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Constantine The Hellblazer #2 Walk Of Shame


Hi world, my name's Mimi and this is my review for Constantine The Hellblazer #2 Walk Of Shame. As I stated in my Moviepilot review for #1 Going Down  I have been a John Constantine fan since June of 2014 thanks to an essay I got to write on the original comics vs the Constantine movie from 2005. So to say the least I consider myself pretty qualified to write this review for the brand new Constantine series, Constantine The Hellblazer by Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV as the writers, Riley Rossmo as the artist, Ivan Plascensia as the colorist, Erica Henderson as the variant cover artist, Tom Napolitano as the letter, Brian Cunningham as the group editor, Amedeo Turturro as the assistant editor and Andy Khouri as the editor.

This issue took me on yet another emotional journey with Constantine. I'm still just as in love with the art as I was in issue # 1 from June 8th and I'm 100% sure I will love this art work throughout the rest of the series.  Anyways, review time.

Constantine in the last issue spent it ignoring all of Gary Lester's warnings about someone being after the ghosts that haunt Constantine. This issue opens up with Constantine in a room filled with all of the ghosts that haunt him and him telling them his plan. On the floor of this room we see a poster for Black Canary and a Karma Sutra book on top of one of the many trunks in his room. Skulls, a hatchet and an array of other fun and odd objects are scattered around the room. His little speech made me rather happy too. 
What happens when a ghost dies? Nothing. Nothing for all time. This final trace of you smeared onto the world gets wiped off, just like it should have been from the start. There's no coming back. You lot don't want that, right? Well good news. It's not possible. Ghosts can't die twice. It doesn't happen. 'Cept it just did. And if we don't do something, maybe the whole lot of you will get gobbled up. Now, if we just gather you lot somewhere with the right juju, I can make a trap, something not even you sneaky buggers could shake your way out of. We can see what killed dear old Frank, and stop it in it's tracks. All I need you to do is truth me. So, then, friends. Tell me. Who's in?
Of course they all disappear minus dear old Gary leaving John's pentagram covered 'Oh for fuck's shake' to be said only to Gary. Gary takes this time to banter with John.
What did you think was going to happen? Dying not good enough for you lot, here's your chance at total oblivion, courtesy of your old mate John Constantine.
John interjects with, ''They're my bloody ghosts Gary. They're supposed to do as I say.'' Gary than points out that, ''We're haunting you,you daft idiot. We're not braiding hair.''

I love these two, while Gary only existed in the first three issues of John Constantine The Hellblazer series from 1986-2013,  I enjoyed his presence. I also enjoyed his portrayal in the WAY TO BRIEF Constantine TV show on NBC.

 John proceeds to walk throughout Manhattan into various haunted establishments grabbing ghost juju, the first being The Shay House, where he takes a photo of a group of kids having an orgy, than he stops into the Estermore Funeral Services, a store that we don't get the name of and another called Amedo's Oddities. I for one hope all of these aren't just something fun for the comic and actually exist. He even picks up some ghosts on the subway where a man recently had a heart attack, fell down the stairs and accidentally dragged people with him onto the tracks.

Oh and the best part of the subway scene? John sees Oliver, the ADORABLE RESTAURANT OWNER that he met in issue #1 that he hit on before the demon Blythe interrupted him and took him on a journey to help her with some things.
(Photo credit to trenchkoat on Tumblr)

Gary spends the entire issue telling John everything he's doing is pretty freaking stupid and reminds him of all the other times the two of them did stupid things together like 'Then there was that time with those giant spiders five hours North of Stockholm. You gave them whiskey John.'' John replies with ''They looked like they needed a drink.'' and Gary looks all defeated before saying ''Seriously, mate, think on this a bit.''  This little dialogue took place at the Shay house by the way.

I love all of the new characters the series has introduced and it's only been two issues. I think all of the New York City characters will hopefully be back to play in later issues. ESPECIALLY Rumor, a man who looks like every creeper in keeper from any horror movie that's been dressed in a nice suit. Kind of looks like the one from Rocky Horror but has rotting teeth, blood shot eyes and has more of  Frankenstein appearance than anything.

I love John's attitude in this series, it feels 100% more like the 'old' John from the original series vs the New 52 Constantine and Justice League Dark series, which I enjoyed in a visual way but not at all in a plot way. 

At the end of the issue some crazy things happen, crazy things that made me VERY HAPPY and VERY SAD all at once for reasons I'm leaving out to not spoil the issue for those that haven't read it.

What I liked most: The use of the color blue and red in this issue. Any time John walks throughout the city we get all of these little teeny tiny details that are just amazing for long time fans.

What I disliked: I guess if I have to pick something the fact John didn't go into (insert place here) to say goodbye to (insert name here). However I do love where the setting is going to be in Issue #3 next month!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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