Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Age of Ultron #3 Review

Age of Ultron #3 Review
By: Jay

Years ago, founding Avenger Hank Pym created the Artificial Intelligence known as Ultron. Ultron evolved and turned on humanity. The Avengers always managed to defeat Ultron until now, for now is the Age of Ultron!

The main group of heroes lead by Captain America find out what Captain America’s plan is from last issue. Not everyone agrees with the plan but most are willing to do anything because they are tired of hiding from the thing that took so much from them. As the heroes discuss Cap’s plan they decide that Luke Cage and She Hulk will be the ones to carry it out. We meet a third group based in Chicago consisting of Taskmaster, Black Panther and the Red Hulk, who seem to have a plan of their own. The issue ends with Luke Cage and She Hulk who are being escorted by the Ultron drones to their master, and the last page leaves both Luke Cage and the reader shocked.

Brian Michael Bendis is building up a solid story here, and with issue 3 we learn a little bit more about what has happened to the heroes since the Ultrons took over the world. The story is giving me just enough with each issue to keep me coming back for more.

While the story is steadily growing the art of Bryan Hitch isn’t as sharp as it usually is. Some of Hitch’s faces and expressions don’t fit the characters and the scenes. This is most obvious in the first few pages of the issue with Luke Cage. There are also some inconsistencies with details, like when shown with the group Cap’s costume has big holes in it, but when we are closer to Cap in those areas his costume is undamaged.

If you’re not following Age of Ultron I recommend you pick up the main series and give it a try. Now that you know what I think of this issue, let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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