Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Ember Press LIVE Show #1: The Pooping Potato?

Comic Frontline's own Brant Fowler and Lisa Moore present the very first LEP LIVE Show!

Joining them on the show is Co-Founder John Wilson (Pneumatic Cases, Fireside Tales), Comic Frontline's Chris Ventura (Celestial Falcon), and Comic Frontline's Cindy Ventura (Chocolate Pancake Ninja)!

The five of them talk about current and upcoming projects, including: Pneumatic Cases, Fireside Tales, The Last Ember, Faerie Stories, Celestial Falcon, Chocolate Pancake Ninja, and Wannabez.

They also discuss upcoming conventions, Geek'd Con, Rose City Comic Con and New York Comic Con.

Lisa colors a strip of Chocolate Pancake Ninja throughout the show.

And after some minor technical issues, the group goes off on a tangent about a pooping potato and other goofy fun stuff!

Don't miss the first ever LEP LIVE Show!

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Links to some of the artists we mentioned:

Iwan Nazif (Fairie Stories, Wannabez):

Rowel Roque (Pneumatic Cases):

Emily Resinger (EEK! Li'l Monsters):

Rudi Sucipto (Char-Mageddon, The Last Ember):

Tash Grason (Char-Mageddon):

Tangra (Chocolate Pancake Ninja):

Jenny Polden (Tin Town):

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