Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #36

This Week's Anime Screenshot Is Little Witch Academia

Last week was great! A few of the shows are getting to a third of the way finished. I'm excited to see what they all have to offer! A lot of them got good unexpectedly. Make sure you're all caught up, and we'll get right into it under the cut! 

May 30th, Tuesday:

Fukumenkei Noise:

This was really sad. I'm starting to like the idea of Yuzu and Nino together more. The last scene where she started crying is sad. When Yuzu kissed her I actually said out loud, "OOOOO". I feel so typical now, haha. Momo is being dickish, yet also I understand him? He is a bit different from the typical cold hearted prince you see anime. You see he isn't exactly being cruel just to be cruel. It makes it a little more interesting. I look forward to seeing where everything goes, especially now that Yuzu made such a bold move like that. This was really good, even if it was sad. I look forward to more! 

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka?:

Oh my god this was amazing. I called that it would get worse somehow, I totally called it. 

The whole first part was cute. Honestly the two main character's argue like an old married couple. That amuses me quite a bit. It was sweet they went back to the place they met together. It was funny how he had to pretend they were a couple as well. I'm sure it didn't take much since they already act like it. The two new girls are sitting on cracking a huge mystery, I can already tell. I'm really curious about what it is. To the point where I actually got mad when the red head stopped her from talking. The last scene was the best and most important. The hug was nice and all but we learned something new. When the main girl uses her powers now, her hair becomes more red and she apparently gains memories of her past. I wonder how that will be addressed next time? 

Of course the other woman is cute as well. I love her a lot. Part of me wants to get to know her better, but the plot is going perfectly the way it is. So maybe I shouldn't complain. This was great, I loved it so much! 

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine:

This was another gem. I absolutely adored it. It focused on Kai and Bruno and an article that defamed them. Kai is honestly the sweetest thing. I don't know how you could not show mercy on the guy. The new character fighting them this time looked like the guy screwing with all of them. Could that be his son or uncle or something? Maybe I'm overanalyzing. The tutor kicked ass. I'm starting to wonder where he's from. Maybe he was in some military or was an assassin? This is going to be interesting to see revealed either way. I think Bruno and Kai learned a lot from this. It was sad seeing how badly Kai was represented. He really is such a good person and Bruno is as well. I don't see how they can't all be king at once somehow haha.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku:

This was so cute and nice. I love when the human looking yokai show up. Though it also reminded me of a bunny yokai I really liked. I wanted to cry when he died. I was worried about this one, thankfully he doesn't die. The lord had mercy this episode. I'm happy he got to see the human girl again. They're a cute couple and I hope they stay that way, even if he does go away for awhile. Natsume is such a sad tragic character. I want to see him happy, I hope he can get some relief from stuff soon. Maybe give Natsume a beach episode. He needs one haha. 

May 31st, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

This was really good! It's so annoying how Boruto's powers activate whenever his Dad isn't around. Honestly Naruto is really annoying me. He just assumed Boruto was lying right off the bat? That's a pretty asshole move to make wouldn't you agree? The fight between him and his sister as he called her, was really cool. The fight scenes in this show are just generally awesome as hell. I wonder what it looked like when his sister activated her power. I hope they show that, but then again I may have to look back at the Boruto movie for that. I do intend to eventually! The fight with the actor was fun as well. The girl characters are cool as well I enjoy them! I hope Boruto can prove himself, and Naruto will stop being such an asshat soon. 

Room Mate: One Room Side M:

This was pretty good! To be honest I think the glasses guy winding up being the saddest. I don't see why this gets everyone down so much, though. You guys all just met her! If you want her THAT bad the move out and then get into a relationship with her. Still it's interesting when he's drunk. He doesn't act like as much an asshole. Still he keeps getting all touchy feely which is weird when the camera is in 1st person most of the time. It was an OK episode I guess. 

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism:

Damn it why does this show have to be cool! I don't mind guys that act like a little feminine but the way it's done here is really over the top and weird. That seems to be the intention of it though. That was the only iffy thing. Searching for the wig was funny. Honestly the girl who had it looks better without it. The girl with the black hair is going to be a problem. What she did to the green haired girl was pretty sadistic. They structured it in such a way I actually feel bad for the group sociopath! The two sisters are sad to be honest. My other favorite tried and failed to hurt her. I'm going to be really surprised if the guy can't hurt this middle school girl. Look how tiny and harmless looking she is! How the hell is she the hardest there's no way. Either way this was good I enjoyed it. 

June 1st, Thursday:

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭:

This was really good! This one focused on the main character and his relationship with the brunette girl that models as the Heroine. She is honestly so adorable. I've gotten to know so much more about her. She is quirky and strange definitely, but she's coming close to my love for the other female cast members. I'm glad they will all work on another project together that's so unique. The thing I've been thinking lately is which one he should date. 

I have a hard time deciding because all of them have such a unique and sweet relationship. I think I'm leaning towards Eriri the most, though. They have the most history and probably get along the best. It was so funny when this girl took her phone into the bathroom just to scold him over the phone while she had a bath. This was really good. I can't wait to see how the other characters react to a new project being presented. 

Clockwork Planet:

This one was better and more interesting then last week. I think the image of the pretty much robot brothel is going to stick with me. Now that's odd and kind of pathetic. Since the main robot needs to get fixed (two robots actually) The episode focused on the main girl, boy and the new robot girl. It showed mostly their relationship improving if you ask me. I don't know why the girl was so snappy at her a lot of the episode. She didn't really do much wrong. Honestly to me this was another slow episode. It was fine but only slightly better then the one from last week. I did kind of enjoy it but it was slow. Really slow. 

Renai Boukun:

This show is still actually kind of interesting which is impressive! The blonde girl is now being heavily implied to have feelings for the main character. I'm surprised that the purple haired girl doesn't have a lot of development these days. The pink haired girl looks cute in her disguise. I like her new look. Still it's sad it didn't go the way everyone wanted. There were a few funny jokes sprinkled in there as well. It was a pretty good episode I liked it! It was a fun watch for sure! Though it wasn't as good as the last few. 

June 2nd, Friday:

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria:

This episode featured the next big fight of the series. I fell hard for the black haired elf to be honest. She has such a sad story, I predicted the angst correctly. I'm impressed with myself! Though it was an easy guess. It's a bit weird how the girl fighting Aiz eats those gems to gain power. It's so cringy to me whenever someone eats something hard in a show. It's weird how she keeps calling that one girl that name. I wonder what that means and how it connects to her past. I hope they reveal that and don't keep it a secret. It was an awesome fight. Every new character they introduce is amazing, cool design and otherwise. I loved this, the bond the party built was so sweet. This was a great episode and I look forward to the next fight! 

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai:

Yet another stalling episode honestly. Lucifer went up against Gluttony and tied with her. The whole episode was her in the hospital and while they were at it funny and kinky hospital stuff? At least I think so I mean whoever wrote this put poor Lucifer in some pretty compromising positions.  Thank god there weren't too many moments where it wasn't uncensored compared to the last one. I feel like even though I don't really mind fanservice, that would have made me cringe. The episode was OK I guess. There was also the fact that Pride did something to Lucifer. I'm not entirely sure of the extent but it'll definitely make Lucifer less powerful. I think next time will be a Gluttony rematch. Gluttony was cute of course. Yeah though, an OK episode. 

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

I cannot believe Nina is still a happy cheerful person in prison. She is honestly an adorable character. I can't wait to see how Nina and Joanne are together. They seem like they'll be an incredible duo. I'm so happy about the main character from the last season. We got to see how he met Nina in a flashback. The flashback lasted for most of the episode. It was so cute honestly, they have such an interesting relationship. She is honestly the cutest dragon as well the more I see her up close. This was a great episode and really cute, especially considering they are in prison. I loved it a lot! 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This was an episode with the sword fight. Surprisingly the whole fight isn't over. This episode was actually a bit more serious in tone. With the cute art style it also became cute at the same time. It's really hard to describe tone wise. It was a good one, though! I liked it, though I wonder what happens next. There may be another sword fight. 

June 3rd, Saturday:

Boku No Hero Academia 2nd Season:

Turns out Midori CAN loose this message. Fire and Ice Guy wins. I'm surprised and like yes Midori helped him? I'm still very conflicted, though. Because didn't Midori help give that bastard father exactly what he wanted? He was thrilled seeing his son use his powers! I can see why they did it, and nothing was done wrong necessarily. I just feel like it was done wrong and something in this plot clicked together wrong when they were writing it. I mean the father got his way! He is going to carry his father's legacy just like he was forced to at this rate! 

Either way the next match ups look impressive. This was a good fight and a great episode don't get me wrong, I just feel very conflicted. I just hope they remedy this huge lapse in logic in the next episode. Also this flashback was sad as hell. It broke my heart honestly, I feel so bad for the poor guy. That's part of the reason for the huge amount of conflict I feel over it. 

Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2:

This was really awesome as well! I told you guys Ymir was on our side! I'm impressed by everyone finding Eren so quickly. This squad has balls they rode into heavy titan territory just to get two of their fallen comrades. I'm also 99% sure that Ymir did not eat Historia. Ymir definitely keeping her in her mouth to keep Historia safe. The episode is pulling a classic mislead on us, don't worry folks! Ymir's flashback was so sad, though. She was the cutest little kid and definitely a very strong person. I think she's one of my favorite characters thanks to this season. I'm so glad we've gotten to know her so well! I rolled my eyes when Annie and Bertholt were mentioned. I don't entire like that idea since you guys know about my ship already. I'm excited to see where this will go this was awesome! Next time is going to be a hard to wait for. 


The magical girl died! That surprised me a lot to be honest. This establishes that fictional characters can die in this world! I have a feeling there will be more deaths. I'm not sure who yet, though. I'll let you know when I come up with a good theory. The whole manipulation thing with the purple haired girl didn't last very long though, huh? I thought the blackmail would be at least for about 6 episodes. Another fight scene is going to happen, though. As much as I love the Pegasus girl, she's kind of gullible. The fight that will result from that will be cool, though. This was really good I can't wait for more! 

Granblue Fantasy The Animation:

They rescued her fairly fast! I'm really surprised! The fight that came from that was good. This whole scenario reminds me of a TMNT episode called Tales Of Leo. They can only get her back by telling her their feelings about her, talking to her in such. It should be a sweet episode, since she had such a nice effect on the party members. I liked the new girl! I hope she joins the party she is super powerful. This was a good one for sure! I did enjoy it, and I'm worried for the main character. I called the lab doing what they did by the way. I knew she had some dark tragic secret, that's typical for stuff like this. I look forward to next time! 


The little sister actually wasn't here in this episode! The main boy went to the beach with the other girls. I actually liked this. It gave me the chance to learn about the other girls. I never expected to but I really Elf! Or Emily since we just learned her name. Her older brother is adorable, I feel a bit bad. Emily deep down is a sweet person and a good person. A bit odd for sure. Part of me wants to see her with Masamune. The other girl wasn't touched upon as much. She needs development. Hopefully the next episode will have that. I doubt Masamune will propose to Emily, sadly. I wouldn't mind that. This was definitely a good episode. It was funny an cute! I look forward to more!  

June 4th, Sunday:

Alice to Zouroku:

This episode was really good! I feel like the new girls may get adopted. I wouldn't be against this. That would really remind me of Elfen Lied. People are starting to the new girls having powers. This episode also had a bit of a slice of life bend. I liked the sleepover it was really cute. I'm glad they get along so well now. I am confused, though. Why did one of those girls get dragged in by someone that looked like Alice. That's the most confusing to me at the moment. Either way this was really good! I liked this episode a lot! 

June 5th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia:

Oh my god this was awesome.

A huge plot twist was revealed here. It was honestly something I never saw coming. Shining Chariot was actually taking people's inner magic for energy. The reason Akko is actually so bad at magic is because Chariot basically took it away. That is so screwed up but I love it. Now the new the teacher is using emotions as fuel. She justifies what Chariot used to do to make it so it's OK that she does. Chariot is obviously sorry. I'm a bit worried about Akko. Will she unlock the last word after all this? She must feel so betrayed after all of this! It as an awesome plot twist and the buildup was great. It's one of my favorite ones thus far! I can't wait for next time! It just keeps getting better and better! 

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho:

This episode was a bit more relaxed pace wise. The other witches don't even like her. She's really powerful, though. I see her Mom in her now that we've gotten to know the character better. There were some stereotypical bits but I enjoyed this anyway. Soon Zero will be free, but right now she's still a prisoner. I can't wait to see the reaction to them meeting again.

 It was so sad last time. The fighting and everything in between was really cool. I enjoyed the episode, though! It was really good, even if it was slower. The best part was probably seeing the extent of the blond character's powers. My personal favorite part anyway. 


A pretty good week! I enjoyed a lot of the stuff it had to offer! My favorite ones were Attack On Titan, Re:Creators, Little Witch Academia and Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka?. My least favorite was sadly Nobunaga No Shinobi and Room Mate. 

I hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to comment! I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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