Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kat's Pull List 12/9/15 "Big Haul Marvel, DC Comics, and Indies!"

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week's pull list.

Action Labs

Tomboy #2
I really liked the first issue of Tomboy. It was a great issue to allow us feel a connection to the characters and unique story. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Dark Horse

Mirrors Edge Exordium #4
I really like the style of this book. The story could be better, but if you like the video game series I think you can find enjoyment with this mini series. (Comic Uno Episode 124)

DC Comics

Batman and Robin Eternal #10
I still feel like this series has a bit of a slow burn, but it's a more consistent weekly series compared to Batman Eternal, World's End, and Futures End. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Batman/Superman #27
I've been enjoying this arc for Batman/Superman. I like that Superman is interacting with the Bat Family and not just James Gordon. (Comic Uno Episode 124)    

Batman #47
I am getting really tired of this Bloom arc.   

Detective Comics #47
I have been and off with Detective Comics, but I wanted to get this issue because it connects to Robin Wars. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Grayson #15
I always feel like Grayson is at it's best when it connects with the Bat Family and Gotham. I am glad to see that this issue is a Robin Wars tie-in. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Earth 2 Society #7
Earth 2 Society is not great, but I have invested so much time and money into this series that I don't want to drop it. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Gotham Academy #13
I usually don't pick up this series, but I am curious how it will tie-in to Robin Wars, and the cover with Maps is just too cute to pass up. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Green Arrow #47
This series is really not that good, but I don't want to drop Green Arrow again. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Justice League Darkseid War Lex Luthor #1
I've enjoyed most of the Darkseid War titles and I've picked up all the tie-ins. Hope I enjoy this one also.   

Starfire #7
Excited to see Grayson and Kori interact! (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


Eighth Seal #1
I am not a huge fan of Tynion's writing, but this looked like a cool premise. A girl is fighting her nightmares as she is in the political spotlight. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


Birthright #12
Birthright is a bit of a slow burn, but still an intriguing world. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

The Violent #1
Ex-Con tries to reconnect with his family. I thought this was a cool premise. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

We Can Stand on Guard #6
We Can Stand on Guard started out really strong, but lost itself towards the middle. Let's hope this mini series can end strong. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


All New Hawkeye #2
I haven't been a big fan of Lemire's run on Hawkeye and this volume has still not impressed me. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

The Amazing Spider-Man #4
Still not a big fan of corporate Peter Parker, but I did really like last issue.   

Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Guardians has so far had a solid start to it's series. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Gwenpool Special #1
I am not really sure what I am expecting with this one shot, but hey I am giving it a shot. 

Scarlet Witch #1
I've never been a huge Scarlet Witch fan, but I thought this series looked interesting and fresh. 

Secret Wars #8
Can Secret Wars just be over, please!  

Spider-Gwen #3
This should be a fun team up between Gwen and Jessica.   

Spider-Man 2099 #4
Captain America is on the cover, really hope we get a lot of her character in this issue. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


The Troop #1
I already had a chance to read this issue and I thought it was a pretty good start. I liked the way they introduced the characters in this issue. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


New Romancer #1
This looks like a fun new book from Vertigo. I like the cover! (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Slash and Burn #2
I wasn't too impressed with the first issue, but I still do like the premise. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  


Grimm Fairy Tales Special Van Helsing #6
For some reason I can never connect with Van Helsing. Maybe this issue will change my mind. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

Robyn Hood #17
The last couple of issues Robyn Hood has been on a roll! I like that the series is focusing more on their scobby gang. (Comic Uno Episode 124)  

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