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Top 5 Panels of the Week - 6/20/18

Comic Frontline is starting a new segment where the crew picks their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week's post I will announce the winner from the poll.
Fan Panel Pick From Last Week - Hawkman #1 - Hawkmen!


Honorable Mention - X-Men Gold #30 - The Truth

Damn, I loved this scene! I needed to add this panel as an honorable mention. Dave Marquez hits the emotions just right here.

5. Spider-Gwen #33 - Fair, Ha!

Gwen has her cop father's moral compass, but she is quickly learning that the justice system isn't always fair.

4. Runaways #10 - One Direction Broke Up

This scene right here is why I love Kris Anka and Rainbow Rowell as a creative team. The jokes land, just while the reality settles in on why Gert didn't know why One Direction broke up.

3. Runaways #10 - Being Thirteen Sucks!

I loved seeing all of Julie's emotions coming to the surface, and that bra line made me laugh out loud.

2. X-Men Gold #30 - Special Guest

Wolverine had to make an appearance in this issue!!

1. X-Men Gold #30 - A Phase

What a perfect way to leave the alter! I love that this was just an instinct. Kitty's mutant power did all the talking.


Honorable Mention - Runaways #10 - One Direction Broke Up.

For the same reason Kat mentioned it, the joke just lands really well here. Great panels in this issue.

5. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - Fin Fang Foombuster!

While Jay and Mike chose the page before this, I loved the call-out of the name of the armor with the sweet close-up. Voltron meet Tony Stark Tech!

4.  Batman #49 - Tuxedos and Umbrellas

Lots of great panels in this book too, but the whole joke about The Penguin and his choice of weaponry was hilarious!

3. X-Men Gold #30 - Special Guest

Even though the wedding ultimately didn't go on without a hitch (see my #1), it was fitting to see Wolverine giving his private send-off to the momentarily happy couple.

2. Runaways #10 - Rule of Threes

Speaking of jokes, here's another one that lands quite nicely in Runaways. Abigail is explaining the things she accomplished in that last balloon, playing instruments, speaking languages, and ending with beating Ninja Gaiden twice. One of these things is not like the other, and it's just a nice, classic rule of three joke. Nice!

1.  X-Men Gold #30 - A Phase

This panel was so powerful as Piotr attempts to put the ring on Kitty's finger and her hand phases so he can't. The imagery here spoke volumes, and it made all those covers of Kitty phases through Colossus a brilliant lead-up to this moment in retrospect.


5. Archie's Superteens Vs. Crusaders #1 - Abbey Road....

Beatles reference for the win!
4. Avengers #3 - Thor & Lady Walters

Let me do the talking, then we smash!

3. Batman #49 - He Didn't Get It....

Selina, you okay there?

2.  Justice League #2 - Unseen Light!

Another Corps.... Let's hope it's only temporary.

1.  The Man Of Steel #4 - I Am Jor-El



Honorable Mention - X-Men Gold #30 - I'll Always Find My Way Back To You.

Since both Brant and Kat did an honorable mention, I thought I would as well, and since all of the X-Men Gold #30 panels seem to be about the marriage ending (aside from the Wolverine cameo). I wanted to add some hope, I mean after all I am the Superman fan. This panel show that there is hope for them, yes the words are from Rogue and Gambit's vows but the look from each is the hope.

5. The Man Of Steel #4 - This Is Jimmy Olsen?

I loved this scene it, it is so small but speaks so much to who Jimmy Olsen is. He is that guy who is ignored or overlooked by people who think he is a gofer/page in the office, when he does that but he is also the paper's ace photographer and Man of Action. I love that he sees what they can't because of his camera it is a great metaphor for photography capturing things the average person misses.

4. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #28 - Soon....

How menacing is Drakkon's smile? We find out his plan and we can see how close he is getting and then just one word and that smile lets you know how dangerous it is.

3. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - And I'll Form The Head!

I loved this page! I grew up in the 80's Voltron was my show, it is why I am a fan of Power Rangers, so when I saw him send out five individual flying weapons to take on Finn Fang Foom, I knew he was going to combine them, but seeing it was still awesome. Seeing the way the panels laid out I could hear Tony saying "Form feet and legs, form arms and torso, and I'll form the head!" then him say "Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! ARC Reactor is a go! LET'S GO IRON FORCE!" Dan Slott won me over right here!

2. Archie's Superteens Vs. Crusaders #1 - IT'S ARCHIES TIME!

Loved this issue! Loved all the fun moments and nods to pop culture, but I had to include the Power Rangers-like Morph! To make it their own they had Archie not have one, and know nothing about it, and the next page he is manually getting dressed, I mean he is like Bulk & Skull all wrapped up into one. 

1. Batman #49 - I Know Him.

Catwoman and Joker discussing old times and Batman while they are trying not to bleed out and die, this issue had so many golden moments like this, but this one won out because of the Killing Joke reference at the end. This was a great issue though, it has everything you didn't know you needed until you read it and it just felt great.


5. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - And I'll Form The Head!

An Iron Man Voltron! I was like yes that is awesome! I want more.

4. X-Men Gold #30 - Special Guest

Seeing Logan at the wedding in the background was great.

3. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 -Jocasta

Can't get the full effect of this panel without showing the 3 together. Having Jocasta back is great.

2. X-Men Gold #30 - A Phase


There are no words to describe this scene in the issue. All of a sudden you are like Oh $@#!t

1. Batman #49 - Can You Help Me Shoot You?

Joker was great in this issue asking Catwoman to hand him his gun to shoot her in her stupid face had me laughing. Great issue!

Top 5 Panels of the Week - 6/20/18

Spider-Gwen #33 - Fair, Ha!
Runaways #10 - One Direction Broke Up
Runaways #10 - Being Thirteen Sucks!
X-Men Gold #30 - Special Guest
X-Men Gold #30 - A Phase
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - Fin Fang Foombuster!
Batman #49 - Tuxedos and Umbrellas
Runaways #10 - Rule of Threes
Archie's Superteens Vs. Crusaders #1 - Abbey Road....
Avengers #3 - Thor & Lady Walters
Batman #49 - He Didn't Get It....
Justice League #2 - Unseen Light!
The Man Of Steel #4 - I Am Jor-El
The Man Of Steel #4 - This Is Jimmy Olsen?
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #28 - Soon....
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 - And I'll Form The Head!
Archie's Superteens Vs. Crusaders #1 - IT'S ARCHIES TIME!
Batman #49 - I Know Him.
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 -Jocasta
Batman #49 - Can You Help Me Shoot You?
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  1. Great stuff once again. Some funny stuff and some very powerful images that I'm sure we'll remember far past this week. Jay's "IT'S ARCHIES TIME!" Made me laugh out loud when I read it.