Friday, January 18, 2019

Media Madness Vidcast 211: Reign Of The Supermen!

Welcome to the Media Madness Vidcast! Each week Kat and Jay do a show where they discuss the latest in TV and Movie news, and sometimes we are joined by other members of Comic Frontline or other members of the YouTube Community! This week Jay, Comic Book Theater& Kat,  Comic Unoare joined by Jeremy Mr. J's Reviews' as we discuss the DC Animated Movie REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN!!!!

This Week's Madness:

Talking The Reign Of The Supermen: 

  • Intro 
  • Plot 

Citizens of Metropolis:  

  • Jennifer Hale as President Dale  
  • Max Mittelman as Steve Lombard  
  • Trevor Devall as Bruno Mannheim 
  • Charles Halford as Bibbo Bibbowski 
  • Trevor Devall as Dabney Donovan 
  • Erica Luttrell as Mercy Graves 
  • Rick Pasqualone as Dan Turpin 
  • Amanda Troop as Maggie Sawyer 
  • Toks Olagundoye as Cat Grant 
  • Max Mittelman as Jimmy Olsen 
  • Rocky Carroll as Perry White 

Justice League of America: 

  • Nyambi Nyambi as J'onn J'onzz / John Jones / Martian Manhunter 
  • Shemar Moore as Victor Stone / Cyborg 
  • Matt Lanter as Arthur Curry / Aquaman 
  • Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern 
  • Christopher Gorham as Barry Allen / Flash 
  • Rosario Dawson as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman 
  • Jason O'Mara as Bruce Wayne / Batman 

The Death Of Superman: 

  • Paul Eiding as Jonathan "Pa" Kent 
  • Jennifer Hale as Martha "Ma" Kent 
  • Tony Todd as Darkseid 
  • Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor 
  • Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane 

The Reign Of The Supermen: 

  • Patrick Fabian as Hank Henshaw / Cyborg Superman 
  • Cress Williams as John Henry Irons / Steel 
  • Charles Halford as Eradicator Superman 
  • Cameron Monaghan as Kon-El / Superboy 
  • Jerry O'Connell as Clark Kent / Superman 

Wrap Up: 

  • Overall Thoughts 
  • Rating 
  • Future DC Animated Movies

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