Friday, July 10, 2015

SDCC 2015: DC Announces Batman Eternal Sequel - Batman & Robin Eternal!

Back in May during Frontline LIVE #57: Convergence On Free Comic Book Day we discussed that DC was planning on a sequel to Batman Eternal with Batman Eternal Season 2 being the tentative name, well today at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015 DC announced the official title Batman & Robin Eternal!

Batman & Robin Eternal #1 is scheduled for release on October 7th as a weekly series and is planned to run for six months. Batman Eternal writers Scott Snyder and Jason Tynion IV will return as Batman & Robin Eternal showrunners, with Grayson co-writer Tim Seeley back as part of the writing team. Also on the Batman & Robin Eternal writing squad: Catwoman writer Genevieve Valentine, Midnighter writer Steve Orlando, Sheltered writer Ed Brisson and Hacktivist writing duo Jackson Lanzing & Colin Kelly. Tony S. Daniel will be the initial artist on the book, with Paul Pelletier and Scot Eaton on art as well.

The book will deal with Dick Grayson'e past and present. One of the major things Batman Eternal did for fans was reintroduce former Batgirl Stephanie Brown as her former identity of Spoiler. Batman & Robin Eternal is being set to reintroduce former Batgirl Cassandra Cain into the post-Flashpoint DC Universe. It is unclear what role she will play in the book at this time or if she will go by her former Black Bat persona.
"It's a story that honors the legacy of Robin."
- Scott Snyder
"This is a character that, for me at least, I have loved for my entire comic reading life. We have the opportunity to bring her back, in a very, very central role. Cassandra Cain will be one of three main characters in the story, along with Dick Grayson and Harper Row."
- James Tynion IV

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