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WWE And TNA Wresting Review for the Week of 3/1/14

 Monday Night Raw begins this week and we see fans and a lot of CM Punk sign kind of weird that they weren't take away. Could this be a sign? Out of no where CM Punk music hits. Everyone is going crazy as I was. But Paul Heyman comes out. Universe is chanting for Punk. Heyman was holding the mic up. Heyman says he believe Punk deserves louder than that chant. Heyman sits down on the mat as Punk usually does with his pipebombs. He says he came here to tell the story of a Paul Heyman guy. A Paul Heyman guy who was never wanted in WWE. A Paul Heyman guy who was too small to main event WrestleMania. He says The Authority doesn't want CM Punk to be in WWE. He says Punk has the balls to say what no one else has to say. He came here tonight to tell us a story of a guy who was born, raised and still lives un Chicago. This is Heyman pipe bomb of CM Punk and Punk is not there. He says why isn't he there or why doesn't anyone talk about CM Punk and there is one person to blame for that and that person is every single WWE fan. He says everyone can boo him as much as they can because it the truth. He says when Punk was with him Punk was the longest WWE Champion and the WWE Universe took him away from him. He says we took Punk away from us and Heyman also blames The Undertaker because Punk couldn't beat Undertaker and Heyman wants revenge. He says he wants payback and there is only one way to end the streak. Only one person can do it and that is Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar comes out and we hear a loud CM Punk chants. We see what happened last week with Lesnar and Undertaker. Again CM Punk chants Lesnar takes away the mic and he talks. He says he believes taker attacked him because taker is scared of him. He names a few who couldn't beat the streak. He says WrestleMania he will end the streak. As Lesnar is leaving Henry comes out and Lesnar backs up and runs into Henry. Yet again Henry starts to get beat down by Lesnar. Lesnar hits Henry with the steal steps. He takes apart the announce table. He picks Henry up and F5 Henry through the table. Again CM Punk chants.

Up next was Tag Team Championship (Rematch from Elimination Chamber) The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Usos. In my opinion before this match began I was hoping The Usos would finally win the championship. They are one tag teams that deserve the championship. Road Dogg says Chicago doesn't deserve to hear his catchphrases and puts the microphone down. Jey Uso and Road Dogg begins the match. Road Dogg took early offense and kicks Jey out of the ring then tags in Billy Gunn. Outlaws mostly worked on Jey Uso since the beginning of the match. We here "Let Go Usos." Jey gets some offense goes for the pin but Gunn blind tags himself in. Road Dogg tags in and Jey gets the offense and tags in Jimmy. Usos are on the offense now. The crowd are into it now. Jimmy goes for the frog splash but hit road Dogg on the top rope. Billy goes for the roll up for the two count. Billy goes for the Fameasser but misses. Billy goes for a clothesline but Jimmy docks Jimmy flew through the ropes, tags in Jey midair and takes out Road Dogg. Jey super kicks Gunn then hits the frog splash for the win and become your NEW Tag Team Champions.

Next match was Cesar with Jack Swagger and Zebu Colder vs. Big E. Match begins with Cesar picking Big E. up out no where. Big E. gets thrown out of the ring and Swagger tries to go after Big E. and Big E. punches him. Cesar hits the swing and Swagger goes into the ring and attacks Big E. for the DQ. Swagger leaves the ring and Big E. hits the big ending on Cesar. We here Jack Swagger tell Zebu Colder it him or me (I think that what he said).

The Shield comes out to a big ovation for their rematch vs. The Wyatt's. We see a recap of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt match last week. Even before the match begins we hear the fans chanting "this is awesome." Ambrose and Rollins go through the middle rope to take out the Wyatt's. Rollins takes early control of the match. He goes to the top turnbuckle but Harper tries to put him over his neck and tries to slam him but Rollins lands on it feet (amazing). He does a flip over the top rope to take out Bray and gets back into the ring just to flip over the top rope again to take out Harper. He climbs the top turnbuckle but Bray get into the ring but Ambrose and Bray struggle and they bump into the rope causing Rollins to fall. This caused The Wyatt's to take advantage and take out Rollins. Rollins goes for a tag but Bray mocks Ambrose and he goes after Bray and Reigns goes after Ambrose so Rollins had no one to tag. He finally gets to the tag to Ambrose. Ambrose now gets the beat down for the most of the match. Ambrose goes for the tag and Rollins steps down and walks away. Reigns goes after him and asks why he says he cant be the glue to keep the group together. Then everything goes crazy and moves so fast and unfortunately I couldn't keep up.  The Wyatt's picked up the win with Bray hitting Sister Abigail and Rollins was watching the whole thing unfold. I have to say once again AMAZING match between these two teams.

Backstage Batista is being interviewed by Renee Young. She asks him what he thinks of the YES movement since the main event of the night was Batista vs. Daniel Bryan. He says the YES movement is stupid.

The next match yet again was Shamus vs. Christian. Christian leaves the ring and Shamus chases him. Finally they both are in the ring and Shamus slams Christian to the mat and stomps on his neck. During the match we hear the WWE Universe saying "Boring" which is was. Also there is a rumor at it will be Shamus vs. Christian at WrestleMania 30. Back to the match now which Christian take over the control by throwing Shamus to the outside and hitting the baseball slide. Shamus came back and both man brawl outside the ring. Shamus hits white noise for the two count. Christian and Shamus are on the apron and Shamus hits the brogue kick for the win.

We come back from commercial break and Renne Young is interviewing Shamus about his match and his feud with Christian. Christian attacks him and hits Shamus with a spotlight in the stomach. He then throws the spotlight onto Shamus and screams "your not going to steal my spotlight."

We found out who will be the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of  2014. Who is the next inductee? The late great Paul Bearer will be induct.
Daniel Bryan comes out and a big ovation (as usual). He says the WWE Universe has a voice. We hear the Universe chanting CM Punk and Bryan smiles and holds up the microphone. He says he isn't going to leave the ring until either Triple H comes out and accepts his match offer at WrestleMania or Batista comes out and fight. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to a lot of boos. Stephanie says she cant believe Bryan was trying to hijack Raw (while she was saying this we hear a lot and I mean a lot of boos). Bryan fires back and says he wants to fight Triple H at WrestleMania and he says all the fans are behind him. Triple H says there are guys out there that blame everybody else when they should blame themselves. He says it will take more than a B+ wrestler to make him lace up his boots. Bryan says they should listen to the people and Stephanie says why should they listen to the people. Triple H says that the match will not happen at WrestleMania. Triple H tells Bryan to get out of their ring and Bryan says this is the people ring. They call out Kane and as Kane comes towards the ring Bryan flies outside the ring onto Kane. The Authority call out security and referees come out. Stephanie keeps calling out security and they separate Bryan and Kane. The security escorts Bryan away from the ring.  

Alberto Del Rio comes out and we don't know who he is wrestling. Out of no where we hear a car engine and out comes a car and inside is Raw guest host Aaron Paul and Adolph Ziegler (big ovation for Ziegler). Del Rio hits the back breaker on Ziegler. Ziegler hits the DDT for the two count. Aaron Paul was on commentary and he stands on top of the announce table and distracts Del Rio. Ziegler hits the zing sag for the win.

The next match was Big E. (second match of the night) vs. Jack Swagger. After the referee ring the bell for the match to begin Cesar jumps into the ring and attacks Big E. for the DQ.  After the match Swagger gets into the face of Cesar and pushes Cesar. Cesar pushes him back and the takes Swagger down and he was going to go for the swing (fans are going crazy because they think this might be a face turn for Cesar) but Zebu Colder gets onto the microphone and tells them to stop and separate. He tells them they need to hug it out and they do. He tells them to put their hand on their heart and say "We The People."

John Cana comes out to more boos than cheers. He thanks the Chicago fans for the warm welcome. He says he respect the city of Chicago. He said his he has given the last 12 years this business and in 2002 he began his career in the WWE in Chicago. He said he is doing the same thing he did 12 years ago. He says he isn't cleared to wrestler because of the attack The Wyatt Family did to him. Before he can says anything else Bray Wyatt interrupts. Bray says the championship man (I guess he was talking about Cana) slows down. Bray says he is going to take Cana down and he is going to take everything away from Cana.

The main event of the evening was Batista vs. Daniel Bryan. Before Batista and Bryan come out Randy Orton comes out and sits at ringside. Batista comes out to massive and heat and Bryan come out to a big ovation. The match began with both superstars locking up and then Bryan goes after Batista knee. Out of no where Batista cloth lines Bryan. This fight go to the outside. Batista throws Bryan into the steel steps and then throws him into Orton. Orton comes into the ring to set up an RKO but Bryan hits the running knee. The Authority and Kane come out and Bryan takes Triple H and Kane out. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Bryan. This match ends in no contest. Triple H hits Bryan with the pedigree. The Authority and Kane were sending tall and Stephanie does the "Yes" chant which ends Raw this week.
This week Raw was good. Paul Heyman pipe bomb was a very good idea. Then leading into the feud with Lesnar and Undertaker. But can what was the point of Mark Henry coming out and going out with Lesnar again? Finally Usos win the WWE Tag Team Championships. Also the match with The Shield and The Wyatt's once again best match. All six guys have a big future in the WWE.

Impact Wrestling began this week with a video recap of the feud of Team Dixie and Team MVP and Impact Wrestling from the last two weeks. Team Dixie (Bobby Rode. Broman's with Zama Ion) Bobby Rode says in three days your looking at the men who will own 10% of TNA. In three days it will become Rode way. Austin Aries comes out. He says the type of decision he makes is best for him. He says the only reason Rode beat MVP last week was because of him. Rode said last week they said after they win Sunday they will talk. He wants half of the 10% Dixie offered to Bobby Rode. Broman's say Sunday they will be the deciding factor and they a piece of the pie. Rode said he the guy they want to. He is the guy and winning the match is the main priority.  MVP comes out with The Wolves. MVP says he made a bad decision by choosing Aires referee their match last week. He said he had to make a tough decision for their team but gets interrupted by Dixie Carter.

Carter (massive heat) says MVP decision wont matter and she doesn't care who MVP team member will be. She said she is glad MVP doesn't know her and TNA means the world to her and no one will take control from her. MVP announces the their team member is former World Champion and Dixie says she doesn't care. MVP announces the their team member is Jeff Hardy. She goes crazy and says when Hardy worked out she suspended his contract. MVP says this Sunday Team MVP will send tall. Rode said in 3 days he will control 10% of TNA and MVP punches him and all hell breaks lose.

This leads into a six man tag elimination match of Bobby Rode, Austin Aires and Robbie E. vs. MVP and The Wolves (Winner has and advantage at Lethal Lockdown). The heels take early control of the match. Rode makes an early pin on one of the Wolves for a two count. MVP gets the tag and takes over control of the match. He hits a kick to eliminate Robbie E. Rode comes in and had the captain vs. captain. Rode and Aries double team on of The Wolves. Aries hits the brainbuster on Edwards for the three count. Again we saw captain vs. captain and a lot of physical exchanges between these two. Rode pins MVP and Rode had his feet on the ropes and Aries held down Rode legs. So now have 2 on 1 Davie Richards is all by himself. Richards throws Aries into Rode and dropkicks Rode and Rode DDT Aries when he falls (really cool). Aries hits Richards with the chair in Richards harm several times to get DQ. Rode wanted the match to continue but doesn't. During the match Rode was limping.

Back from commercial break we see Richards in the trainers room with MVP and Edwards. They don't know how bad it is. Earl Hefner says he will give them one hour to get back to the ring or they will forfeit their match.

Samuel Shaw comes out and them Anderson comes out. Anderson said that Hemme will be no where near the ring because of Shaw. Anderson says he will take Hemme place for this match. So it was Samuel Shaw (Anderson announces him as Creepy Bastard Samuel Shaw) vs. Eric Young.  EY comes out to a big ovation with a lot of EY chants. EY went for an early roll up for a two count. He did punches in the corner. Shaw took advantage by punching EY in the throat. Shaw was distracted by Anderson allowing EY to take over the match. Shaw goes to attack Anderson to end the match. He puts Anderson in a headlock hold to take Anderson out. Shaw says he can not claim what is his which was Christy Hemme.

Backstage we see Richards in a lot of pain. He says he has to go to the hospital and MVP said he bought them into TNA because they are tough. He tells them not to do anything he would be right back.

ECIII comes out and talks about Angle punching him last week. He says when he was growing up he watched Angle. Angle the reason why he because a professional wrestler. He says Angle has the Angle lock but he has a leg lock. He says he took out Sting to become an icon and he took out an American hero (Angle) to become an American Icon. Angle comes out and calls ECIII an American a**hole. He goes into the ring (limping) and wants to fight ECIII but ECIII leaves. Angle leaves the ring and gets attacked from behind and takes out Angle knee. He throws Angle in the ring and puts the leg lock onto him. We don't know how bad Angle knee is and if their match is still on. It has been reported Angle does need surgery on his knee.

Gunner comes out and says in the last few weeks a lot of things change. He take days as it comes and has worked for everything. Ever since he won the briefcase Storm change. This Sunday in the steel cage he is going to change. Storm comes out to not a lot of heat even through he is heel. He talks about Gunner military pass and Gunner complaining that he is champion because of Storm. He tell Gunner in three day to pack a lunch because it will be a whole day ass whooping. Gunner tell Storm to make it a last man standing match since he thinks he is tough. Storm tell Gunner to pray before he enter the ring. Storm attacks Gunner (now there is a lot of heat on Storm). He sets up the superkick and nails it.

Rode comes out and tells the referee to ring the bell and make the 10 count. The Wolves music hits and Richards comes out with MVP and Edwards. Rode goes after the injured arm. Rode goes for a clothesline but Richards kicks him in the face and leg drops him. Richards goes after the leg Rode hurt in their earlier match. At one point it look like Richards was going to pick up the win. Richards goes to spear Rode in the corner but Rode moves and Richards hit his injured arm into the ringpost. Rode hits Rode Bomb and puts the crossface onto Richards for the win and advantage for his team at Lethal Lockdown.

Samoe Joe comes out  and call Magnus to come out to the ring. Magnus comes out to a lot of boos. Magnus tells Joe that Joe has always had it in for him. He talks about rage and his rage is what causes him to lose his opportunities. Magnus talks about them winning tag team championships together and him joining the Main Event Mafia. Joe says Magnus is capable to tap out and the last few week he had proved it. Magnus headbutts Joe but Joe gets his punches in and puts the Cogina Clutch and makes Magnus tap out. Could we see Joe become New TNA World Champion this Sunday?

What will happen this Sunday at Lethal Lockdown? Will we see a TNA World Champion. Who will have full control of TNA Dixie Carter or MVP and will Bobby Rode own 10% of TNA? Also will Kurt Angle be able to wrestle ECIII with his injured knee. We will find out this Sunday.

Matches for Lockdown This Sunday: Every Match Is In A Steel Cage
Team Dixie vs. Team MVP (Full Control of TNA)
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Magnus(c) vs. Samoe Joe 
Kurt Angle vs. ECIII 
Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson
James Storm vs. Gunner 

Spoiler I just read that Kurt Angle will NOT wrestle at Lockdown. What does this mean about the match with ECIII? We will find out this Sunday.

Friday Night Smackdown begins this week with a recap of  Daniel Bryan calling out The Autority and wanting an answer from Triple H about a match at WrestleMania. Also a recap of the main event of this past Monday.

Batista came out to major and I mean major heat. He said last week on Smackdown he asked a serious question "Where has all the real wrestler gone? All I got was Adolph Ziegler and I squash him like that." He says Monday night he had to wrestler a goat of Daniel Bryan and he beat him and he is a hero not Bryan. Daniel Bryan comes out to a big ovation. Bryan says Batista really thinks he is a hero. He says main issue is they let fans in the locker room and that all Bryan is. Bryan makes fun of Batista pants and how tight it is and it affecting his brain. Their match Batista didn't beat him Bryan had the match won until The Authority came out. Batista says the day he step back into the WWE Universe it became Batista Universe. Again Bryan makes fun of Batista clothes and Batista goes to attack Bryan but Bryan counters it and throws Batista outside the ring. Kane comes out and Batista attack Bryan to make it 2 on 1. Big Show comes out for the save (big ovation) and Batista and Kane leave the ring. Vickie Guerrero comes out and says the four of them are acting like animals (Kind of ironic since Batista calls himself The Animal). She makes a main event match of Daniel Bryan and Big Show vs. Batista and Kane.  

Christian comes out and we see a recap of Raw when Christian attacked Shamus backstage. It was Adolph Ziegler vs. Christian and Del Rio was on commentary.  Thankfully it wasn't Christian vs. Shamus again. Ziegler takes early control but Christian got some punches in. Ziegler did some show off moves and elbow drops with let the fans do the ten count. Christian throws Ziegler to the outside and takes over the control. Ziegler tried to take but control but no success. Christian put Ziegler in a headlock but Ziegler counted it. Ziegler was able to hit a DDT for a two count. Del Rio gets on top of the announce table and distracts Ziegler allowing Christian to hit the killswitch for the win. After the match Christian gets interviewed by Renee Young and he tells the fans to shut up. She ask why does he have against Shamus and all the aggressiveness toward Shamus.  Shamus come out and get punches in and goes foe a Brogue Kick but Christian runs off.

Next match was Natalya and Eva Marie vs. Divas Champion AJ Lee and Tamina was next. Eva Marie and Tamina start out the match by Tamina putting Eva Marie into a headlock but Eva Marie countered it with elbow shots. The fans didn't seem to care about this match but Eva Marie hit a shoulder block and arm drag onto Tamina and the fans got into it a little more. Tamina and AJ Lee control Tamina for a little while. Natalya gets the tag and hits several clothesline. Natalya puts the sharpshooter onto AJ Lee and made her tap for the win.

The Shield comes out but its only Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns with no Seth Rollins with them because he walked out on their match this past Monday. Dean Ambrose calls Rollins out to explain his reasoning for leaving them. He says Rollins doesn't have time to answer. Rollins comes out and Reigns said this better be good. Rollins says that he proved his point but it came out the wrong time. Their war isn't with The Wyatt's but with each other. He goes onto to say he sacrificed himself for the whole cause. Ambrose says he fought most of the match and when he wants to tag Rollins he just walked off. Rollins says they are half way their and they are starting to see eye to eye.  He says they can walk away and they all with be fine. But fine isn't good enough in this business and they all are great. He goes onto say that they need to be the Shield and be a unit. Ambrose doesn't buy it and shoves Rollins and Reigns gets in the middle. Rollins then punches Ambrose then Ambrose punches Rollins which takes Rollins down. He get up and says good they are on the same page and puts his fist in the middle. Reigns set up his fist like he is going to punch Rollins but puts it next to Rollins. Then it looks like Ambrose wont do it but does it and now The Shield is on the same page.

The main event of the night was Daniel Bryan and Big Show vs. Batista and Kane was next. Kane elbows Bryan and goes for a quick pin. Bryan comes back with some kicks to the body. He tags in Big Show who whips Bryan into Kane. Batista comes in and him and Kane try to double suplex Show but Show counters it and tags in Bryan. The face control the match until Batista catches Bryan with a clothesline and spear. The end came when Bryan leap off the rope but Kane catches him with a chockslam but Bryan rolls him up for a two count. Kane tries to counter it but Show hit the KO and Bryan pins Kane for the win. 

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