Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Top 5 Panels Of The Week - 8/21/19

Welcome Comic Frontline's Top 5 Panels! This is where the Frontline Six unite to pick their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week's post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Fan Panel Pick From Last Week - Gwenpool Strikes Again #1 - I’d Let Dinah Lance Kick Me In The Face/Good Talk/A Jump In The Sky Turns To A Dinah Lance Kick!


Honorable Mention - Snotgirl #14 - We Hooked Up 

Lottie shouldn't have underestimated Normgirl.

5. Ghost Spider #1 - Jackal Returns

With 616 Gwen's connection to Jackal, you know this will bring some interesting drama.  

4. Ghost Spider #1 - White Suit

I mean it's a good question!

3. Snotgirl #14 - Snotgirl

I love this page! It shows Lottie's secrets seeping into places she never imagined, when becoming a social media mogul she signed her privacy away and now we are seeing the consequences of that.

2. Ghost Spider #1 - Can’t Get A Roommate

Poor Gwen!

1. Jane Foster: Valkyrie #2 - Didn’t Spider-Man Kill Someone Like This?/Callback

Jane knows her Marvel history.


5. Teen Titans #33 - Teamwork

I just love Roundhouse.

4. Ghost-Spider #1 - Tale of Two Jackals

I love the look on Warren's face when he sees Gwen here, and I worry for her!

3. Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2 - Callback/Didn’t Spider-Man Kill Someone Like This?

As a Spider-Man fan, I love this nod and the sheer fear in her face recalling it!

2. Superior Spider-Man #10 - I Wanted You to Like Me

Such a heartfelt moment for Otto.

1. Batman #77 - How Could You?!/Consequences...

What I love about this panel in particular is we see through the tough exterior of Damian here, tears rolling down his face. In this instant, Damian is a boy who just lost basically his godfather. Beautifully done.


5. Batman #77 - You Still Don't See Me...

Such a great moment between these two with Selina reminding Bruce he isn't alone.

4. Batman #77 - Consequences.../How Could You?!

The fear in Damian's eye and the realization that his actions caused the death of Alred is so powerful here.

3. Batman #77 - Childish...

Just seeing this is wow!

2. Marvel's Spider-Man City At War #6 - Yes You Do...

May telling Peter how proud she is for saving all the people he has saved and telling him he has to sacrifice her to save more and Peter's pain here is just so powerful.

1. Batman #77 - City Of Bane!/CRAKKK!

WOW! I mean the one person you didn't think would die in comics has died! This is going to really kill Bruce and to do it in front of Damian! This is cold! I can not wait to see what comes next.


5. Batman #77 - CRAKKK!/City Of Bane!

Even if Tom King did do this for shock value, it definitely caught my eye and made me want to read the next issue to see if it is really Alfred that got his neck snapped.

4. Superior Spider-Man #10 - I Wanted You to Like Me

Really touching moment here between Superior and the boy he rescued a couple issues back.  The boy finds out that Superior is not the real Spider-Man and is very angry. The only reason Superior did not tell him the truth was because he just wanted the boy to like him. The growth in Ottos character has been amazing in this book.

3. Jane Foster: Valkyrie #2 - Didn’t Spider-Man Kill Someone Like This?/Callback

Jane reminds everybody in this issue of what happened to Gwen Stacy. I love the Spider-Man references in this story.

2. Ghost-Spider #1 - No Romance Here

Just in case you were wondering there will be no budding romance between Peter and Gwen. The book makes that clear right away.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy #8 - Family

Groot giving the meaning of what family is to Rocket was a very touching moment. Looking forward to the outcome of this overall story arc.

Top 5 Panels Of The Week - 8/21/19

Ghost Spider #1 - Jackal Returns
Ghost Spider #1 - White Suit
Snotgirl #14 - Snotgirl
Ghost Spider #1 - Can’t Get A Roommate
Jane Foster: Valkyrie #2 - Didn’t Spider-Man Kill Someone Like This?/Callback
Teen Titans #33 - Teamwork
Ghost-Spider #1 - Tale of Two Jackals
Superior Spider-Man #10 - I Wanted You to Like Me
Batman #77 - How Could You?!/Consequences...
Batman #77 - You Still Don't See Me...
Batman #77 - Childish...
Marvel's Spider-Man City At War #6 - Yes You Do...
Batman #77 - City Of Bane!/CRAKKK!
Ghost-Spider #1 - No Romance Here
Guardians of the Galaxy #8 - Family
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