Monday, September 12, 2016

Shokugeki No Souma No Sara Episode 11: Not As Intense As I Expected

So here we are at episode 11! I actually just noticed something guys. Nothing to do with the episode but I just wanted to say, sorry for getting the titles of both Food Wars and D Gray Man wrong in my articles! I just noticed that the gray in D Grey Man is spelt with an A, not an E. I also just now noticed the title of Food Wars is Shokugeki No Soma Ni No Sara. Not just Ni Sara. Though I could have sworn that's what it said...maybe I'm having a Mandela moment haha.

Anyway, let's get into the episode and the first stagiaire being shown to us!

We start with Ryo, Soma and everyone else doing what they were before and reiterate what we were told before about a stagiaire but in more detail. It's a French word that means resident, despite what google translate may say about the matter. According to that, the word means trainee but anyways.

They will basically send the students to all different places in the food industry to give them practical experience. Ryo thinks he can do it easy, but there's a catch. If they do anything that negatively impacts the academy they'll most likely be expelled. Soma's happy however because he already has experience with this sort of thing.Just not causing trouble, however, will not be enough. They also have to make a "visible mark" in order to pass the course, which seems to me like a call back to what the director mentioned about a dish only one chef could make? The chef's special. I'm not completely sure, though. Soma isn't sure exactly what that means.

We cut to Soma arriving at where he's supposed to be and low and behold he finds Hisako there! She was assigned as his partner for the stagiaire. Soma's pretty surprised to see her and Hisako has an Erina esque freak out. The "I can't believe I'm paired up with a commoner" freak out.

Despite that though they actually seem somewhat more civil. After that flustered reaction, Hisako doesn't freak out as much. Though she does tell him not to call her a secretary and that she has no intention of working with him. The two arrive at a place called Western Restaurant Mitamura.

The two seem a bit confused but before they can really do much customers bust out of the restaurant angry at having to wait. The owner apologises profusely and is clearly really stressed. His name is Mamoru and he is thrilled to see them there. He was an adorable character for only being there a little while.

Hisako gets down to business and Mamoru asks for their autographs like a cute dork. Hisako angry with herself says she's not a chef to be proud of. She is clearly still very upset over her defeat at the hands of Akira.

The two as they get ready to talk a little bit. Soma acts like his air-headed doofy self but we know he is. He listens to Hisako's troubles closely which are shown later in the episode. Hisako feels that she isn't good enough to go back to Erina and would just demean her. They prepare things are quiet thus far but Hisako still has her higher than thou complex. She thinks she'll still be amazing and tells Soma just because he had restaurant experience doesn't mean he'll be good here. Soma doesn't care though and just smirks knowing that she's the one who has no idea what she's doing.

The first rush comes in and everyone's overwhelmed, even Hisako didn't expect it. Turns out this wasn't always an issue for the restaurant. Up until then, most customers were local but now there is a bullet train nearby leading to many impatient people coming in and demanding food immediately. Everyone is overwhelmed but then we see Soma.

He doesn't crack under pressure at all and handles it just like his diner at home. This makes Hisako even more self-conscious and she tells herself she'll never be able to confront Erina and continues the day's work.

At the end of the day, they are thanked on the staff and Hisako is falling for Soma's rougher around the edges commoner charm. Meanwhile, Erina and Megumi are paired up somewhere else. Kasayama is treating them both badly but Erina stands her ground. I respect Erina much more in this part because this is where her assertiveness is useful and justified. Megumi, however, is overwhelmed. Much like me, she doesn't like confrontation haha.

Back at Soma and Hisako, the two hear about the restaurant and how it hasn't changed since it started and how all the old menu items are still there to this day.

We then abruptly cut back to Erina and Megumi. Erina has taken control of the kitchen and is running it better than he ever could, much to his annoyance. She even comes up with a way to improve a dish there and apparently 12 other issues. She strikes horror into the guy. The poor owner, even though he's an asshole no one deserves Erina. Megumi seems to admire her strength and wants to do something as well.

Soma and Hisako walk home and we see Hisako thinking about how they can make a change to the restaurant and improve it. She and Soma discuss it and she holds an abrupt emergency meeting with staff. At first, they consider reducing the menu size but Mamoru protests for the sake of tradition.

They eventually come up with a different solution...

Megumi tries to be helpful but is intimidated by the boss. Erina comes however and encourages her to speak her mind and makes her feel safer doing so. Erina is amazed he got an idea on how to improve the restaurant just by washing dishes. Together the two come up with a way to improve the restaurant and thus pass with flying colours.

Meanwhile, Soma and Hisako convince the owner to switch to reservations only and things work out well now. With encouragement, Mamoru is encouraged enough to do so. A friend of his comes into the place and the atmosphere is nice at the place again and the restaurant is restored to its original glory! They pass as well and the next place to train will be given to them tomorrow. Turns out the school was watching the whole time! Megumi and Erina have also bonded but Erina is thinking about Hisako still and missing her dearly.

Soma finally confronts Hisako about the Erina thing. He hands her a bag of shoujo mangas saying she should go back but stand by her as an equal not behind her. She accepts and runs off and we can assume she's going to see Erina again. Soma realises he doesn't have to be just like his Dad and he's going to take his time from now on and become a great chef in his own right.

The episode ends on that note. This was a nice very cute episode and everyone was actually very enjoyable to watch! Even Erina! I can't wait to see what happens next time!
I bid you adieu until D Gray Man!

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