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WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 2/23/14

Before I begin this Wrestling recap WWE began a new era this Monday. The WWE Network was launched. Did anyone purchased it?

Monday Night Raw begins this week with them showing the WrestleMania sign and Hulk Hogan music hits everyone on their feet. Michael Cole, Jerry The King Lawler and JBL were also on their feet. He cant talk because Universe it chanting his name but finally says "Well let me tell you something brother and tonight I finally am home." The fans go crazy. He talks about making history in the past and today it continues because of the WWE Universe and because of them now there is the WWE Network. Then he hypes WrestleMania 30 and announces he is the official host of WrestleMania 30. He says he has one more thing and that is "What you going to do? What you going to do with Hulkamania runs wild on you?" I thought someone will come out maybe Real Americans but nothing. They do announce Daniel Bryan will face Kane and Brock Lesnar would appear. Also a rematch from the Elimination Chamber pay per view of Batista vs. Del Rio which would be the first match of the night.

Alberto Del Rio comes out first then Batista with mostly boos he points to a sign that says "Bootista and smile at it as if he likes it. I do have to say there are a lot of booing as he did his ring entrance. Batista control beginning of the match. We here lets go Batista then Bootista. The way the crowd was chanting it felt like Del Rio was the face because every time Del Rio took control the Universe cheered.  Del Rio goes for the kick and kind of misses but Batista goes for the powerbomb but Randy Orton comes out and distracts Batista and Del Rio rolls him up for the win. Orton tells Batista that he doesn't realize the people don't like him and they are booing them. Batista says he loves this business and if the fans cheer him then he will cheer them back and if they boo him he will boo them back its called honestly. He tells Orton the he doesn't believe he used to call him a friend and at WrestleMania he will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Big E. vs. Cesaro with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter was the next match. Big E. didn't really have any crowd reaction but Cesaro had a decent one with the "We the People" chant. Big E. knocks him out of the ring and he regroups with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Big E. hits a big belly to belly suplex. Ceasro tries to knock Big E. down but Big E. doesn't go down but Cesaro hits the leg kick to Big E. face and he goes down. Big E. goes for a jump body slam but Cesaro catches him in the air and slams him. Cesaro is unbelievable in the ring with his strength. This match was strength vs. strength. Big E. goes for big ending but Cesaro reverses it and hits the big uppercut. He calls for the swing fans go crazy but Big E. kicks him. With a distraction from Swagger Ceasro hits the swing but Swagger comes it and hits Big E. with the patriot lock causing the DQ and Ceasro was pissed. Big E. attack Swagger but Ceasro kicks him and hits the neutralizer.

John Cena comes out to address why the Wyatt Family came out and attacked him during the chamber match. He says Raw 1087 begins a new era because of the WWE Network was launched. He says he has says it before if any rookie superstars want to make a name for themselves they have to go through him. He calls out The Wyatt family and at first they don't come out and they finally do. Bray Wyatt says his usual Wyatt promo. The Wyatt Family surrounds the ring. Cena tells them if anyone of them goes through the bottom rope he will take them out. This doesn't stop them and they enter and they take Cena to the mat. They get of Cena and he goes to the corner holding his knee. We see the trainer go over to Cena and he waves the trainer off. The Wyatt Family look at Cena and Cena goes after them and they take him out again then they get off him. The Wyatt Family leave the ring as Cena is holding his knee. Out of no where Rowan comes back in and goes after Cena but Bray comes back in and takes Cena out for good. We don't know if this is a story line or if Cena was really injured. If he is injured this might take away from WrestleMania.

The show what happened during the pre show (this can be seen on the WWE Network) between Christian and Sheamus arguing. Brad Maddox was being interviewed at the time and intervenes and makes a match Christian vs. Sheamus and this leads into the match. Sheamus hits Christian a few times and throws him to the outside. Christian comes back and tries to slam Sheamus into the ringpost but Sheamus reverses it. Christian played the heel of the match and at one point he raked Sheamus in the eyes. Towards the end Christian goes to the top turnbuckle and as he comes down Sheamus hits the brogue kick and picks up the win.

Earlier on the Network we were shown The Authority arriving to the arena and Renee Young asks them about The WWE Network debuting and as they are talking Daniel Bryan interrupts them. He asks them what does he have to do. Every time he get close to the winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship they find a way to make him lose. He demands a match at WrestleMania against Triple H. He tells Triple H to stop hiding behind Stephanie skirt. Stephanie tells him tonight that he will get his revenge on the guy who deserves it and that is Kane.

We see backstage Dean Ambrose talking to Seth Rollins and Roman Regins and they keep asking him what happened the night before. For those who don't know during their match at the Elimination Chamber pay per view Ambrose and Bray fought through the crowd and only Bray came back. Ambrose said he keeps answering their question for the past 24 hours and he is done and walks out. The Wyatt Family comes out of no where and Regins tells them they don't belong there. Regins challenges Bray to a match and says Bray will leave the Family behind and he will leave the hounds of justice behind. Bray accepts the challenge to the match.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bryan was the next match. Bryan comes out to a big ovation and Kane came out not his usual attire he came out wear a more corporate attire. Kane start to attack Bryan injured arm but Bryan is able to work through it. He start to take out Kane knee. Kane was able to take back full control. At one point he throw Bryan into the steel steps. This was a good match between these two former friends. Kane chockslams Bryan and pins Bryan but only for a two count. Bryan tries to go for the YES lock but Kane reversed it and tried to go for the chockslam again but Byran reverses that and connects the running knee for the win.

After the match Bryan goes on the mic and call Triple H a coward. He says Triple H hides behind Stephanie skirt. He says the Triple H has ignore what the fans want since he put on a suit. He tell Triple H to listen to the fans to the Yes Chants and give them what they want and that is Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 30.

We see The Usos and the Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws in the ring. They have a match as the referee calls for the bell to begin the match Road Dogg tells the referee to hold on and tells The Usos that there is no hurry and if they can leave the ring for a minute and they do. He begins there usual promo "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and children of all ages. Degeneration X proudly brings to you the six time tag team champions of the world the Road Dogg Jesse James...." and The Usos come into the ring superkicks Road Dogg and Jey throws Billy Gunn outside the ring and Jey goes for the splash onto to Gunn outside the ring. Jimmy goes for the frog splash onto Road Dogg and for the pin for the win.

The main event of the night was Roman Regins vs. Bray Wyatt. During the match you heard the fans chanting boring. My opinion its was a good match. This was a back and forth match. Bray  suplexs Regins and hits the crossbody slam. Towards the end Regins hits the side slam and calls for the superman punch and the lights go out. When they go back on The Family is outside the ring and Seth Rollins comes out of nowhere and does a flip over the top rope onto them and Regins is happy but Bray rolls him up for a two count. He throws Regins to the outside. They begin to attack Seth Rollins and we hear Michael Cole say where is Dean Ambrose and he comes out to help the Shield. Regins gets back into the ring and hits the superman punch on Bray but Ambrose attacks Bray for the DQ.

We see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman backstage. Heyman tells Lesnar to not to go crazy in the ring and to act like a gentleman. They come out and Heyman introduces himself and Lesnar. Now this is a table in the ring so its obvious someone is going to go through it. Heyman says Lesnar is in a bad mood. He says Batista and Orton should fight now and Lesnar should face the winner at WrestleMania 30 but The Authority doesn't want it. He says The Authority is allowing him to choose his own opponent at WrestleMania. He says Lesnar deserve to make history and if they don't give him what he wants they wont be at WrestleMania. They are about to leave but the dongs go off and The Undertaker music hits and he come out. He stops half way looks at the rings and continues to the ring. We see Lesnar face and he looks shocked to see Taker. Taker gets into Lesnar face and them looks at the WrestleMania sign. Lesnar sings the contract on the table and pushes the pen against Taker chest. Taker grabs the pen and Heyman says he signed the contract and Lesnar slams his hand onto the contract. Taker slams the pen into Lesnar hand and chockslams him into the table and he looks again at the WrestleMania sign. So I get The Undertaker is healthy enough to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. I heard numerous report that they didn't know if he was in good shape to face Lesnar. But when he chockslamed Lesnar into the table and took his hood off he looked in decent shape and better then the picture that was posted online two weeks ago.

Impact Wrestling begins this week with a recap from last week show. We see Gunner backstage looking for James Storm. We hear a reporter ask Gunner what is he going to say to James Storm. He says when Storm shows up he has no chance in hell. They announce Dixie Carter wasn't in attendance and Bobby Roode has match making ability.

MVP comes out and says he is back in London. He says last week because of James Storm Magnus retain and eventually Gunner will get his rematch. He say at Lockdown Samoe Joe will face TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. MVP introduces Samoe Joe (comes out a loud ovation) and then introduces TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus (comes out to a lot of heat). MVP says he is surprised Magnus is out there by himself. Magnus says Dixie isn't there because he reminds her that London isn't as great as it used to be. He says since he left this place it has gone to hell. It was time for the contract signing between Joe and Magnus. MVP announces the match at Lockdown will be Joe rule. Which means one can win only by submission or knock out. Joe signs the contract and Magnus looks pissed. He says if they think they have one on him, he has more aces up his sleeve. He says Joe will never ever again represent the TNA company as TNA World Heavyweight Champion and Magnus signs. He get in Joe face and he headbutts Magnus and attacks Magus. He beat the hell out of him. MVP tells Joe to save it for the cage match but doesn't work and the referee.

It was announced this past Sunday at a live event The Wolves beat The Bromens to become tag team champions. We see Bromans in the back looking for Bobby Roode and they want to be on Team Dixie. He tells them that Bad influence wanted to be on the team but they lost and Bromans lost their tag team championship to The Wolves. He sets up a match which consists of Bromans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves. If Bromans or Bad Influence win they are on the team but if The Wolves win the search continues. He only wants winners on his team.

Bromans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves was next. The Wolves tripped up Broman and then hit surfboard stretches then they go to hit Kaz who then begs them to stop. Daniels ends up tripping them. Daniels then starts to mock Bromans by asking them for a tag.  The end came when Eddie hits the splash on Daniels but Robbie blind tags himself in and throws Eddie to the outside and pins Daniels for the win.

Backstage we see Bobby Roode and Austin Aires talking.  Roode tells Aries not to trust MVP and Aries asks why should he trust Dixie Carter. Roode tells him to make the right decision and Aries says that all Roode cares about is his 10% ownership if his team wins and he always makes the right decision.

ECIII vs. Doug Williams was the next match. Williams comes out a decent ovation because they were in the UK. I might be wrong but the last time we see Williams was the last time they were in the UK. ECIII mocks Williams and the UK and Williams punches ECIII. Williams hits ECIII but then ECIII whips Williams. At the end ECIII low blows Williams when the referee isn't looking and hits the one percenter for the win. After the match he stomps on Williams and puts a different look angle lock on Williams.

We saw James Storm backstage walking to the ring. He comes out mix of cheer and boos but mostly cheers. He tells Gunner he doesn't run and hide from anyone and tells Gunner here he is. Gunner comes out and tells Gunner not to do anything crazy. He tells Gunner he did screw him over and had it all planned out since he had the briefcase take away from him during the feast or fired match. But it finally hit him when Gunner ended him the briefcase for the tag team title match like it was garbage of scraps you give to a dog. Storm says Gunner was nothing before he teamed with Storm. Gunner said while in the army a thank you was standing side by side with your friends. Storm says no one care if Gunner lived or died while in the army. Gunner says his family and friends and these people care. Storm says no one cares if he came back or not. Gunner punches Storm and leads to the outside the ring. Storm grabs a chair and tried to hit Gunner but runs off into the stands.

We come back and see Magnus in the ring with a wrestler from Germany knows as Bad Bones. So we have a match Samoe Joe vs. Bad Bones. Bones attack Joe first but Joe is able to take of control with series of kicks. Joe sets up the muscle buster then the rear naked chock for the win in this quick win. On the look of Magnus face he look terrified.

Up next was finally Kurt Angle Hall of Fame induction ceremony. JB is in the ring and they show the video of Angle attributes. JB says other thing but cant here what he is saying because the crowd is loud. He introduces Kurt Angle and its a loud ovation. Angle comes out and limping a lot. JB says on behalf of TNA Wresting and millions of fans in the world he hand him a watch and they hug. Angle says thanks to the fans and its a honor. The hall of fame isn't all about him (just a little bit) and not about TNA Wrestling but its about the fans and because of the fans TNA wouldn't be around. He says when he was suppose to receive this honor in October he wasn't stable enough to take the honor. But when he came to London he knew it since his act was clean. He thanks the good Lord, his wife and kids.

ECIII comes out and interrupts this ceremony and says he has a video of his own when he attacked Angle and took out his knee. Angle welcomes him to come to the ring since he wants to hear what he has to say. ECIII thanks him for allowing him to come to the ring. ECIII announces the he received news the Angle has a torn ACL and need surgery and not known if Angle can ever wrestle again. He apologizes for taking him out like that. He tell Angle he thinks its time for him to retire. Angle says why would he get into the ring when Angle can tear him about. ECIII says he know Angle needs surgery. Angle tells him to check his sources next time. ECIII says the Internet is always right. Angle tells him since he is the source his ACL has no tear and does he really want to be in the ring with Kurt Angle. ECIII has a shock look on his face and say no he doesn't. Angle says he knows ECIII is new there and wants to make a name for himself but why would you pick Kurt Angle and punches him. Angle music plays but he tell them to cut the music. He says the new investor gave him a present and that at Lockdown in a steel cage match Kurt Angle vs. ECIII.

We come back and see James Storm and Gunner brawling in the parking lot. It was a violent brawl. They had to be separated by the agents and a gate. At lock down it will be Storm vs. Gunner in a cage.

The main event Bobby Roode vs. MVP with special guest referee Austin Aries. MVP begins the match by putting Roode in a headlock then a hip toss but Roode counter with a headscissors. This match went back and forth till then end. The end came when MVP goes to kick Roode in the face but Aries step in and distracts MVP allowing Roode to hit the power bomb for the win. Does this mean Aries is on Team Dixie?

Friday Night Smackdown begins this week with The Animal Batista coming out to a mix of cheers and boos. Batista says he loves this business and this company. He didn't come back to be liked. He says he came back to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he can destroy anyone who gets in his way. He says the fans can chant for a wannabe and they chant YES but they should chant NO. The heroes aren't as good as he is and the fans need to get out of their fantasy world back into the reality. He will destroy anyone who gets in his path to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After his promo ends he climbs the top turnbuckle and does his posse. Now Batista is officially heel. But Dolph Ziggler music hits and he comes out to a decent ovation. He tells Batista that he cant tell people who to cheer for and he call Batista a dinosaur that will become extinct. He challenges Batista to a match and Batista laughs and accepts and Ziggler drop kicks Batista and leaves the ring really fast.

Big E. and Mark Henry vs. The Real American with Zeb Colter was the fast match of the evening. Henry and Big E. control beginning of the match. Cesaro took over after Swagger took the beating in the beginning. After Cesaro takes over the control out of no where Swagger blind tags himself in and Cesaro doesn't look happy. Swagger does chopblocks onto Henry's knees and he applies the patriot lock. Cesaro blind tags himself in and hits a neutralizer for the win. Could we see friction between The Real Americans.

Backstage we see Vickie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio enter her office. He asks Vickie for a favor and before he can say anything she says Batista is already in a match so Del Rio says he will take the night off and starts to flirt with her and Sheamus comes in and says he is looking for a fight and makes fun of Del Rio flirting words. Vickie books the match which was next.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio match begins when Sheamus throws Del Rio outside the ring and throws him over the announce table. Sheamus put in back into the ring and as Sheamus goes into the ring Christian music hit and he comes out and causes a distraction and Del Rio drop kicks Sheamus.  Del Rio stomps on Sheamus and goes to the top turnbuckle but Sheamus hits the electric chair and powerbomb. Sheamus goes for the cloverleaf but Christian runs in and attack Sheamus for the DQ. Shemaus kicks Christian out the ring but Del Rio goes for the attack on Sheamus but Sheamus hits the bougue kick and Christian hits the killswitch on Sheamus.

Backstage we see Roman Regins and Dean Ambrose arguing about what happened at the Elimination Chamber and this past Monday. Seth Rollins breaks them up and says Bray Wyatt better not think about moving on and starting a war with John Cena.  He says they will avenge their loss at the Elimination Chamber and they will show the Wyatt's what happens when they mess with The Shield.

The next match was Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler begins the offense on Batista by running at him. Batista exits the ring to compose himself then pull Ziggler outside the ring and throws him into the barricade. This wasn't a long match and it ended with Batista hitting a few spine busters then a Batista Bomb for the win.

The Wyatt Family came out and Bray Wyatt did his usual Wyatt promo. He says he does what the weak people are afraid to do. He talks about them taking out John Cena. Bray sais follow the Buzzard and then The Shield comes out and interrupts. They have a standoff on the apron. Triple H comes out and says this wont happen now but he likes to promote matches first and this Monday on Rae it will be The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield and he tell The Shield to stand down. Bray tell The Shield to listen to their daddy. He tell Rowan and Harper to leave and they do. Out of no where Ambrose and Rollins dives between the ropes onto Rowan and Harper then they get back into the ring. Its only The Shield and Bray Wyatt in the ring but Bray leaves the ring.

The main event of the night was The Usos and Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and the Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws was next. Daniel Bryan and Billy Gunn starts the match. Bryan starts with kicking Gunn. Gunn pushes Bryan into the heel corner and tags in Kane. Kane start punching Bryan in the corner. Bryan makes a tag to Jey then the faces take advantage. Bryan comes into the ring but after a few minutes starts get beat down again mostly by Kane. The end came when The Usos splash Kane and Road Dogg. Inside the ring Gunn goes for the Fameasser but Bryan floats over and hits the running knee for the win. This was a very decent match.

I read that CM Punk would be returning at Monday Night Raw. One possible reason is since Batista turned heel this past Friday CM Punk will be inserted into the main event to make it a three way match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We will find out this Monday night.

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  1. Glad they did the memorium towards Big Daddy V at the beginning. I thought Aries betrayal was more definitive and that he was definitely Team Roode.