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D Gray Man Hallow Episode 11: EVERYTHING IS BAD AGAIN

I should have gone with my original gut feeling! I KNEW the chaos would come back I just knew it. One of the new people I met said I had a storm coming, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THEM. EVERYTHING IS AWFUL ALL OVER AGAIN. Well, guys let's all hold hands and just jump right into this. We can make it if we brave through this together.

This creepy glasses dude is without a doubt the enemy. As he attacks Allen and makes him scream his head off Link finally jumps into action when he should have like 5 minutes ago, and tries to attack this guy who he calls Cardinal. We will be calling him that as well for the time being to make it easier. He tries to use binding feathers but the Cardinal gets behind him easily and does something similar to Link. Allen now has what seems to be a feathery limb thing growing out of him, now Link has said feathery things growing out of his eyes.

Allen stares in horror and the Cardinal uses what seems to be hypnosis telling him he doesn't want Lvellie to know what's going on yet, and that Link won't remember his voice when he wakes up. Link goes limp after the command is given and Allen then leaps into action. The new feathery appendage stabs through the guy's forehead which was honestly pretty cool. Damn. If that's how powerful Allen is when he isn't trying, I'm scared to know what he could do with that not arm when he is trying. Allen is horrified because he thinks he killed a person.

This doesn't really do much to the cardinal. He seemed to expect it and he just advances on Allen despite that thing being in his forehead. He says no one is more unbalanced or has a greater connection with innocence then Allen as he creepily grabs onto his cheeks. It's definitely and uncomfortable pretty cringy scene if you ask me. He says Allen doesn't need to be afraid and that he just wants to become one with Allen so that he can still exist. If you are a sane person whoever you know this guy is most likely not trustworthy in the slightest.

It is then revealed that Cardinal was the one that shot and killed Cross. Cross says his name was Allen and he should have noticed his mistake sooner smirking as he says that, not having the slightest fear of death. I have no idea what that means and am confused and definitely scared for Allen and his well being for sure.

This Cardinal dude can change his whole body into a feathery thing it seems. We get a flashback of when Allen discovered Cross died and we realise that Timcampy actually missed Cross all this time and that's why he came back to there whenever no one was looking at him. This broke my heart honestly. Timcampy is one of the best anime companions ever, I don't want him to suffer the poor thing.

Allen at first thought it was Leveille but now realises that it wasn't the case but can't fight back much as the Cardinal guy slowly takes over hurting Allen more and more. Before too much can happen though Allen gets rescued by someone you wouldn't expect in the slightest. Tyki and Road.

We get an epic fight between Tyki and Cardinal ending with Cardinal getting slammed into the floor. It was an awesome fight I loved it and hope to see plenty more episodes in the last two episodes of D Gray Man Hallow. He says to Cardinal it was worth sending him back to the order and after 7,000's years we finally found you. After that, this scary as heck thing comes up. It has  a big mouth no nose and is just all around horrifying.

Road pops out of Tyki's head and immediately runs to Allen who is having a breakdown (again) as the feathery stuff slowly goes away. We see another flashback to where Cross died. He asks Cardinal if he is the heart or....we doesn't hear the rest. He gets shot and I let out a scream of frustration. WHAT Is ThE answeR TO this Mystery! I MUST KNOW. Cardinal just walks away saying "Thank you for your service."

It seems like Allen is actually seeing this in his mind (yes I just noticed that don't judge me) and even Road hugging him doesn't seem to help much. He stares at her breathing heavily then stops and just closes his eyes not saying anything and says it's a good thing they didn't bring Sheril.

Cutting back to the Noah's place, though, Sheril is not pleased that his daughter Road went without his knowledge and has a typical overprotective Dad thing going. Millennium Earl couldn't care less, though, he just nods when asked if he did or not which was funny as hell.

Tyki looks at the Cardinal as he twists his head back into place still being fine despite the damage. God does the guy creep me out! Allen senses innocence and asks if he's an accommodator. Tyki denies it saying that the Cardinal is not a human or accommodator. He is an independent type of innocence that only exists to protect the heart the Millennium Earl calls him "The Hidden One, Apocryphos"

God, I really dislike The Hidden One. Not as a character per say but his appearance I just...something about it freaks me out immensely. It is apparently a huge deal because this is a clue to the heart that the Noah were looking for 7,000 years. The hidden one says to them he is pretty much equal to the grim reaper.

Meanwhile back at the order, the science division is looking for answers They are looking through books all trying to find a way to stop Allen from awakening. The dedication they put in is very sweet to watch. Krory and Miranda talk a bit. He says he's worried about Allen and recounts what happened to him before and how he may have never joined the order if not for him. I watched the old show and I remember this arc. It was really good! Miranda also remembers how she wouldn't be there if not for Allen. That was another awesome arc!

Krory decides he wants to help Lenalee and Lavi convince Kamui to let him go. Miranda is nervous but Krory pushes her to it. Great to see them as a team! It's really nice to see how much they care for Allen. We see both new and old companions trying to convince Kamui and Hitler stache to let him go. It doesn't seem to be working but it is despite that a very touching scene,

Meanwhile, we see someone else we didn't expect to see again. The thirds are back but this time, they are playing for the Earl and look 10x more ominous. I do love the female third exorcist's new design though I must say. That hair suits her better.

Meanwhile, we get more awesome fighting between the hidden one and Tyki. I love these scenes, Tyki is a fun character, one of my favourite Noah. This show honestly knows exactly how to please me haha. Allen jumps into the fight trying to help as well and manages to pin the hidden one into a wall. He asks him about Cross and the hidden one claims that Cross was trying to sacrifice him for the 14th.

I'm not sure if that's really true or if he was just lying to manipulate Allen but be honest, would you be surprised if he did? Cross never treated Allen very well at all. Yeah, he could be lying but its a believable one to me.

The feathery thing starts glowing back and he tries to fuse with Allen again. He claims that he's trying to save Allen from the 14th but again, I don't believe him. This hidden guy has an agenda of his own I'm sure. Allen says he is Cross's apprentice and the idea of becoming one with him makes him want to puke. Claps for Allen again. Excellent work!

He tries to attack Allen in rage but Road takes the blow and looks like she got pretty badly damaged since she passes out from it. Before the hidden one can do anything Link wakes up again and uses the last of his strength to free Timcampy and keep the Hidden One restrained but causes an explosion. This alerts everyone to their presence.

Tim gets them all out and safe but in his mouth like a dog which was funny. The Hidden One is angry because they escaped outside and I assume actually kills Link. I'm not sure, though, it looked like how they censor anime death scenes. At least to me. We'll see later on I assume.

Everyone seems OK but Road is passed out still. Everyone is warned about the attack happening at the hands of the thirds the Millennium got his hands on. Everyone at the order is pretty freaked out. An emergency meeting decides that all exorcists will go into effect immediately and the pope has announced an order.

Kamui much to Lenalee's utter heartbreak that Allen Walker is no longer an exorcist and considered the enemy and is now Noah. Lenalee in response disobeys orders and goes to find Allen herself because she still believes in him. She thinks it's a trap the Noah put it out and begs him not to go but Allen seems to be going with them no matter what.

This...was awesome. I love how great D Gray Man was with keeping the plot interesting. There is always something going on to keep you hooked which is the mark of a great show! I am excited to see what happens and have some theories!

I really hope and think that we will get to see Allen having to face off against his friends, Lenalee in particular. I think maybe Hitler stache or maybe even Kamui will force her to do it and that would be epic.

Hey look I posted at a more reasonable hour for once guys! I'll try and be punctual more often haha. I have some other writing projects that I will be working on but I will of course see you all again on Monday!

I bid you adieu for now!

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