Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kat's Pull List 1/6/16 "First Set of Comics For 2016"

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week's pull list.


Archie #5
If you saw my Top 10 Comic Book Series of 2015 video you may know that Archie was my favorite comic of 2015. So I am of course very exited to see what the series will bring us in 2016.  

Dark Horse

Power Cubed #4
Power Cubed could be more original, but the plot is interesting enough for me to finish off this mini series.  (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128)

DC Comics

Batman and Robin Eternal #14
I feel like this weekly series has been picking up in the past couple of weeks. Let's hope it can keep this pace. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Detective Comics #48
I pick up Detective Comics every once in a while, and thought this issue looked interesting because it's post Robin Wars. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128)    

Green Arrow #48
I am still not really liking this series, but with every new arc I still have a glimmer of hope that I might like it. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Green Lantern #48
I usually don't pick up Green Lantern, but after the big cliffhanger in the last issue I might keep this on my pull list for a little while. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five #1
This is supposedly the last volume of Injustice Gods Among Us, even though I thought this series was much longer than it had to be, I am still interested to see how the series will end.  


Eighth Seal #2
The first issue introduced an interesting concept, the First Lady as a secret she is hiding. I am interested to see where this series will go. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128)  


Paper Girls #4
Paper Girls has quickly become one of my favorite indie titles with a lot of great mystery. 


A-Force #1
I didn't love the Secret Wars mini series of A-Force, but that was mostly because I didn't think the world was established well enough. So I am curious what this series will look like in the 616 universe.    

Darth Vader #16
Vader Down has been a pretty strong event so far. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Invincible Iron Man #5
Last issue was the introduction of Mary Jane in the Invincible Iron Man series. Now I hope we get to see even more of her in this issue.  

Spider-Gwen #4
Issue 3 had a great cliffhanger with Harry Osborn. I hope this issue explores even more with the Green Goblin of Spider-Gwen's universe.  

Spider-Man and Deadpool #1
I don't know if we really need a Spider-Man and Deadpool mini series, but still going to try out the first issue.   

Star Wars #14
It's cool that we are getting two parts of Vader Down this week. Should be fun to read them back to back. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Totally Awesome Hulk #2
I was surprised how much I liked the first issue of Totally Awesome Hulk. Excited to see where this series will go. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Uncanny X-men #1
It's weird how over the years Uncanny X-Men has become the villain book.  

Weirdworld #2
I really enjoyed the first issue of Weirdworld. Hope issue 2 can impress me also. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 


Van Helsing Vs Dracula #4
I feel like that this series has been delayed for a little while, hopefully that won't ruin the momentum of the story. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128) 

Robyn Hood Ongoing #18
Cinderella might be joining the cast soon. So I am interested to see how she mixes in this issue. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 128)

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