Monday, February 20, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #21

This week's anime screenshot is Akiba's Trip The Animation! 

Ok so these last 2 weeks of anime haven't been the greatest for me. Most of the shows has reached or are passed the halfway point. I hope this week will be better then the last two! As always make sure your up to date with your anime and let's get right into this week's lineup!

February 14th, Tuesday:

Nobunaga no Shinobi:

This was so funny! A lot of moments made me laugh especially that last part with Nobunaga crying. Oichi and Nagamasa are such a sweet couple! He is going to treat her well I can tell! I hope she visits again at some point, it would be sad if she never saw them again. Still this was a good episode I liked it a lot! 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

God this show is so boring! I know I say it every week but it's true! This one was only slightly more eventful. It shows how and why the main guy joined ACCA to begin with. Even then though it was incredibly bland and boring. Imagine One Punch Man but devoid of charm. That's this show. It sucks and any of the small interesting parts of the show are never focused on! Please let this end soon PLEASE-. We are halfway through and all they do is TALK-

Hand Shakers:

This episode was the two mains vs the brother and sister. The sister we already know she was the class rep in main guys class. This episode was mildly creepy to be honest. The sister likes her brother a little too much. True they seem to be hinting at them not actually being siblings but still it's kind of weird to me. The sister's breasts are still very distracting to me as well. They have a sad past though which makes me feel bad. The main character's sister is slowly becoming more human like still. Every episode she gets closer and closer to actually talking. That was a good episode, though I enjoyed it despite the creepy siblings. 


This one was basically robin hood honestly. The main guy helps an old man thief. This one was actually pretty cool and charming! If the series were just about these two I would be way more willing to watch it! It was cool seeing them together and I was glad to see the old man won't die and how it ended well! Maybe if this show keeps it up I'll like it more! 

Kemono Friends:

This episode was interesting! A lion and a moose fight. The animal combination didn't really make any sense. Still I liked seeing this shows take on all the animals shown! Finally they are hinting on Bag maybe being a human! I figured she was it makes the most sense! In real life though I have to say it wouldn't have been a draw. Lion would have won by a long shot but I'm glad this show is cute and if it were the real way it would be...awful and sad to watch to be honest. So I'm glad the show is how it is! I look forward to next time! 

Nanbaka (2017):

Oh my god this episode was so cool! The dude in the pig man is basically the biggest dick of the show. I don't like him but the fight scene and the poison stuff was epic. The highlight of the episode was undoubtedly Nico, His fight scene was the coolest but when the drug wore off and his true psycho power mode activated!? That was awesome! Holy shit he's an amazing character I can't wait to see what he does! If I were stuck with him I'd be scared did you guys see his eyes and teeth!? I can't wait for next week! That and the part where they realize they lost Nico was funny. 

February 15th, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

This episode was about the main guy breaking his sisters figurine and him taking a job at a brainwashing maid cafe run by one of the bad creature things. It was creepy but it was without a doubt supposed to be. The moment I saw the manager I knew I was in for a ride. It was a pretty good episode from this typical of this show though didn't deviate from the formula very much. It was still good if you enjoy the show you'll enjoy this! The ending was very sweet and kind of funny! 

Piace: Watashi no Italian:

This episode had Morina quitting...almost. I'm surprised by how old she was! I honestly thought that the kid with the chef hat was 14 but really short truth be told? Can you blame me I mean anime makes short chibi looking character's that are actually way older or younger all the time. Still it was sweet to see them want her back but also hard to take entirely seriously I'm not sure why. This was a good episode I liked it. 

One Room:

This episode was a bit skeevy and creepy honestly. I like this character I honestly really do. Still there were still so many creep shots of her throughout the entire episode. It wasn't as sweet and nice as it was last time. I hope it isn't that way next time. Other then that I don't have much to say. Not one of the shows strongest moments I'm kind of dissapointed truth be told. 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

This episode was cute but also weird. The baby dragon went to visit her friend from school. She's fancy and has a maid. The twister and such was cute to me but I feel like it may have been intended to be fanservice. I don't see it that way but I totally think that the girl student may have a crush on Kanna. Can you imagine how cute that would be!? The really weird and uncomfortable thing was the older female dragon and the boy that summoned her. There was definitely intended fanservice there which is strange as heck. The bath scene made me feel awkward but the kid who summoned her is a cool character! The funny parts were good to with the male dragon playing video games and the main one getting jealous? Loved it! Comedy gold! Not the best episode cause of the awkward stuff sadly but still a pretty good one! 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

Honestly the funniest part about this episode was the very first part, It was like that relatable young adult It was funny her whining about how cold it was. Of course them fighting the crazy lizards was pretty damn fun as well! I like when Kazama dies to be honest. Those are really funny as well! Definitely a good episode! I still find Aqua to be incredibly annoying, though. Her voice sometimes man...

February 16th, Thursday:


This episode was a It felt kind of sudden to me for some reason. It wasn't necessarily. There were a lot of good parts! Still some were pretty eye roll worthy at the same time. The girl that was in the hospital is stuck at the same age she was before. That and they all almost killed by the pyro girl. The suspense involved in that was the good part! This show is amazing at suspense and it shows again here! Again there were some iffy moments in this episode but I still liked it! 

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

Another kind of iffy episode for me. The focus is all over the place with this at the moment. Not a lot of the focus was actually on Masamune and the girl he wants revenge with. Instead some new girl with absurd breasts was introduced. She was suspicious of Masamune and such but it was resolved by the end. An OK episode but not the best from this series. 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

Honestly? I think this one stole today's anime for the most part. The new group was adorable! The one that looked like a girl...I didn't expect that voice at all! Normally the girly looking idol has the girly looking voice to match. The part where they were looking in various rooms for the main group was funny! I liked this episode it was good! 

Super Lovers 2:

This was actually OK. Not so many creepy scenes this time around. It was a beach episode though like Masamune was this week! Weird coincidence huh? It was OK and funny in some parts actually. I still hate the relationship and I'm not liking this show or starting to like I did Hibike Euphonium 2. It still sucks this one just happened to be a bit nicer. 

All Out!!:

This one was good! It looks like our team is winning! They didn't show that until making us feel for two of the boys on the other team though, haha. It is so good and so bad when they do that at the same time. On one hand they add good dimension to the story and make it less simple but on the other hand I want to root for my team unconditionally. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after all of this. This was a good episode though definitely! 

Kuzu No Honkai:

Shit is getting real in this show. Relationships are starting and ending. The redhead is being forceful which is honestly unsettling to me. I thought she was all sweet but it turns out the entire cast with the possible exception of the slightly younger girl is twisted. I'm interested to see where this goes since everyone is doing and thinking screwed up things. I want to see where this goes it's so awful yet so fun to watch! I look forward to next week! 

February 17th, Friday:


The romance is starting to blossom! It honestly kind of sucks that the love interest at the moment stopped playing games as much! They were bonding so much over that! I'm glad to see they will be going out officially now that's nice! The footage her older brother showed of her on the tape was so adorable and funny! She seems to have a strong bond with her brother I like that a lot! I can't wait to see where the romance goes they really are adorable together and I'm rooting for them to be a thing for sure! 

Urara Meirochou:

This episode was pretty cute! It featured the characters studying incantations basically. That was funny and cute. Turning it into a song winded up being really cool to see! The second part where one of them had an older witch friend was so sad! I want to see her succeed in what she does and get to see her again! This was a great episode I enjoyed it a lot! 


This episode was very good! I haven't really liked idol girl very much thus far. I think after this I do a little more though. The audience was vicious before she stepped in though! I was actually scared for the main character for a second! The part where they were all singing sounded so good! Whoever sings the songs in this is awesome I love their voices especially together and I'm so excited to see what happens next! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

Boring honestly. This episode was the race but not even all of it! They somehow managed to stretch this sucker out good and long! That an very very BORING. The main character might reveal some epic power as most typical ones do but I'm not interested to be honest. This was just boring as heck to me. It isn't good, it isn't horrible it's bland and average which is even worse! 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

This episode was cool! Finally we are starting to see team vs team fights. The new team attacking the ones we've been focusing on are super intense! I'm excited to see where it all goes because I loved seeing that. It's more interesting to me then them vs the monsters. The flashback to two of the main characters as kids was really cute as well! I definitely enjoyed this episode! 

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

This was awesome! Everyone is moving out to fight the bad guy! I loved when they all rescued Rin and I'm excited to see everyone in action now that Rin has finally been accepted and is trusted more now! It breaks my heart whenever Rin cries though and that was in here and it was very sad. They seem like they may forgive that girl for betraying which is nice, I did want that! I know the church will be back to execute Rin though, that won't be pretty. My only complaint is how much of an insufferable prick his brother was even when Rin almost died. I hate him, still do. Other then that great episode! 

February 18th, Saturday:

BanG Dream:

This episode was good! Turns out this show will only be 13 episodes. Not as many as I thought! Still this one was a good episode, I enjoyed it! Them playing the new song was very nice. I'm glad that the song worked out. I hope they are able to impress the owner. She isn't bad necessarily even though she is grumpy. I can't wait to see how this actually goes when they play it on stage! It was nice seeing them together practicing and in general this was just really cute and good! 


This was incredibly funny. The humor was childish but I don't care I loved it. This one featured the evil bird that we were dealing with a bit ago. The bird kept snatching up the characters that got together as a couple. It was so funny every single time it happened and I laughed pretty hard at it. I'm surprised that Chopin got with a guy...then again I'm also not for some reason. I'm happy the two idol girls are getting along again though! Still this one was funny, one of the funniest we had so far! I can't wait to see more of this show I really do like it a lot! The romance stuff was cute this time around as well even though it was a huge joke in this episode. 

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was surprisingly cute actually. The plot twist being the shinsengumi were actually incredibly shy. That was kind of nice to be honest and surprisingly more realistic. It would have been nice had they just kept it that they were shy but the solution winded up being making them wrestlers with masks on. That just made me roll my eyes. The episode was fine and cute right up to that point! This one was better then average though. I liked it except when they did that at the end. It made me roll my eyes into oblivion. 


This was actually good! I really enjoyed it. I like when the younger main guy transformed and fought the bad guy...or rival. That was a cool new pink haired character! I really liked her she was pretty powerful. The whole thing was really cool the fight scene was the best. I can't wait until the white haired character comes back. The new guy that appeared at the end interests me. It reminds me of a character I have that's a blind psychic. I look forward to seeing what happens next. This show is improving it has really nice story, even though I'm not fond of the couple in this show, I can still enjoy it which is a sign of a quality show! 

Rewrite: Moon and Terra:

This episode was good! I love seeing the main character with the child versions of the main character. He is so adorable with them! I want some cute alternate universe where he works at a daycare and takes care of them all! The character's he works with are kind of cool! I hope we get to learn more about them! What will be really interesting is when he remembers the girl he was with this whole time. He doesn't seem to remember very much at all. I look forward to seeing how this all unravels though! 

3-gatsu no Lion:

This episode was good! Half the episode was shogi stuff. It wasn't super interesting to watch but the visuals were what drove the scene home. They were really pretty and nice to watch. The cute part was when the two younger sisters came to check on Rei. I can't wait for him to start living around them. This was a good episode lots of nice character development given here I enjoyed it! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This episode was awesome! We were introduced to two new character. A boy who succubus powers don't work on and an investigator police guy who works with demi's in particular. This episode was fun and cute and I really enjoyed the new characters! I wonder what the police guy's past was like, they showed a very small thing of it. I look forward to next week because this was really good and cute so I obviously want to see more as soon as possible! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was funny! This one featured the characters encountering bananas for the first time. Nobunaga and his assistant did. It was funny when they were discussing killing the guy who brought him and he didn't even wake up. Most likely he didn't understand what they were saying. I knew Hideyoshi would be the one to try and eat it but Ieyasu slipping on a peel I did not expect. I laughed at this episode it was good! One of the better ones of the series! 

February 19th, Sunday:

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

This one was a bit late today! This episode featured a lot of high emotions and team bonding I guess. The crying part was done in a very heart wrenching and realistic way. The part where the demon version of their old teammate showed up to fight was pretty cool and emotionally charged as well. This was a pretty good episode I enjoyed it, it was nice, not the best but pretty nice! 

Tales Of Zestiria The X (2017): 

This was good! They made up for the princess not being around this whole time that's for sure. She was really cool in this episode. They didn't have to ruin her personality for her to work with Sorey! Why'd they have to take Rose's cooler traits away to make it happen!? Oh well guess I have a new favorite then. That's OK. I'm excited to see what she manages to pull off on her own she's very powerful and I love the new Seraph as well! 

Idol Jihen:

This episode was really good! The plot is picking up a bit more now which is the appropriate timing for it. We are at the halfway or over the halfway point of most shows at this point. This episode was Natsuki fighting her idol friend's father. He wanted to do construction but with a concert Natsuki and his daughter convince him not to. Now the dude who's starting all this stuff is going to be targeting them. Honestly it took him long enough. I look forward to what happens next! 


This episode was really good as well! The fight scene with this transformed girl and new version of the main guys creature is going to be cool I can tell. The colors and animation I really liked this time. Dr Love...I like him even though I definitely should not like him at all. He reminds me of my character, which seems to happen a lot this week. I don't mind that though, definitely enjoyed this week's episode! I'm excited to see how this fight goes! 

Nyanko Days:

This episode was cute! A bit more drab then the other ones though. It just featured the 3 cats doing stuff that their owner would do when she isn't there. She's having a better time at school though and watching the cat's do stuff was fun and cute. When they ate the snack that was the funniest part. I look forward to more! 

Little Witch Academia (TV):

This episode stole the week. I loved it so much. Everything was fantastic about it. The fish versions of them were adorable. The thing I really loved was Chariot standing up for Akko. That was really sweet and beautiful! It even has some connotations we can draw from real life. A lot of those elite schools do turn their noses up on people that "Don't belong there" and Chariot straightened them out. The teachers pick on her and I'm glad to see that they were FINALLY called out for it. Of course the last part annoyed me. I hope that teacher disappears at some point I really don't like her. Still absolutely adored this! 

February 20th, Monday:

Gabriel DropOut:

This was so cute! I think my favorite demon is definitely Vignette. The beginning montage where they show her just going about her day compared to Gabriel was the best. Her trying to be bad is also the cutest thing and the conversation with the owner with the coffee place topped it all off! The bad deeds she god just...this was so cute. I want to carry Vignette in my pocket now. The other sick segment was cute as well, I enjoyed this so much! 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

OK this was funny. This show is so mean to one of it's characters but it's funny in this show. The poor guy out in the cold patrolling. It was funny when the other 3 were in there. The goth one acts like an old man I love it. I knew he would get stuck being outside again the moment he walked into the building. This was funny and I loved it! 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

Holy cow Batman! It was interesting and really cool for once! I did not see that coming! The plot with why that one kid can't die is coming to a head. His Mom died and his Dad is abusive and there is something very important about the Ferris wheel. The other kid came back as well but I really don't care truth be told. The thing that really made me happy was the return of Twenty Faces! The older dude seems to be working with him...but then again maybe he's faking cooperation with Twenty Faces. I don't know despite being a cool episode this time around this show is very blah. 


This week was really good! I winded up enjoying most of it a lot! My favorite's this week would have to go Little Witch Academia, Gabriel DropOut and Blue Exorcist! My least favorites this week were ACCA, Kobayashi Chi No Dragon Maid and One Room. The last two being because they were kind of gross and skeevy to me. 

Anyway, that was this week! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to comment what you thought of this week's anime! I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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