Saturday, December 20, 2014

Zone 4: Journey To The 300th Episode!!!!

"What you are about to hear is highly classified. Pay attention and listen at all times.... And most importantly remember...."
That for the past 5 1/2 years those words opened Zone 4 and reached out to the Zone 4 Legionnaires world wide. Like most shows, radio, TV, or online things evolve and change, and Zone 4 is no different, but it always maintained the high standard in information and entertainment that we have come to know, and enjoy from them. Part of that growth was expanding out to new avenues such as posting the podcast on Dark Avenger Inc, and now Comic Frontline.

This week in honor of the Zone 4 300th Episode Chris, the Dark Avenger C86 a Legionnaire and occasional co-host opened up his YouTube channel to the current regular hosts of the show Brant Fowler, John Wilson, Gordon Dymowski,  and Captain Ron Fortier. Each day one of them reminisced about their Zone 4 journey, how it came to be, how they joined, how it has evolved and how much Zone 4 means to them. The week ended with a special Zone 4 300th Episode of Rapid Rewind Live, where Brant Fowler joined Chris, Michael and Cindy in even more reminiscing and fun. At the end of the Show the Zone 4 300th episode went Live on the Zone 4 Podcast Network and Brant made a few big Zone 4 announcements on Epic Rewind.

On behalf of the Comic Frontline Crew, we would like to wish the Zone 4 Crew a very Happy Anniversary!
"Ladies and gentlemen you are now entering Zone 4!!!!"

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