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At The Movies with Jay and Kat: November 2015 "The End of the Hunger Games"

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay's thoughts on the key movies coming out in August. August has some big movies coming out like PeanutsSpectre, Hunger Games Mockingbird Part 2, Creed and Good Dinosaur.
 November 6th 

The Peanuts Movie

Kat's Thoughts: I think this will be a cute movie for the family, but I have a feeling Peanuts fans may be upset with this movie because of the animation style. I wish they went the classic 2-D style. I am not a big Peanuts fan so I probably won't see it in theaters, but I may try to catch it on demand.

Jay's Thoughts: I disagree with Kat on the animation, while it is a different form the style is still very true and classic to the 2-D we are used to. I am a big fan of the Peanuts and I can not wait to see this in the theaters. 


Jay's Thoughts: I think this movie looks really good, it is a unique look at the story of a kidnapped victim. I think this is the type of movie that gets actors noticed and people talking.

007 Spectre

Kat's Thoughts: I've never seen a James Bond film. So I am probably going to skip this one, but I know a lot of fans are excited about this film. I am sure this will do very well in the box office.  

Jay's Thoughts: I am a big James Bond fan I have seen every single movie and will be seeing this one as well.

 November 13th 

The 33

Jay's Thoughts: I remember when this happened, it is hard to believe that it was 5 years ago already. I think it will be interesting to see the story of the people who lived through this. 

By The Sea

Kat's Thoughts: I very rarely see romance movies in theaters. So I probably won't be seeing this, but I do like that Angelina Jolie is both starring and directing this film. She also has her husband Brad Pitt as a lead. This seems like a passion project for them.   

My All American

Jay's Thoughts: I love sports films so I am already interested in this movie for that alone, but after seeing this trailer and knowing it is based on a true story that just sold me into seeing it in the theaters. These movies are always inspirational.

 November 20th 

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2

Kat's Thoughts: I have been a fan of the Hunger Games franchise since the first film, and even though I thought Mockingjay Part 1 wasn't needed I am still very excited to see how they will end the franchise. I hope they change the ending from the books, because I heard it was pretty disappointing. I will be seeing this in theaters.  


Kat's Thoughts: This reminds me of a more modern take on the film All The President's Men. I am a journalism student. So I am interested to see what this film is about and I am going to try to catch this on Netflix. I have a feeling this film is being targeted for the Academy Awards.

Jay's Thoughts: This movie is going to get a lot of attention this is a very real, very relevant topic today especially with the Pope having visited America and meeting with victims of this abuse in my home city. This movie is going to get a lot of buzz it is theater worthy for me.

Secret in Their Eyes

Kat's Thoughts: It's cool to see a mystery film like this with a strong female cast. I might try to catch this on Netflix if it gets good reviews.  

 November 25th 

The Good Dinosaur

Kat's Thoughts: This is one of my most anticipated films for this month! As you guys know I am a huge Disney fan and it's cool that Pixar is doing a buddy film. I am glad Disney hasn't released much about this film. I want to be surprised by it when I see it in theaters.

Jay's Thoughts: I love Disney Pixar buddy movies and this looks like another fun touching unique one. I also enjoy that this is going to be a family film this time of the year these are always great to see.

The Night Before

Jay's Thoughts: I wanted to say I won't be seeing this movie but truth be told this trailer had me laughing at times because it is so wrong. I won't be seeing it in theaters but will check it out on DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix.

Victor Frankenstein 

Jay's Thoughts: I like the Frankenstein story and I have seen and read most if not all of them. This one looks really interesting in that it isn't about the Doctor or the monster Frankenstein, but instead it is about the Doctor and Igor and their friendship, that has me interested and maybe enough so that I will see this in theaters.


Jay's Thoughts: The last Rocky Movie (Rocky Balboa) never happened to me, or at least I discount the official ending and I choose to believe the alternate ending where Rocky won. What can I say? I am a Philly boy after all, and Rocky is special to us. This movie was filmed right here in my city, on my streets, I am seeing this movie no matter what and in the theaters. I love the idea of this that full circle Rocky training Apollo's son, the man who trained him. As for this trailer I hate the soundtrack for it they destroyed the Rocky theme by laying it to a hip-hop beat. They better have that classic music in the movie. 

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