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DC Declares Trinity War Upon The Justice League

DC Declares Trinity War Upon The Justice League
By: Jay

After almost two years since DC relaunched their entire line with the New 52 the company’s first big event is almost here. This July a hero’s death brings war upon us in the DC Universe’s two month, six issue event “Trinity War”. 

This summer DC’s premiere super team the Justice League and its offspring teams Justice League of America and Justice League Dark are going to turn the heat up. Fans have been waiting and wondering what the “Trinity War” was all about ever since last year's Free Comic Book Day giveaway DC Comics: The New 52! Inside this issue we were given the origin of the Trinity of Sin (Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and The Question) and a four page centerfold poster that shows members of the various Justice League teams (including the 1stappearance of Simon Baz) in an all out battle royal. This image has had fans talking and eagerly awaiting this event.

The first salvo is launched by writer Geoff Johns and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado in Justice League #22, which features DC’s premiere trinity, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. For “Trinity War” Johns will be joined by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Doug Mahnke on Justice League of America. A team that stars Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Catwoman and others that were assembled by Amanda Waller to take out the Justice League if the need should arise. Lemire will pen the third comic in the crossover with artist Mikel Janin in Justice League Dark, which features more supernatural type of characters that include Deadman, John Constantine, and Zatanna.

What many fans thought would be the first major company wide crossover from the New 52 now appears to be a Justice League-centric crossover. Since their relaunch DC has kept their crossovers to their respective corners of the DCU with stories like “Death of the Family” playing out in the Bat-titles and “H’El on Earth” in the Super-titles.

"We really want to find and carve out the Justice League corner of the DC Universe," Johns says. "It is a universe all itself with these three teams, and it feels big enough to be worthy of a Justice League story."

“Trinity War” brings a lot of these characters together for the first time since DC’s line-wide relaunch in September 2011.

“It’s going to really interesting when these characters do come together, because some of them haven’t met, some of them have, and what happens and unfolds in this is going to force them to choose sides,” Johns adds.

While “Trinity War” isn’t a universe-wide story it is still an event that will effect not just the characters within the DCU, but also DC as a publisher. Since the relaunch Justice League has become the flagship title of the company, and is among the most popular in the industry. According to Diamond Comics Distributers, the first issue of Justice League of America was the best-selling book in February, with both it and Justice League being in the top 10 comics for the past two months.

While Johns promises some big battles in “Trinity War” but says that at its core it’s an “action mystery” and part of that is the Trinity of Sin characters, who were sentenced to eternal punishment centuries ago by a secret council of wizards. Along with the Trinity of Sin playing important roles, Johns and Lemire have been planting seeds for character-driven drama in their titles. For example Superman and Wonder Woman’s romance, which hasn’t sat well with everyone, including Steve Trevor, the field leader of the Justice League of America and Wonder Woman’s ex. Lemire has also been building tension between Zatanna and Constatine in Justice League Dark. Then there is the latest reveal by Cyborg that someone from within is trying to undermine the team in Justice League.

Lemire calls The Question a “bit of a wild card”, and fans are learning more about the Phantom Stranger in his own title. But it is Pandora’s role in the story that most fans are curious about.  Pandora witnessed the rebirth of the DC Universe in Johns’ Flashpoint series and appeared in every number one issue of the first 52 books in the relaunch. The character gets her own title a month before “Trinity War”. The character and the mysterious box that she opened eons ago are central to the story.

"She's an enigma, completely," Johns says. "In a lot of ways, she's been a pawn for most of her existence. She was tricked into using the box and she's being tricked into doing something now, in a way. The Justice League, that becomes another part of it."

While you can expect major characters like Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow to get plenty of page time, you should keep an eye out for other characters to gain some of the spotlight. One character will be Shazam. “He’s got no allegiance to anybody,” Johns says, “and you’ll see him come into conflict with Superman in a very big way”. Also expect to see new Justice Leaguers the Atom and Element Woman (both are updated female versions of classic DC characters), and Justice League Dark team member Frankenstein to get some page time.  

"Frankenstein is my favorite," Lemire says. "Getting to see him interact with the larger DC Universe during this event is going to be a lot of fun."

The central mystery, conflicts between the teams and assorted plot points of “Trinity War” are all part of one big impending danger that is approaching the DC Universe. John says "It's not going to end wrapped up in a bow.  Something really, really major happens that kicks off some pretty crazy stuff at the end of August."

Are you looking forward to “Trinity War”? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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