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Mr. J’s PLL Theory Board Week 1: Who is Sarah Harvey? And what is her connection to Charles?

Mr. J’s PLL Theory Board Week 1
Who is Sarah Harvey? And what is her connection to Charles?

By Mr. J’s Comic Review

Hello to all my fellow liars out there. I’ve talked about my love for the show Pretty Little Liars on several occasions, and so I thought now that season 6 of the show has started I should do something special here on Comic Frontline. One of my favorite things about this show is the mystery and unpredictability of it. You’ve always have to be on your toes with at least two or three theories handy. That’s how I came up with the concept of the theory board. This will be a weekly article series where I take a question that I have from the episode that recently aired and propose a couple of my theories in an attempt to answer that question. Now you’re probably thinking why isn’t my first article on my theory about who Charles is? Well that’s because I already talked about it on the Pretty Little Liars season five finale discussion episode of Media Madness. You can find that on Comic Frontline’s YouTube Channel. Also if you want to see my review of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 episode 1 "Game On Charles" and Pretty Little Liars Season 6 episode 2 "Song of Innocence" scroll down to the end of the article for my reviews. Now it’s time to theory craft.

Who is Sarah Harvey?

The answer to this question is pretty straight forward. In episode 14 of season 4 titled Who’s in the Box we see a picture of Sarah on Hannah’s computer when Hannah is researching girls on her computer that were kidnapped at the same time as Alison and have a similar physical appearance. Hannah does some digging into who Sarah is and she also discovers that she and Alison share similar personality traits as well.

What is Sarah’s Connection to Charles?

This question is the big mystery, and I have three possible theories to answer it.

Theory 1: 

Sarah was kidnapped by Charles due to her similarity to Allison both physically and personality wise. Maybe Sarah was Charles’ original Alli doll but he got tired of her when he managed to get his hands on Mona .This could possibly explain why Sarah was in the dollhouse and why she was dressed in an outfit similar to Mona’s when she delivered food to Spencer’s room in the episode. If this theory turns out to be true then Sarah is just as much one of Charles’ victims as the other girls, and she could possibly give them valuable information about Charles since theoretically she’s been in the dollhouse longer than any of the others. However this may prove to be difficult since it is clear that Sarah seems extremely shaken up and broken down by her time in captivity.

Theory 2: 

Sarah is only playing the victim and is secretly working with Charles. It wouldn’t be the first time someone on the shows has put on an extremely convincing act. She could be playing the victim to gain sympathy from the girls to gain their trust so that she can lure them back into Charles’ clutches.

Theory 3: 

Charles brainwashed and or tortured Sarah to force her into working for him. Like I said earlier when we see Sarah delivering food to Spencer’s room Spencer thinks that she’s Mona and begins to yell Mona’s name. When the other girls hear this they follow her lead and Sarah looks very scared as she walks away and begins to shut her ears. That scene demonstrates just how broken Sarah is, if it isn’t an act. We all have seen what Charles is capable of so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to find out that he tortured and or brainwashed this poor girl in order to get her to assist him with his twisted scheme.

Well those are all my theories about Sarah Harvey and her possible connection to Charles. Tell me your theories in the comments below, and be sure to come back next week for my new question and new theories. Until then my fellow liars I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, and remember always keep your secrets safe because they can be either your greatest weapon or the reason for your downfall.

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