Friday, December 19, 2014

The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 6th Day - A Christmas Smorgasbord!

Every week Kat and I do the Media ((((Madness)))) Vidcast, and we are always asked about music, but music if very genre specific, except Christmas music! So I thought I would do an article a day, for 12 days on some of my favorite Christmas songs, but it didn't seem enough, so I thought I would go full Media  ((((Madness)))) on it and explore some of my favorite Christmas Songs, Movies, TV Episodes, and Animated Specials! Each day from now until Christmas I will be sharing some of my favorites, some will be fun, some will be classic, and some days will be sentimental. Also keep an eye out for Chibi Jay, and enjoy The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 6th Day - A Christmas Smorgasbord!

For The 6th Day of Media Mad-Mas I thought about what to pick and there are so many things, but today I found something that covers it all. I hope you enjoy my picks today!

Last Christmas – Wham 

This song is by a group that gets made fun of a lot, the George Michael lead Wham, but this song is by far their best song, and has been remade by a so many people from Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) to Hilary Duff, to Taylor Swift, to Glee. The song has become a Christmas staple and has crossed generations and genres.

A Christmas Carol – Hallmark – Patrick Stewart

Right now this choice may not fit into a theme but it will. I chose this movie because it is a staple of Christmas, again it has crossed generations, genders, races, everyone has a Scrooge to fit them. But for me to see Sir Patrick Stewart (Yes he is Knighted) is the perfect casting for me. I love Patrick Stewart as an actor he can be anything and do it so perfectly that I believe him in the role.

Glee – Season 2 – Episode  – 10 – A Very Glee Christmas

Well here is where everything ties in. Now I know some may be saying, "WTH Jay Glee? Really?" but this one single episode is like a Christmas Smorgasbord. Do you like Rudolph? You get those themes/homages in this episode. Do you like A Charlie Brown Christmas? You get those themes/homages in this episode. Do you like A Christmas Carol? You get those themes/homages in this episode. Do you like How The Grinch Stole Christmas? You get those themes/homages in this episode. You get all that and more! They do some nice covers of some classic Christmas songs as well.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a classic. How can you not love this movie? If you do not love it, then you are a Grinch! This has always been a staple for me. It is one of the specials I mist watch every year, and I can not say that about the live action movie, but I do say I love the "Sue The Grinch" part of the Glee Episode above. This is also my favorite Dr. Seuss Story ever.

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