Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #22

This week's anime screenshot is Nanbaka 2017! 

I'm so surprised the halfway point for a lot of these shows came and went so fast! It feels like just yesterday that Winter Anime Season started! Still, last week was better as I hoped! Let's hope the trend keeps up in this week. Make sure your caught up so you don't get spoiled as always and let's dive into this week's anime!

February 21st, Tuesday:

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was a set up episode! Still funny though! I like when Nobunaga had to dump water of Chidori's head. That was the best part. Seeing Mitsuhide is a big deal! In all adaptations he's very close to Mitsuhide and this will have a very interesting story to it most likely. I look forward to seeing what happens next! 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

Guys, the apocalypse must be coming because for once in this show's life it managed to catch my interest. Thank god it summarized where everyone stood in the beginning of the episode. I was looking track of what was going on. The thing with him being royalty is an interesting twist and the thing that caught my attention. He's still dull as ever but the plot twist was well hidden! I liked that. I wonder where all this tension will go. Hopefully in a FIGHT for once. Either way it was better this week! 

Hand Shakers:

This episode was a bit slower then the others. All the other Hand Shakers are a bit...too forgiving about the two main characters taking their dreams away and crushing them. Just saying. That isn't very realistic. Like who the hell would voluntarily say "Oh sorry for taking your one opportunity to get a wish that came true from god!" "No it's totally cool! We completely forgive you for taking our dreams and breaking them beyond repair!" That's my only complaint really. The scientist being a hand shaker or at least a former one doesn't really surprise me at all. Still a pretty good and cute episode though I like school festivals! 

Kemono Friends:

This was cute! Bag and Several tried to cook with two owl girls judging it! That was really cool and cute! I wonder if Bag will start to get sick from being in the wild for so long. She is human and doesn't belong there so this might not be good. At the same time, though I doubt the show would be that dark. I really did love the owl girls, though they were so adorable! I wonder what will happen when those other animals catch up. What do they want!? Maybe we'll find out next week? 


This episode was pretty intense. It focused on the daughter a lot and a flashback of a guy that has a scar on his face. That was interesting but he has issues for sure. It's a shame he couldn't stick around for longer. I'm glad the daughter is safe though her arc made me sad! The main character is a good daughter to her and I like that! This was actually a good episode and I liked it! 

Nanbaka (2017):

This was so cool! Why couldn't the crazy Nico fight last longer!? That's it! He's officially the strongest character in the show! That was such an amazing fight and how him and everyone else killed Pig man together was great! An awesome episode and great character development and bonding for sure! It's only a shame that the Nico fight couldn't last longer. He's scary but I really like him like that to be honest! The voice acting on him was really good it was like a whole other person! 

February 22nd, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

This episode was actually pretty cool! I liked it a lot! I was just thinking about how the blonde girl in this show didn't have much development. Today though, she did! We met someone who trained her in martial arts but was getting brainwashed. So they have a wrestling match and she wins. There is plenty of fanservice to go around which is kind of unnecessary but whatever. I got more character development like I wanted so I'll let it slide! It's a shame the guy who trained her couldn't stick around for very long. He seemed really cool! 

Piace: Watashi No Italian:

This was very cute! We had a brief flashback of when Sara and Maro first met in school. Those bento boxes looked really good! Morina did a good job considering everyone else was out of order and couldn't cook for some reason or another. I'm glad it worked out and Sara likes Italian food now! It was cute and watching the food was nice this episode truth be told, it had a food was feeling to it, it made me hungry! 

One Room:

This episode was cute. It made up for last week's more pervy episode. It was actually funny. My favorite part was actually the picture at the end to be honest. It was cute and funny the face she was making. I can sense the next episode will be sad though, she looked so heartbroken! I did enjoy this episode! I'm glad it wasn't as perverted and weird as the last one. 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

This was great! I rolled my eyes when I saw it would be a beach episode. Still this episode did it well! I don't get how sunscreen is sexual though. It really doesn't look it to me, but that must be an anime thing. All of them did so many cute things this episode! I think my favorite stuff was the skimpy swimsuit joke, the watermelon smashing game and the last scene where the kid dragon was looking at the main girl with a magnifying glass. I loved this episode it was awesome! 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

This episode had a lot of gags in it. They did a lot of stuff this time around! That demon they defeated awhile back appeared briefly in the first part. Lots of parts of this movie were funny, I think my favorite part was the beginning when they were acting all fake refined and creeped out Megumin. This was pretty good but I don't have a lot to say about it. I did enjoy it though, it was good! I look forward to more! 

February 23rd, Thursday:


This episode was intense as hell. I didn't see half this shit coming at all! I didn't expect the pyro girl to die. Kind of sad though, she was a psychopath but she was cool! What I didn't expect the most though was that ending! I can't believe Nono's sister was murdered like that by a classmate none the less! Who is the true culprit causing all these people to go insane!? It's driving me nuts! I have my theories but I'm not sure 100% yet. Maybe I'll throw one out next week. Either way they have stuff to do now other then that case from before...that's for sure. 

Masamune-Kun No Revenge:

Oh this episode was so good! In a weird way Masamune and Aki seem to be working. They went to the public pool with all their friends and had a nice time. It was cute to see them do that. I'm really concerned about Neko! I really like her as well poor thing! I really hope they find her OK and that she won't die or anything like that! I doubt that would happen in a show like this but who knows at this point. Masamune and Aki will most likely become an official couple after this especially based on that last line. 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

This episode was adorable! The radio broadcast was just so adorable. The episode was somewhat funny and cute but the best part? When the twins talked to each other over the broadcast and said nice things. That was so sweet it made me go "Aww" out loud not going to lie. The outfits they wore with the genie thing was really nice as well, I liked it! Definitely a good episode! 

Super Lovers 2:

This was dumb like it always is. It bounced between the smaller guy being treated as an adult and a child at the same time. It was weird and I didn't like it. I'm glad he isn't even at the house anymore, it's annoying. Ren asking questions about sexual stuff made me cringe a bit as well. This show makes me so uncomfortable! I have no clue why! 

All Out!!:

This was awesome! I was surprised by how quiet it was when they won at first. The other team was a good sport about loosing. I love when it finally broke and they got all loud and rowdy again. The girls was the cutest part though. Them talking about the guys in sleepover fashion. I'm a bit sad that Sumiaki didn't even place on the list but this was a good episode definitely. 

Kuzu No Honkai:

This was a good episode! Really screwed up in a lot of ways but still good. This show is so thought provoking to me. It seems like the two main characters will start dating again. I feel really bad for the smaller girl though! She was a bit annoying when she was first introduced but now that I've looked at her better I just want to hug her! Poor thing and even the main girl is getting a lot of sympathy from me. Unrequited love sucks in this show! More then average even! 

February 24th, Friday:


This episode was good! I liked it but oh boy did the animation budget go down or what? Some of the frames were pretty cringe worthy and I noticed immediately it was off. The cosplay was a cute outfit but how awkward it was when he had to take it off and almost did...I got second hand embarrassment from that. The future scene was so cute though! I wonder if the two of them still play video games together? I loved this arc and episode though and can't wait to see what the next girl is like! 

Urara Meirochou:

This episode was really good! I'm surprised they managed to turn it into a swimsuit episode as well. It was still cute though and I liked it. It wasn't as perverted as a lot of swimsuit episode tend to be so I appreciate that. The thing where one of the girls was worried she broke the rules was serious for this show but so cute I love how innocent and nice it was. I love having some fluffy shows to see every so often! This was a good episode I liked it a lot! 

Youjo Senki:

This episode was interesting! You know the brown haired girl that works closely to Tanya? We learned about her past and got to see what her Dad looked like. You can see some of her Dad in her definitely! I can't believe he died so close to Tanya though! I wish they showed how the brown haired girl took that! It was a sadder episode but a good episode I liked it for sure! I'm excited to see what they do next because I'm honestly not entirely sure! 


OK. Just because I'm not more OK with idol girl doesn't mean I want another episode focused on her and the main character. Haven't we done this like 50 times already!? What about Fuuka and the other girl? We barely see them do anything these days! The date was cute I guess but again, I don't think she fits with the main character so what's the point? Fuuka finally saw them together and is upset though, so this should be interesting. I look forward to next time for sure! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

Damn did they stretch out that race! Even the ending of it lasted half, maybe even more of the episode! Obviously she seemed to win like we thought, to be honest I got bored and started screwing around while watching this, I'm sorry it's boring and let's be real how many of you even follow this one anyway? I bet everyone scrolls by this section so it doesn't even matter. That unicorn/Pegasus dream was trippy though. It was a kind of nice episode when they brought family into it but still...meh. This show doesn't impress me much. 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

OK this episode was actually cool! A group of 3 one of the people from the main group knew came into play. They served the goddess thing but got betrayed by the end of episode. Whoops. They didn't join up with all the other girls but they were a cool team! I liked them! I enjoy all the teams honestly they're nice. The memory flashes are strange, I wonder why that one girl has them, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! 

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

Oh this episode was so good! Finally got to see Rin's older brother suffer in the end! He got called out! Good! He deserves it! I normally don't root for the bad guy but in this case I so am! That was brilliant it's good to see someone give him a nice emotional slap to the face! Rin's friend now has his Dad's powers which is cool! I"m glad he's alive because I thought he was dead. I can't wait to see all the cool fighting that's going to come up in the next episode! This was a setup but a great action packed one and it packed an emotional punch as well! I loved it! 

February 25th, Saturday:


Oh wow this episode was really good! It was super funny in the first half, when they acted all refined when Mozart wasn't there, and to be honest the fart jokes were funny. They caught me off guard since I normally don't see those in anime. The next part was really nice! I loved the song is was great, this show really does have great music I loved this a lot! Mozart looks better with his hair out, he should do it more often! I look forward to next week! 

Time Bokan 24:

Huh...interesting. Marie Antoinette owning a clothing store isn't something I would have considered. It was nice though this episode was pretty nice, and not as redundant and dumb as the other ones can be at times. It was a little fun at certain points but the humor is still childish as it always is in this show. Definitely not the worst and somewhat enjoyable though! 

BanG Dream:

This episode was cute..until the end. All of them are preparing for what they'll do for the culture festival. A cafe thing and the band were both touched upon it was really cute and nice. The drama afterwards was strange though. I enjoy drama but it came out of nowhere and confused me a bit truth be told. I wonder how everyone will react to her blowing off the other girl's like that. I guess we'll see whatever happens next time the show comes on. It'll probably be sad just so you all know. 


I don't know why the main character can't always look the way he does when he's carrying the sword thing. The guy he's descended from is really good. I'd honestly be more interested in watching a show if it were about the predecessors to these two. I really liked the dude with the black hair, that brief fight scene was really cool. He isn't exactly like my character, though. Didn't think he would be 100% haha. Either way more cool fights are coming and I look forward to it! 

Rewrite: Moon And Terra:

This episode was cool! I like the way it explored PTSD from the main character killing someone like that. It was really interesting and the scene where he rescued the kids was really intense to. In general this was a really intense episode, I enjoyed it a lot. I wonder what'll happen next, it seems to be setting the stage for something pretty big! I can't wait until next week! 

3-Gatsu No Lion:

This episode featured the main character helping another older shogi player and them learning his backstory and such. It was fun I liked it! It moved at a slightly slower pace but it was great visually as it always is! The backstory stuff is always really interesting. I wonder about that white haired kid though. He hasn't done much yet and that makes me wonder what's up next for our main character! Good episode for sure! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This was funny and cute! Not as much as it was before though. It wasn't the best episode but still a good one! The first part when she was looking at the top board was funny, Machi is really good at school I'm so surprised and proud of her! The studying and the part where they were looking at a novel was nice as well! At least vampire girl did slightly better then she normally does! That just goes to show! Studying...pays off slightly. 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was funny! A body swap is nothing I expected out of this show! That seems more sci fi to me. I think it was somehow funnier when he did it the second time though. I don't know why it was mostly the delivery I guess but I'm not completely sure. Either way this was a funny one I liked it! 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

This was good! I still find the plot of this show to be very disjointed though. I hate to admit it because I do like a lot of aspects of it. We saw new characters and they fought the demon version of their friend a few times throughout. It was cool in some ways but very hard to follow in others! Sorry Chain Chronicle, this wasn't really your best! 

February 26th, Sunday:

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017):

This was cool! More focus on the princess as well and her, Sorey and Rose purified the dragon. The fight scene was so cool and it's nice to see the princess remaining strong despite her Dad's death. Seeing them all fight together is cool I really like it. Maybe it isn't so bad Rose serves Sorey now basically after all. The animation was also pretty as always and the music always fits when he transforms so it was all good here! 

Idol Jihen:

This was a cool episode. We are starting to see the bad guys try and stop the idols from doing good things for people now. They said bad things about all the groups we've seen so far. That was upsetting and very cutthroat of them. I was all excited to see them put on a concert but now these new idols that do the bad guys work have shown up. I wonder how that will go, these new people look cool I'll admit but they'll present problems I'm sure. 


This was cool! They saved the girl like the wanted and the fight scene was just as cool as I hoped it would be! The creature he has looks different but apparently the poor main character's aura stinks. Now though the two new girls, Doctor Love and the two we've known this whole time have a group together to protect Earth. That's pretty cool! I wish they showed the tragic past in flashback instead of just telling us though. That would have been better. Either way a good episode and the nose plugs were very funny! 

Nyanko Days:

This was a cute episode that again featured more cats. The cheerful one and the stoic one fought over the remote. Then they refused to talk to each other until the owner got a cat tunnel. That was funny and cute. That poor sweet can though trying to get them to talk to her. I felt bad when she cried poor thing. 

February 27th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia:

This episode was so cute! The whole mushroom thing and being inside Sucy's head was interesting. The whole thing was chaos, but a good kind of chaos. It isn't like some other shows that are chaotic but hard to follow. I was able to follow everything that happened perfectly. This was a nice way of getting to know Sucy. I hope they didn't get into to much trouble for breaking the rules again. Either way Atsuko was adorable this episode I loved how supportive and energetic she was this episode. This was awesome, I loved this episode, everything about it! 

Gabriel Dropout:

This episode was hilarious. I think it might be my favorite one so far. It had a bunch of different great segments. Rafael had dreadful luck this episode! Her bra broke while she was running, the redhead demon girl chased her with a frog which she's scared of. My poor little favorite angel girl haha. The interview thing was hilarious as well. God I loved this episode so much it was hilarious! Everything in it was, I don't have one compliant! You should definitely make sure you don't miss this one in particular. 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

This was actually interesting as well. Somewhat disjointed as Trickster tends to be but interesting for sure. I still don't know why the main guy is basically immortal. We just know his backstory and that's about it. There is also some unneeded tension thrown in. How can the leader of the detective club even be Twenty Faces? Both of them have been on screen together, there's no way! There were some cool and well animated parts though! I liked that! This episode was a mixed bag, definitely. 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

This episode featured them all drunk. It was just as off the wall and nuts as you would expect it to be. One of them drank freaking sake by the barrel and didn't even seem drunk from it at all. There was also fighting and chaos but it was fun chaos and this was funny and enjoyable to me. I enjoyed it but I don't think it was the best persay. Definitely worth watching though! 


This was a really good week! There was plenty of stuff that came out that I enjoyed a lot!  My favorites...are a lot to be honest. Nanbaka, Kobayashi Dragon Maid, Blue Exorcist, Classicaloid, Idol Jihen, Little Witch Academia and Gabriel Dropout. My least favorite was Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu! 

I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did! Let me know what you think in the comments I would love to hear it! I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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