Monday, September 5, 2016

Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 10 Thoughts: Autumn Elections End, More To Come!

We're hitting double digits now! Soon this show will end, and while I do enjoy it I'm kind of glad. If there is ever another reason if it's all the same to you guys, I'd prefer not to do these written posts on it. I just don't enjoy writing about Food Wars as much as I do say, D Gray Man, or Bungou Stray Dogs. Despite all that though let's get right into the next Food Wars!

So as it turns out the creepy guy with the cheetah print shirt is named Eizen. He is a pompous megane type. From what I understand he was actually one of the event organisers. As it turned out he was the one that sent Subaru to target Soma, in the hopes, that Soma would be defeated. Eizen is very angered by the fact that someone figured out his tactic and pointed out its failure.

I have a feeling we'll see him more in the future for sure. Next time he'll probably be a primary antagonist for the series. Soma pours a white sauce on his dish and has the judges eat seconds. The judges then adore his dish and the Director's shirt comes off which means success! It even reminds Alice's mom of the time she met Alice's father. I assume that's who her beloved is. All the while one of the other characters explains to Eizen why no one likes Soma. It isn't just because he said the academy was just a stepping stone. The students in reality just don't want to acknowledge him.

We get a flashback of Soma with his father again as it turns out Soma's father explained it before. The students basically envy Soma's ability to face his shortcomings head on. Acknowledging him as a good cook would mean acknowledging their own lack of effort. Thankfully though the tides are now turning. Since Soma is winning against two elites, the students are basically being forced to acknowledge how amazing he is at cooking and how he is, in fact, their equal.

The judges now start making their final decision. His friends are praying that he'll win and the suspense reaches its peak. According to the director all the dishes were actually equal in quality so the deciding factor is actually something different entirely. How the dish reflects the chef as an individual. An...odd way of doing it in my opinion since I thought this contest was about quality but alright.

They basically choose which dish is the chef's speciality so to speak and whoever can be that unique and original deserves to win the election. They are about to announce the results when we get a sudden flashback of Akira's past.

As it turns out Akira was abandoned at birth in the slums and was basically adopted by Jun who took him in and helped him hone his sense of smell talent. Akira is trying to win for Jun because of how much she means to him. Which was very sweet. I love Akira and Jun's relationship. Adoptive families in anime/shows make me really happy especially when handled so nicely like this.

The flashback isn't completely random. As it turns out Akira is the winner! This surprised me since I thought Soma would win for sure. A very nice way of handling the plot actually! I like that they didn't do what everyone would expect very much! Jun runs up to him crying tears of joy and Akira hugs her, which is the most emotion he's shown thus far since he's normally so collected. He turns away all embarrassed and smells cinnamon he had on him since it apparently cheers him up.

Chef Dojima congratulates Akira but warns him that great talent will turn against itself  in the end. This I feel is also foreshadowing for later on for Akira's character development as the series continues. I'm excited to see what they'll do with it! Alice goes up to Ryo and gets all angered that he didn't win. Ryo is of course also really pissed and not taking it very well. Alice is angry he called her bitch and he just shrieks out in anger.

Soma remembers his father telling him not to lose to anyone else before he could gunfight again. Both him and Ryo want to try his dish and try not to act too impressed even though Akira is an elite now thanks to winning. He demands respect while Ryo demands a rematch. Soma calls his dish pretty good which Akira considers insulting. The three are now basically a rival trio now.

Despite Soma not winning his friends still celebrate how far he got. He gets a call from his Dad which is nice to see. I love seeing him bond with Soma it's very sweet. Soma tells his Dad he's happy he came to the school and wants to get better at cooking. If he does there's no point in running the family business anymore. Soma's Dad is proud of him and shows it in his own odd way.

We get one last scene after the credits. Everyone at the dorm is having fun and cooking, even Nikumi. Soma explains his dish to Ryo and the two seem on much more civil terms now. Ryo insists his dish is better and Akira is also there while Jun plays host. It's cute and funny. There is then talk about going into the real world and facing those you lost to.

Now a new thing is happening. They will only be able to relax for a bit before a new task starts...the stagiaire. It's supposed to be practical training outside the academy. The episode ends without explaining anything else.

That's the end of the contest and the end of the episode! This episode was awesome and I enjoyed it, especially the results of the contest!

I hope you all did as well and I bid you adieu until Wednesday for D Grey Man!

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