecting to really love this event as much as I did, but between the death of Cable, the fixing of the time-displaced X-Men and the return of Cyclops I just loved it. That final issue man, I now like young Cable more than the original!


1. Heroes in Crisis

Even though this story is still going on, it's setting up to be a great mystery. It's a murder mystery showing what happens to heroes when they suffer through the everyday life of being a superhero. Where do they go? How do they cope?

2. Extermination

Extermination - heroes get killed and the young X-Men get captured. This story leaves you guessing on if the young X-Men will die, and if the hero that was killed will come back to life. Great artwork, and some wonderful action!

3. Avengers: No Surrender

A weekly series, and definitely much better than anticipated. The story had to do with The Grandmaster and the Black Order. We were also introduced to a new character by the name of Voyager. By the time this series ended a lot of fans enjoyed it and the sequel is being released in 2019. I can't wait!

Frontline Pick of the Year: Shattered Grid

Best New Series


1. The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Crowded

 3. Life of Captain Marvel


1. West Coast Avengers

On paper, I thought I'd hate this book, save for Kate. It didn't sound like something that would interest me, but I couldn't have been more wrong! The dynamic of this team in particular just really works for me. Kelly Thompson has been able to take a list of second stringers and turn them into superstars and I can't wait to read every issue when it releases.

2. Domino

Gail Simone's version of Domino is the most interesting the character has ever been. I loved reading about her inner turmoil and struggles, getting to know her supporting cast, and going along with her on her journey to rediscovering herself.

3. Adventures of the Super Sons

This book is just plain fun! The Gang, Cabbie, Joker Jr., and the Super Sons. Kid version of Red vs. Blue Superboy? I mean, the rehashing done in this book is done in very clever, creative and fun ways, and it's fun to look at too!


1. Unnatural

Honestly this series surprised me. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it but I've been hooked since issue 1.

2. Fantastic Four

So happy to have the first family of Marvel back! What better way to kick a series off then to have an awesome reunion followed up by a wedding.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Like I said before Nick Spencer has brought new life into The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m very excited in seeing where Nick will take Spidey in the coming year.


1.) Fence (BOOM! Studios)

I have been raving about this book all year. This is that book no one saw coming, the one that makes you really notice a creative team and shows that not everything in comics is recycled, sometimes you have that truly original idea that shines breaks out.

2.) Adventures Of The Super Sons (DC Comics)

The book I didn't know comics needed until we got it. Super Sons is that feel good book that allows you to remember that these books should be fun, that it is ok to smile and laugh when reading a comic book.

3.) X-23 (Marvel) 

I have been really loving this series, it has all the charm of All-New Wolverine, but manages to throw me new curveballs every issue.


 1. The Amazing Spider-Man

2. West Coast Avengers

3. Venom

Frontline Pick of the Year: The Amazing Spider-Man

Best Under The Radar Series


1. Snotgirl

2. Crowded

3. We Are the Danger


1. Crowded

This book is an interesting exploration into the worlds of crowdfunding and reality TV. It speaks volumes of what our society could become left unchecked. But that's just the hook. The charm of the book is its characters, both the target Charlie and her bodyguard Vita, that have a very buddy cop like vibe that may just go even further than that. The art is funky in a good way, and the story never rests for a second!

2. Ruinworld

This was a very fun little mini-series from BOOM! Studios that saw cute anthropomorphic characters go on D&D style adventures. Derek Laufman's art was so good I sought him out on social media to follow him and see more of it. And the story was so much fun, I'm clamoring for a sequel!

3. Wrong Earth

The first offering from Ahoy Comics could have very well been a pitch for DC Comics. Take two versions of a superhero resembling Batman from the '60s TV series and the more modern Dark Knight and have them get stuck in each other's worlds? Man, talk about a crazy ride! This book has taken things in directions I never would have expected, and has landed in my Top 5 every issue thus far!


1. Unnatural

As I mentioned before this series surprised me and I truly enjoy it.

2. Rose

Meredith Finch has done amazing work with her book. I really enjoy reading Rose’ journey.

3. The Terrifics

My absolute favorite DC Metal series! I really enjoy reading Mister Terrific and his group on their wild adventures.


1.) Fence (BOOM! Studios)

This book should be at the top of everyone's pile every month. I think the thing that made me think I wouldn't like it kept people from grabbing it, the sport of fencing. I am so glad I gave the first issue a shot. The truth is, yes this is about fencing but it is also about friendships, and characters, and character, this books has many levels.

2.) Rose (Image)

Rose is a title that should get way more attention. This is by far the best fantasy genre book on the shelves. Finch has created a world in just over a year that is deeper and more developed than others that have had decades to build. The characters are so rich, deep and relatable that they take the fantasy and make it very real on multiple levels.

3.) Red Hood And The Outlaws (DC Comics)

I think a lot of people thought "oh another Outlaws book" and never gave this one a chance. I loved the relationship between Jason, Artemis, and Bizarro, from like #23 in this book has been on fire!


1. Sideways

2. Ice Cream Man

3. Life of Captain Marvel

Frontline Pick of the Year: Rose

Best One-Shot


1. What If Flash Thompson Became Spider-Man? #1

Flash Thompson keeps hitting me in the feels! Of course with his death in The Amazing Spider-Man, and this issue where Flash Thompson realizes he's not the hero he once thought he was.

2. Secret Weapons #0

It's always been hard for me to get into Valiant comics because there feels to be so much history when jumping into an issue 1, but Secret Weapons #0 on the other hand was the perfect jumping on point. I loved how Eric Heisserer takes the reader day by day to help learn how a normal girl like Nikki became special.


1. Sandman Universe #1

This was a perfect introduction into the Sandman U. Perfect set up for each of the series surrounding the dreaming/sandman.

2. Super Sons Dynomutt Special

Fun crossover with the Super Sons and Dynomutt/Blue Falcon. After reading this one shot I can totally see Blue Falcon and Dynomutt as part of the DC Universe…kinda hope it becomes cannon.


1.) Super Sons / Dynomutt Special #1

This was the surprise hit for me. DC has done a few of these and yeah they are fun, but more like fluff, stuff you can grab and read without investing anything but a few chuckles at, until this one. The emotional story of Dynomutt and Blue Falcon (two of my favorite Hanna Barbera characters) makes you take notice and demand an ongoing for them!

2.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid #1 (BOOM! Studios)

The epic conclusion to the epic first-ever comic crossover event in the franchise, and it was MORPHENOMINAL! I loved the Easter Eggs and the little gems of symbolism in the art, like the spirits of the Falcon and Tiger behind Drakkon,

3.) What If.... Peter Parker Became The Punisher? #1

This was the best of the What If... books for me because it made me want to know more about the character and the world, I didn't want the one-shot to be all I got from it.


1. X-Men Black Emma Frost

Frontline Pick of the Year: Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1

Best Single Issue


1. Runaways #8

Even if Julie and Karolina's relationship didn't last very long on the printed page. I really appreciate that Rainbow Rowell gave them a satisfying ending. P.S. Kris Anka's design for Julie Power was on point!

2. Ms. Marvel #29

Bruno is back, but he's not the only person to return to Kamala's life - Doc X is back, but this time as a mean girl who's 10x worse than Zoe's old mean girl self. This issue was one of my favorites because it brought the supporting cast back together, and allowed everyone to really shine. I also liked that Zoe pretty much had a crush on her previous self, and by the end it becomes a really strong arc for her.

3. Runaways #12

This is everything I ever wanted in a Nico and Karolina issue with the added bonus of a Gert and Victor romance I never knew I wanted until now. I was especially impressed with how Anka and Rowell tie in Karolina's coming out scene from Runaways Volume 2 to this issue as Nico finally figures out her feelings for Karolina. That kiss will be remembered forever!


1. Action Comics 1000

A wonderful retrospect of Superman through the years! Truly deserving of its 1000 issues, and the first ever comic to reach 1000.

2. Batman Damned #1

Despite the controversy surrounding this first issue, this is a really awesome first issue introducing the new black label line. Has Batman finally snapped and killed the Joker?!

3. TMNT Macro Series: Michelangelo #1

My favorite of the 4 macho series! Mikey has always been the heart of the Turtle family, and I love how he finally stood up to his father in these dark times.


1.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25

No one saw this one coming! Lord Drakkon rams Saba through Tommy, the untouchable, the God Ranger, and yet Lord Drakkon killed him, and it was everything building up to that also. The emotional beats were so on the mark with Kim and him, having her running back to get that first kiss only to find him being stabbed, then Jen arriving and that realization for her that she is too late. DAMN!

2.) Mech Cadet Yu #12

Everything was building up to this issue. For a year we got to know Sanford and the rest of the cadets along with their Robos and the final fight was fought and won. But it was the ending that really got me, visiting his father's grave and having him and Park connect and see the Robos honoring their fallen, just perfection.

3.) Heroes In Crisis #1

I loved this issue! We were told that one hero would die in this issue ok, we were expecting that, then King went and massacred over 20 heroes, and left you with your jaw dropped at who he killed off. The scene with Wonder Woman closing Wally's eye was just bone-chilling.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man #800

Frontline Pick of the Year: The Amazing Spider-Man #800

Best Graphic Novels


1. The Loud House: Live Life Loud

With every new volume these Loud House graphic novels get better and better. I especially love the inclusion of characters that haven't had a lot of screen time on the show yet, like Sam, getting some love here. WE NEED MORE SAM!

2. My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

I love this creative team, and they do not disappoint with My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies as they romanticize this girl's relationship with drugs by actually telling a story about mother and daughter.

3. Legend of Korra Turf Wars Part 3

This was a great first story arc to hopefully a lot more Legend of Korra stories. MORE KORRASAMI PLEASE!


1. Section Zero

Tom Grummet and Karl Kelsil deliver an awesome new alien tale. I was hooked from the Kickstarted and loving this OGN. Hoping for a Volume 2 soon!

2. The Undertaker OGN

Truly enjoyed reading Undertaker throughout the years from beginning to present day.


1. Legend Of Korra Turf Wars Book 3

I just got into Legend of Korra having only just watched the show and this was a great conclusion to the first continuation of the series in OGN form.

2. Legend Of Korra Turf Wars Book 2

This was a great addition to the show itself adding more to the characters and the world of Avatar.

3. Destiny NY Vol 2

Pat Shand's Destiny NY is a rich creative world that I am thoroughly enjoying. I backed this on Kickstarter and upon receiving my copy I read it in a matter of an hour because it is that good that I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to Vol 3!

Frontline Pick of the Year: Undertaker

Best Publisher


1. Image Comics

The sheer variety and quality this company comes out with should be celebrated! Crowded, Snotgirl, and Paper Girls are only a few comics I really enjoyed from Image this year.


2. BOOM! Studios

BOOM! had a wonderful year with injecting a fresh new take to our favorite franchises like Power Rangers, and also with their original creations like Fence.

3. Marvel

Marvel had some good improvements this year, and still has a number of my favorite comics that I literally can't wait to read every month.


1. Marvel Comics

We give them a lot of flack for choices they make with certain titles or characters, but at the end of the day, Marvel landed in my #1 spot each week more times than any other publisher. That tells me that despite any issues I had, they still made the books I enjoyed with the characters I loved more often than they didn't, and that makes them deserving of the nod for me personally.

2. BOOM! Studios

I don't think anyone here at Comic Frontline can deny the stellar year BOOM! Studios has had in 2018, with hit after hit for us. So many great series from them this year that had Marvel not proven itself from my weekly rankings, they would have taken the nod from me. Just the sheer amount of new, solid and diverse offerings they produced would be enough to take notice.


1. DC Comics

2. IDW Publishing

3. BOOM! Studios


1.) BOOM! Studios

BOOM! I have been saying all year is the publisher to watch and my favorite of the year. They delivered some of my favorite series of all time with Power Rangers (MMPR & GGPR), Fence, and Mech Cadet Yu. They never stopped pushing the boundaries and launched exciting and fun series like Sparrowhawk and Ruinworld. Not to mention them really grabbing some big titles with Firefly and Buffy The Vampire Slayer I don't see them slowing down in 2019.

2.) DC Comics

DC Comics for me has been consistently good this year. I always find at least one book from them in my Top 5 on Frontline LIVE every week, and they always make my panels in our Top 5 Panels on Comic Frontline every week as well. With great talents like Tom King, Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi and more, this was a hell of a year for DC.

3.) IDW Publishing

IDW really stepped up their game this year, a lot of great stuff came out, including the Transformers Unicron event and their Star Trek: The Next Generation Mirror Universe mini-series.


1. Marvel Comics

2. Image Comics

3. BOOM! Studios

Frontline Pick of the Year: BOOM! Studios

Best Moment


1. MJ and Peter Get Back Together (The Amazing Spider-Man

Finally! Spidey fans have been waiting too long for this.

2. Karolina and Nico Kiss (Runaways)

I just love everything about this, and how much character work that went into the art and writing of this scene.

3. Flash Thompson's Death (The Amazing Spider-Man)

What a way for Dan Slott to take his final bow! I teared up with this whole scene.

1. Peter & MJ Back Together Again!

Amazing Spider-Man hasn't been the same without the relationship of Peter & MJ. Thank you, Nick Spencer, for making that dream of them reuniting a reality!


1. Doctor Manhattan Appears in Doomsday Clock
It only took so many issues but we finally see Doctor Manhattan! Batman recognizes him for a brief moment as well which was interesting.

2. Pete and MJ Back together
FINALLY!!! Fans have only been asking for this for years, glad Marvel or at least Nick Spencer is listening.


1.) The Rangers Assemble To Take On Drakkon (MMPR #30)

I loved this moment! All the Rangers rained down outside of the Command Center in their colors looked like a meteor shower, the visual was so powerful, then to see them all just there together, united made the moment so much more powerful. Think that was as strong as it gets? WRONG! Power Morphicon 2018 comes around and we got the Shattered Grid LIVE reading and hearing David Fielding speak as Zordon again and watch that table read made it even grander.

2.) M.J. & Peter Get Back Together (The Amazing Spider-Man #1)

This is something we all agreed on! Peter and M.J. getting back together took too damn long and Spencer better not pull the rug or go in half way, One More Day needs to be fixed and Spencer seems to be the right person for that job.

3.) Flash Thompson's Eulogy (The Amazing Spider-Man #800)

I know a lot of the Frontliners chose Flash's death as their greatest moment, but I saw nothing "great" in the death of a beloved character, but his Eulogy from Peter was. This was one of the most heart-warming, and heart-touched moments in comics.


1. Mary Jane getting back together with Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)

2. Flash Thompson’s Death (Amazing Spider-Man)

Frontline Pick of the Year: MJ and Peter Get Back Together (The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Best Comic Cover


1. Runaways #8

I love the attention of detail that went into this cover, and THOSE OUTFITS! Making Julie's costume a t-shirt was flawless.

2. Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Ranger Slayer Variant)

I love these helmet variants, but this Ranger Slayer one is my favorite.

3. Paper Girls #25

I love the angling here and Mac going on her tippy toes to kiss KJ.

1. Supergirl #19 Artgerm Variant

I have always loved this costume for Supergirl, and Artgerm's variants are top of the stack!


1. Supergirl #23

2. Action Comics #1000


1.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26

The most shocking moment of the year, right there on the cover. Kimberly holding the lifeless Tommy in her arms with Jen arriving and they kept this cover secret until after #25 was released, made that moment a double gut punch to the fans.

2.) Deathstroke #33 (Variant)

A very small face cover but the message and thought are so powerful seeing Damian with Slade's mask on sends chills through you.

3.) Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers #11

The simple yet powerful image of the Ranger Slayer and the Gravezord with Pink Ranger and the Pterodactyl Zord reflected on the ground was so beautiful.


1. Batgirl #28 Variant

2. Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Ghost Spider Variant

3. Super-Girl #18 Artgerm Variant

Frontline Pick of the Year: Deathstroke #33

Best Variant Cover


1. Go Go Power Rangers #11 (Ranger Slayer Variant) 

2. Action Comics #1000 (90's Dan Jurgens)

3. Spider-Gwen #1 (Marvel Battle Lines)


1.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 (HyperForce Variant)

You thought the GGPR WonderCon Variant was good, and it was, then comes SDCC 2018 and we get this one! Not only do we have the whole team here including the new Green HyperForce Ranger, but they have their helmets off and the way they were shown highlighted their moments and their personalities perfectly!

2.) Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers #8 (HyperForce Variant)

I got into HyperForce big time, it was the Power Rangers series the fans have been waiting for, for years! Then came WonderCon 2018 and we get the ultimate reward a variant cover with the team on it along with the news that they will be a part of Shattered Grid!

3.) Supergirl #19 Artgerm Variant

Artgerm knocked it out of the park all year long, and honestly, we could have filled our individual nominations with nothing but his work and it those places would have earned. But it was this cover that stood out to me because of the beauty and grace displayed and the fact that it managed to capture both Linda Danvers (comics) and Kara In-Ze (Animated Universe) perfectly.

Frontline Pick of the Year: Deathstroke #33 Variant

Best Indie Title

1. Paper Girls

2. Go Go Power Rangers

3. Snotgirl


1. Birthright

There were a lot of great books this year, but for me, Birthright still stands just a little above the rest. It has everything I look for in a comic series and has yet to let me down.


1. Birthright
My favorite series from Image, I was not expecting to like this series but I love it now. I rarely have anything bad to say about this book. Absolutely something I believe everyone should try.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I love TMNT. Since its release it’s been an amazing series. It retells the original TMNT 80’s comic series so well and puts an awesome modern spin to it. Almost 100 issues long, I look forward to this book each and every month.

3. Saga

This is such an amazing tale. I truly enjoy this series each and every time it comes out. What I truly like about this title is sometimes you never see what's coming until it happens.


1.) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios)

As a Power Rangers Fan, I feel like we finally got the Power Rangers we have been asking for, for 25 years!

2.) Mech Cadet Yu (BOOM! Studios)

Greg Pak saved his best for his original series and had me gushing every single issue of this masterpiece.

3.) Fence (BOOM! Studios)

The book I never thought I would love had me raving about every single issue, not one of them below 4 1/2 stars.


1. Ice Cream Man

2. Paper Girls

3. Saga

Frontline Pick of the Year: Birthright

Best New Character


1. Ranger Slayer (Go Go Power Rangers)
I love Kimberly even more after this rendition of her character. She has to jump many hurdles, but these challenges only make her a stronger character.

2. Other Tiffany (Paper Girls)

Other Tiffany is a future that Tiffany could have never imagined. Is this a result of the Paper Girls growing apart? 

3. Vita (Crowded)
Sebela does such a great job with character work in Crowded. Charlie and Vita feel like people because Sebela establishes a history that doesn't have to be over explained about these characters.


1. Kimberly Ranger Slayer

Kimberly (Ranger Slayer) has been through a lot in her life time. Since her introduction she’s been an amazing new character to read about.

2. Sideways

Derek's only had his powers a short time but he’s already getting into trouble. Sideways reminds me of DC’s answer to Spider-Man.

3. Spider-Man PS4 U

A new spin on the Spider-Man tale, at least this time not in origin, but what followed after. So far we’ve only seen him in Spider-Geddon, comic wise, but still a really good story.


1.) Ranger Slayer (Go, Go Power Rangers)

Evil Rangers are nothing new, ones under spells are even less so, but Ryan Parrott managed to create the Ranger Slayer and make her so interesting that she may be the best Evil Ranger-turned good that ever existed. The emotional depth and damage he gave this Kimberly from the Coinless Universe made her so intriguing and engaging.

2.) Nicholas Cox (Fence)

Nicolas is an amazing character he embodies the best of both Clark Kent and Peter Parker while being wholly original. There is something so genuine about the character that you just have to like him, he is the ultimate underdog, and I come from the city of the underdog, which just makes him that much more endearing.

3.) Spider-Kid (Spider-Force)

We all know all of the Peter Parkers from across the multiverse, the same story with little sins on them, but Uncle Ben is always the heart of it. He is always the one that inspires him to be Spider-Man, to step up and be the hero, but not here. Peter's relationship with (the still alive) Uncle Ben isn't what we know, Ben is different so much so that Peter changed his name to Charlie Parker and ran away from his family to get away from Ben. But at the core the same Peter Parker is there we get the quips and the good heart, seeing him made me want to see him even more. I need a series with him in it every month, and that costume is the best one we have seen in years!


1. Red Goblin

2. Sideways

3. Roundhouse

Frontline Pick of the Year: Ranger Slayer

Best Couple


1. Nico & Karolina (Runaways)

I'm so happy to have Nico and Karolina as an official couple!

2. KJ & Mac (Paper Girls)

I really like the unique spin that Brian K. Vaughan put on KJ & Mac's relationship as KJ knew that they were going to kiss before they kissed. So it was all about the lead up where Mac is also starting figure out her feelings.

3. MJ & Peter (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Thank you Marvel for finally listening to the fans and getting these two back together! I'm glad I get to read new stories with my favorite comic book couple of all time.


1. Lois and Clark

The comic universe’ best couple in my opinion. Lois brings out the best in Clark and Clark in Lois. Their love transcends even a soft universe reboot.

2. MJ and Pete

The couple that never should have been broken up. Pete and MJ just have always belongs together in my eyes.

3. Gambit and Rogue

Now married, I couldn’t think of a better x-couple to be a Mr. and Mrs. Gambit and Rogue always shared an…interesting past, really happy they tied the knot this year.


1.) Lois & Clark (Action Comics, Superman)

The ultimate couple in comics. I know it is a cliche but they complete each other. They aren't perfect, they have the problems every couple has (well every comic book couple) but yet they manage to work it and thrive on it. Lois never feels like the damsel in distress, she is as heroic as her husband.

2.) Joe & Bess Nancy Drew

This is a couple that you'd never put together, he is Mr. Popular "pretty boy" she is the "awkward best friend" but like most of those types, Bess is just pure awesomeness! She challenges Joe, and inspires him but never allows him to outshine her, when she is there she is all you notice, and you see why Joe fell for her.

3.) Batman & Catwoman (Batman)

This is a couple that has done this dance on and off over the decades but I never really got invested in them until Tom King made me see that they are worthy of that investment. He made the Bat and the Cat a couple to root for.


1. Peter Parker Mary Jane

2. Batman and Catwoman

3. Gambit and Rouge

Frontline Pick of the Year: MJ and Peter

Best Shocking Moment


1. Marko's Death (Saga)

As a veteran comic book reader there aren't many things that will truly shock you, but I really didn't see this coming. This is one of the guttiest moves I've seen in a long time from a writer.

2. Kitty Leaves the Altar (X-Men Gold)

A very hot topic in the comic community this year, but I think Kitty did the right thing.

3. Flash Thompson's Death (The Amazing Spider-Man #800)

I truly teared up with this scene.


1. Tommy Oliver Dies

Truly did not see this coming and when it hit it was like my childhood was stabbed as well. Never expected to see Tommy actually killed off by his evil self.

2. Flash Thompson’s Death

A heroes sacrifice - this was both a shocker and heart breaking moment for all fans of Flash Thompson. I believe we will see him again some day hopefully soon.

3. Kandor is destroyed

The last city of Krypton destroyed in an instant by Rogul Zaar. Another moment readers never saw coming until it happened. I was left speechless, the one thing I never expected to see in Superman…hopefully this will be undone somehow.


1.) Drakkon Stabs Tommy (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25)

Tommy Oliver and Jason David Frank have become the face of the Power Rangers franchise and to see him die was something I never thought I'd see. Then there is the way he died with Saba being run through him by an older darker version of himself was just so intense.

2.) Wally West Is Dead (Heroes In Crisis #1)

The gutsiest death in Heroes In Crisis which says a lot given how many deaths were in the issue. Again seeing Wonder Woman closing his eyes was so strikingly powerful.

3.) Nightwing Is Shot In The Head (Batman #55)

Dick Grayson is one of the most known and beloved characters in all of comics and when we saw him shot in the head it was like a part of the innocence of comics was lost.


1. Flash Thompson’s Death in The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Carol's Mom Is A Kree (Life Of Captain Marvel)

Frontline Pick of the Year: Marco’s Death (Saga #54)

Most Improved Series


1. The Amazing Spider-Man

It's nice to have a fresh voice for the character.

2. Captain Marvel

Life of Captain Marvel is one of the best Captain Marvel stories I've read in years.

3. Batgirl

This series reminds me why I love Barbara Gordon as a character! The new creative team brilliantly blends the New 52 Burnside Batgirl with Gail Simone's version of the character that deals with Barbara's PTSD head on.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man

New team and new direction, this has been an enjoyable series since it’s relaunch.

2. Batgirl

Really happy we’ve moved away from the purple Batgirl and back to a more traditional Batgirl. The new team is really bringing the Batgirl book back to its original feel.


1.) Teen Titans

Since the New 52 I couldn't get into the Teen Titans, that magic the team always had was missing until now! This new team of Robin, Kid Flash, Red Arrow, and newcomers Djinn, Crush and Roundhouse found that same magic that gave us great runs like the original team, New Teen Titans and Geoff Johns run. This book is now a must read on my list.

2.) Red Hood And The Outlaws / Red Hood: Outlaw

This title has had a few volumes but none seemed to find that right hook until now. It started with the chemistry between Artemis, Bizarro and Jason Todd then continued in the powerful character driven soft reboot Red Hood: Outlaw.

3.) The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker and The Amazing Spider-Man has been feeling the same way he did in the time leading up to the Clone Saga. He wasn't himself, his supporting cast has been missing and with them, the heart of Spider-Man was missing until Spencer came on the title and brought that old feeling back.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Batgirl

3. Teen Titans

Frontline Pick of the Year: Red Hood: Outlaw

Best #1 Issue


1. The Amazing Spider-Man #1

2. The Life of Captain Marvel #1

3. Crowded #1


1. Amazing Spider-Man #1

All I can say is that it was a breath of fresh air. Wonderful writing that brought Pete and cast back down to Earth, resembling the character I know and love. And the art of Ottley was a welcome change!


1. The Amazing Spider-Man #1

A new direction and feel to Spidey. I’m really enjoyed reading this first issue and it really excited me for what was to come next.

2. Heroes in Crisis #1

Heroes dead, 2 possible suspects and the trinity is on the case. I really liked how this series was set up in this issue. I love a good mystery.

3. Fantastic Four #1

The first family returns. Just as Johnny and Ben are coming to terms they may never see the family again the family puts out a call. Also Ben is engaged!


1.) Adventures Of The Super Sons #1

The Gang is one of the best additions to the DC Universe in a while, and I love the spins on the characters. Now we jsut need Lex to meet Rex!

2.) Fantastic Four #1

The Fantastic Four was gone for such a long time that the heart didn't grow fonder, it grew hungry for them and when they returned a scream of cheer rung out with them.

3.) The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Like I said before there was something missing in Spider-Man and in this one issue we got it all back.


1. Amazing Spider-Man #1

2. Fantastic Four #1

3. Heroes In Crisis #1

Frontline Pick of the Year: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Best Friendship


1. The Paper Girls (Paper Girls)

It's beautiful to watch these characters grow together!

2. The Runaways (Runaways)

The mix of these diverse personalities as a family is perfection, and always has been! Thank you Marvel for giving us a monthly series again!

3. Zoe, Gabe, Nakia, Mike (Ms. Marvel)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Kamala's supporting cast makes her book!


1. Jon and Damien

Like their fathers truly they are the world's finest teens. They bring out the best in one another.

2. Bruce and Clark

Truly world's finest! Their friendship is that of legend. It's the strongest in any universe.

3. Pete and Boomerang

I really like the friendship that started developing with Pete and Boomerang. I hope in the coming year we get to see it develop more!


1.) Jon & Damien (Super Sons / Adventures Of The Super Sons)

Man the friendship between Jon and Damien has brought my love and joy for comics back. So often we can become overly critical and perhaps a been jaded in this medium, but these two make you remember what it was like the first time you held that book in your hands and read your first comic book. Their chemistry rivals that of any other friendship.

2.) Stanford & Buddy (Mech Cadet Yu)

Nothing matches the friendship like that between a boy and his dog, or so the saying goes, but Sanford and Blue's friendship surpasses that. This friendship makes you think of what makes a true friend.

3.) Jason & Roy (Red Hood And The Outlaws)

I never liked this friendship because of my connection to the Roy/Dick/Wally/Garth/Donna bond until Roy died. That moment when Jason stood on the side of the road and called his friend to leave a message on his voicemail was really powerful and I truly felt they had a serious bond on the level of the original Teen Titans.


1. Jon and Damian

2. Clint Barton & Kate Bishop

3. Peter and Boomerang

Frontline Pick of the Year: Damian and Jon (Adventures of Super Sons)

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