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To The Warren Born: Piper Halliwell

Hey everyone, this week on Comic Frontline and Comic Related we are doing a Bonus week for Zenescope. Last week I reviewed Season 9 of Charmed, and this week I decided to give some bonus features to those reviews by doing some profiles this week of the four Charmed Ones, and their loved ones. Today I am going with the heart of the Charmed Ones, Piper Halliwell.

Piper Halliwell was born on August 7, 1973 the second of the three daughters of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Piper inherited the power of molecular manipulation that originally manifested in slowing them down to the point that time frozen and would evolve to the where she could speed them up causing things to explode.

Piper's role as the middle child put her figuratively and literally between her sisters.Piper would be the bridge that filled the divide between Prue and Phoebe after their father left them and Phoebe still talked to him. It was Piper that told Phoebe to stay with her and Prue at the Manor which lead to Phoebe finding the Book of Shadows and calling upon their powers.

Piper's boyfriend at the start of the series she would find out was a Warlock that set things in motion to steal the Charmed One's powers. Piper struggled the most about being a witch on a spiritual level fearing that they were no different than her boyfriend and was afraid to even enter a church fearing she would be struck down. Her spiritual connection wouldn't end there as she would fall in love with Leo Wyatt the man she knew as the handyman working on the manor but would learn was really their Whitelighter, a Guardian Angel of sorts for witches.

Leo and Piper's relationship would be tested by the forces of both evil and good alike as Leo's bosses, the Elders from the Upper Regions forbid them to see each other as Whitlighters and Witches were forbidden to engage in a romantic relationship. No matter how hard they fought it or what the sides of good and evil threw at them, they made it and was married by Grams herself in a Handfasting Ceremony.

When Prue died Piper took it the hardest trying to use magic to bring her sister back. Piper's thirst for vengeance and anger at the Elders for not returning her sister to them almost caused her the thing that made her who she was, her heart and her soul. Piper scrying for her, used the spell to Call a Lost Witch and event a Seance. Piper eventually came to terms with Prue's  death and turned her mourning for Prue's death into a re-dedication to her craft to make sure she would never lose a loved one again.

Piper's mother instincts started developing at this point and her and Leo started their family with the birth of their son,Wyatt. But even a happy occasion like that would turn on them when their second son Chris from the future came to the past to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. Their union would bring them three children all together two sons Wyatt and Chris and a girl Melinda all of which were twice blessed possessing the powers of both the Warren line and those of a Whitelighter.

Leo and Piper suspected something was wrong when Melinda began orbing objects since Leo's wings had been clipped prior to her conception, with Paige's help Leo went to see the new Elders, now being led by former Homeland Security Special Agent Kyle Brody. Kyle tried telling Leo that Melinda's powers were the result of Leo having been a Whitelighter for so long and that Leo still had innate powers deep within him, but Leo didn't buy it and Kyle admitted that it was actually through the machinations of the Elders. Kyle told Leo of an old threat from the Darklighter Rennek and offered him his powers back, Leo refused the offer due to the strings that usually accompany them.

During the final battle with Neena Leo entered a guarded room of the Elders in the Uper Regions and retrieved an ancient sword that activated his innate powers and gave him real wings. After the battle the Angels of Destiny told them that the Elders originally planned for their children to be the next generation of the Charmed Ones with powers far greater than that of the originals, but they released them of this destined fate and if they happened upon this fate it would be the natural course and not a magical one. During the final fight with Rennek, Pru released Leo's sword from the Grimoire and with it took Leo's winged powers leaving him mortal again. Piper returned to running her resturant, Halliwell's and Leo resumed his duties at Magic school as the two balanced that along with raising three twice blessed children.

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