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WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 2/1/14


Randy Orton begins Monday Night Raw this week and complains about having to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Elimination Chamber. While he was talking there was a lot of CM Punk chants. He says he has beaten over and over John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus and even Antonio Ceasero. The Authority comes out and Stephanie tells Orton to stop complaining and he going to make the universe think he cant win at the Elimination Chamber. They announce that each week leading up to the Elimination Chamber Orton will face one of the opponents at the chamber. She announces later in the show if Orton doesn't win against this man than they will have to consider this guy the face. She says that it would be Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan and Triple H starts the 'Yes Chant'.

First match of the night was The Shield vs. Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Big E. Langiston. The Shield controlled most of the match. Mysterio was the one that got mostly the beat down then was Kingston until Langiston got tagged in and took control. Regins got busted open by the eye. He hit the superman punch and Ambrose does the blind tag and makes the pin. It looks like Ambrose and Regins were going to get into it but Rollins stops before anything and The Wyatts comes on the tron. Bray says The Shield are pawns and their end is near.

Bad News Barrett calls for some decorum and says the Superbowl was watched by millions and the bad news is the people stuffed their faces with junk food. Jerry the King Lawler interrupts and tells Barrett he has bad news for him and they hope they wont see him next week. What does this mean? We will find out next week.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger with  Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro was up next. Christian controlled begging of the match but Swagger quickly took over. Swagger puts  Christian in the patriot lock but he is able to kick Swagger away. After this Swagger tries to go for a Swagger Bomb but Christian kicks him away and gets a victory roll for the win. During the match Cesaro just stood there and actually didn't even try to interfere. After the match Colter went into the ring and was yelling at Swagger but this time no slap.

The Brotherhood vs. The New Age Outlaws for the Tag Team Championships in a steel cage match. The crowd wasn't really into this match and they were chanting "CM Punk" doing the match. The only to win this match is by pin fall or submission and not escaping the cage. Towards the end of the match Cody Rhodes decides to climb the cage and gets to the top and does a moonsault on to Road Dogg but this gives Billy Gunn the chance to hit the Fameasser to retain the Tag Team Championships.

Titus O'Neil vs. Zack Ryder (yes Zack Ryder who hasn't been seen on television for months) was the next match. O'Neil came out to new music and he controlled the whole match. During the match The Miz comes out and goes the commentary table and puts on the headset and says he is upset the Ryder has a match on TV and not him and he leaves. O'Neil wins when he hits Clash of the Titus.

Batista comes out to a decent ovation but as he was about to speak Alberto Del Rio comes out. He tells Batista to put his plans on hold  because they have unfinished business. Batista tells Del Rio he has no issue with him. Del Rio  tell Batista that he was here fighting while Batista was off doing movies. He also say Batista is afraid of him, he will hurt him and he will make him beg for mercy. Batista says he doesn't know what his problem is and Del Rio attacks him. Batista is able to take control and goes for a Batista Bomb but Del Rio escapes under the ropes.

The main event of the night was WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan. Bryan controlled most of the match but eventually Orton would take over. This was one of the best night of the night. After Orton took over Bryan finally took over again. Toward the end of the match Kane came out but Bryan knocked him off the apron. Bryan drop into the steps with a drop toe hold. He goes back into the ring and Orton sets up the RKO but Bryan shoves him across the ring and hits him with a running knee strike for the pin. Could this be the beginning of Bryan becoming the face of WWE. Maybe not because after the match Orton and Kane surround the ring and Orton tries to attack Bryan again but Bryan kicks him off the apron. This allows Kane to enter the ring and chockslam Bryan.

Impact Wrestling begins this week with a brawl backstage with Abyss and Eric Young. This leads into the monster ball match. The crowd was really into this match and so was I. One point during the match Abyss sets up a table. Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a bag with thumbtacks inside. He pulls it onto the mat and he put EY on the turnbuckle and he is about to suplex him but EY refuses it and Abyss goes into the thumbtacks. EY goes to the top turnbuckle but Abyss throws him off and into the table. Abyss goes under the ring again and grabs Janice. Abyss goes to hit EY with it and  EY takes the mask off and Abyss is Joseph Park. We all know he was since day one when Joseph Park debut. Abyss hit the black hole slam for the win and after the match he grabs the mask and mirror and look at himself all confused.

We see Bobby Roode going into Dixie Carter office with a contract for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match for her to sign. She refuses because of the new investor (MVP). She says she cant do her own thing anymore because of this. Roode says she promise him if he help Magnus beat AJ Styles and Sting he would get a match for the championship. Carter says she will put him in a contender's match but Roode doesn't want any thing to do with Samoa Joe. She says she has his back and will show the people he belongs. Roode says the this better not come back and bite him.

MVP who is the new investor comes out to explain why he came to TNA and why he decided to invest his money. He says he living life at his own pace, and he's learned a lot. He says he became a professional wrestler because he loves it and he save his money wisely. He also says TNA has a lot of potential and  he is sick and tired of how mismanagement is keeping it down and it needs to change. Rockstar Spud comes out to interrupt. He tells MVP the "Madam" Dixie Carter would be more than happy to speak to MVP in her office. MVP says he still knows how to fight as well as booking a match. He says that it will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus vs. Kurt Angle.

Curry Man make his entrance for a match. He starts talking but Bully Ray comes out with the coffin again. He tells Curry Man he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry Man tries to do reason with him then attack him. Bully kicks him in the face and piledrives him and puts him in the coffin. He looks inside the camera and tells Anderson that he will end his career.

Austin Aries comes out to a good ovation. He talks about being the a man of opportunity and he the one that created option C. The Broman come out for a distraction which allowed Zema Ion to hit Aries in the head with the briefcase. Ion decides to cash in the briefcase. So the match is on for the X division Championship Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion.  Ion goes for the pin numerous times. Ion kept control which looked like he was going to steal the title but Aries hits a back suplex then an IED and Aries jumps up and connects with a quick Brainbuster for the win.

Kurt Angle vs. Magnus was the next match. This was a decent match which Magnus controlling the beginning and then Angle taking over. Angle puts Magnus in the Angle Lock but ECIII hit Angle in the knee with a steel chair for the DQ. ECIII kept hitting Angle in the knee with the chair. Angle had to be stretched out of the arena. Its been reported Angle needs surgery on his knee so this is probably the way he is being written off TV.

Number One Contender's Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe. This was a good match in my opinion. Roode took early control with match by sending Joe outside early on and follows with a neckbreaker. Joe took back control. He catches Roode and hits a slam. He is able to connect a Muscle Buster and then puts Roode in a Coquina Clutch  which made Roode taps out.

Dixie Carter comes out then MVP comes out. Dixie put Magus over as a champion.  She talks about the great job she did and is doing for TNA. MVP interrupts her and says he has some ideas of his own. He says her mismanagement almost destroyed this company. Which made it an uneven playing field and he is going to stand by and watch. He says Dixie reign of terror is over and he is going to take any action to show her that her party is over. Does this remind you of something? In 2001 after Vince McMahon team won at Survivor Series Ric Flair return to reveal that he brought Shane and Stephanie McMahon making him part owner. In this case MVP role is called investor and not owner.

Smackdown begins this week with Daniel Bryan coming down to the ring. He talks about The Authority giving  him a chance to be the face of WWE but he says he doesn't want that. All he wants is to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He talks about what happened Monday Night about Kane attacking him. He calls Kane out and he comes out and apologizes since he said The Authority told him to. Bryan says the big red monster is missing and that guy who he calls him friend is also missing. He talks about their time as tag team champions as Team Hell No. He tells Kane for them to end this now and to come to the ring and fight. Kane says no but Bryan will have a match against Antonio Cesaro.

The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Roman Regins) with  Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston and  Dolph Ziggler. The Shield controlled most of this match. Ziggler took part of the beating. He makes a tag to Kingston who takes over the control but catches Kofi offguard and hits an apron dropkick. Towards the end of the match Regins hits the spear on Zigger then he slaps Ambrose chest of a tag and Ambrose cover for the win. After the match The Wyatts appears on the tron and they are laughing at The Shield for one up each other. Bray says if they think he is a big joke they will see the true monster he really is.

Next match was Sheamus vs. Ryback. This was a kind of boring match. The only high point was Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Ryback catches him and powerbombs this was actually cool. Ryback goes for Meathook but Sheamus catches him with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Daniel Bryan vs. Antonio Cesaro  with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger was next. This was a really good match because of Bryan quickness and the how strong Cesaro is. This match went both ways back and forth.  Cesaro hits the upper cut and goes for the swing but Bryan counters and goes for the YES lock for the tap out. After the match Kane comes out and Cesaro and Kane attack Bryan. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer and Kane chockslams Bryan.

Backstage we see Renne Young begging Titus O'Neil for an interview. He said he is here to answer her questions. She says she wants why he attacked Darren Young. He says this been brewing for two years. He said he ready of single championship gold. Young comes out of no where and attacks him. He screams " he will show him dead weight" and some referee come in and break them up.

Goldust with Cody Rhodes vs. Bray Wyatt  with The Wyatt Family.  Cody Rhodes was wearing a knee brace because there is rumors of him injuring his knee when he did a moonsault on to Road Dogg that past Monday. Bray took the control of the match but Goldust was able to hit spinebuster and a somersault dive off the apron. Harper and Rowan attack Cody outside the ring to cause a distraction. Bray hits Sister Abigail for the win. The Shield appears on the tron and they say they are the best fraction. They say they aren't afraid and they cost The Shield a title shot, so they are going to make them believe in The Shield.

On Monday Night Raw The Authority announced that every week leading up to the Elimination Chamber match Randy Orton will face every one of his opponents in the chamber. So the main event of Smackdown was Randy Orton vs. Christian. This was the best match of the night. During the match Orton goes on the microphone and start complaining about being from St. Louis and the weather is bad and cant take his bus or SUV home. He tells the fans that he flight was cancelled and now he is stuck there. He starts to mock Daniel Bryan by saying "No, No, No, No, No". He goes back into the ring to attack Christian but Christian block it. Towards the end of the match Orton goes for the RKO but Christian counters it and goes for the killswitch but Orton throws him into the corner but Christian tries to connect with a springboard uppercut and Orton connects with a RKO for the win. 

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