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Jay's Mini Reviews

Jay Comic Book Theater is on a hiatus (everyone needs to regroup and refresh) this week so there wont be any individual reviews from him, well fret not! Jay (through the power of Social Media) has been giving Mini Reviews all week! Well we gathered those reviews and posted them here so you can see what he thought about the books he read this week!

Green Lantern Corp #34

Well they did it they ruined another #GreenLantern character. Fatality had a great arc from the very beginning hating the GLC to her overcoming that and becoming a Star Sapphire to her loving John Stewart and not it is all gone. God DC is killing the Green Lantern books after Johns and the rest of the creative teams left. 1 Star.

Superboy #34

There is this joke about time travel that people say how the paradoxes of it gives you a headache and this issue proves that it is true. Jon from one time pulled back Jon from another time which in turn pulled Kon from being the Herald and then that brought in every Superboy from every reality and then that created a pocket universe that ended with Jon smashing the other Jon through the barrier. Yeah Headache. 1 Star.

Birds of Prey #34

Wow we got a great “Birds of Prey” story in #Batgirl #34 and then we get this thing pretending to be a Birds of Prey story. Canary is a whiny whimpering helpless shell, her husband goes off without a goodbye with someone he doesn’t know, Babs tells Dinah off and leaves the team and Strix behind with Mother Eve. Man this book sucked! Thank god this is the last issue. 1/2 a Star.

Batman #34

This is a standalone issue this is supposed to bring Batman back from the Zero Year story to the present day and Snyder did it in a throwaway splash page that really told more of where Eternal is leading to with him placing Catwoman as a Kingpin already. The story though felt a little rushed and come on the guy held who he thought was Leslie Thompkins and couldn’t tell that it was Batman? Or A MAN Batman’s built is WAY different than that of an older woman. The digital mask was dumb. 3 Stars.

Batman Eternal #19

This is still mid-ground level here. This is supposed to be the big Batman event this year and this issue had me nodding off a little. The only parts I liked were the Batgirl/Red Hood scenes and the scenes with Jim Gordon other than that nothing. Where is Spoiler? I want Spoiler! 3 Stars.

Constantine #17

This is a pretty good issue. What made it for me was the fact that out of all of the titles so far this one really lead into next month’s #FuturesEnd event. Looking forward to the next issue and to what comes after it. 3 Stars.

Harley Quinn #9

This book still seems to be finding itself and is in no way up to the #0 issue level that Harley fans want it to be. With that said though it was better than the last issue, this one is poo-free. The best part for me was the beginning until Harley snapped. I prefer her right now in #NewSuicideSquad over here. I did enjoy seeing the Timm costume though too bad she wore her old Pre-Harley Quinn cloths rather than her Timm Harley costume that would have been awesome to see and boosted the rating. 3 Stars.

Superman/Wonder Woman #11

 #SupermanDoomed continues. The only good issues are the Superman Wonder Woman issues though and this was no exception. It felt more like Superman Brainiac until the end though where they lead us back to the main “Plot” of this event. I just wished that this was the concluding part but we still have Supergirl #34 and Superman Doomed #2 to get through. 3 Stars

Futures End #15

Again this week, The New 52 Futures End was better than Batman Eternal. The stories are really developing a little more. Frankenstein had a vision of the future. The Earth-2 captors are working on something as are their Cadmus captors. John Constantine returning to action after the mysterious “Alien” from the ship shows up. But what I enjoyed the most again was Lois’ scenes and this time we see more of this new Superman and I say new because this isn’t Clark Kent of the New 52. This is either Val after a serious change, or that mysterious 4th Kryptonian. 3 ½ Stars 

Infinite Crisis Fight for the Multiverse #13 (DIGITAL)

Another good chapter of #InfiniteCrisis This one was about Lex of Earth-19 AKA The Batman By Gaslight Earth where #Catwoman is from.#LexLuthor meets with the #Joker and they discuss the multiple Earths and at the end Lex decides he will build something to travel the Bleed. 3 1/2 Stars.

Worlds Finest #26

You can see that this book is heading towards 3 goals. 1 to bring it to the 5 Years Later Futures End event next month. 2 Bring #PowerGirl & #Huntress into the #Earth2story so they can be a part of the #Earth2WorldsEnd weekly. And 3 To set up the new Power Girl Tanya. I am really intrigued by all 3 of them to be honest. 3 3/4 Stars.

Batgirl #34

This was a good issue but an anti-climatic final fight. The best part of this issue for me was the one panel appearance of MISFIT! 4 Stars
Smallville Chaos #11 (DIGITAL)

Another exciting Chapter. I love seeing #Superboy and Supergirl who are readable and they are interacting. Then we have Superman and Lois battling the Monitors. I loved this and with Lex in the last Chapter offering a reboot I can’t help but think DC is setting up for a major crossover / #Crisis event. 4 Stars

Justice League United #4

 This is my favorite book #JeffLemire has done so far. The characters are all done perfectly from J’onn to Green Arrow each one is just great. I loved the interactions with the pairings. You have Green Arrow and #AnimalMan in that same type of friendship he had with #Hawkman in the Pre-New 52, and then you have the upbeat ever optimistic #Stargirl and the moody broodySupergirl is just perfection. I am also really digging getting to know #Equinox. 4 1/2 Stars.

New Suicide Squad #2

DC really did this book a favor by relaunching it. This is a great improvement on the last series. Action and adventure from beginning to end with some nice comedic moments laced through it all. I really love the dynamic of Vic and Waller and of Harley and Joker’s Daughter. This is the only time and the only book I like the Joker’s Daughter in. The way she was copying Harley was perfect! 4 ½ Stars.

Sensational Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1 (Digital)

DC Comics Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder WomanFINALLY Wonder Woman is back! Since the New 52 launched Wonder Woman (especially in her book) felt so different, now with Sensation Comics she is back to her glory days. It is also great seeing Gail not just writing the Amazonian Warrior Princess but also Barbara Gordon as Oracle. This is a great beginning! 4 1/2 stars

Transformers Primacy #1

 The story here is pretty good and is the reason I will continue from here. The art though is very dark and lacking any details. The paneling and it reminds me of watching a bootleg movie. Everything seems skewed off screen and everything is so dark you can’t make out the characters really. You know it is#HotRod because they say it is but you can not tell visually that it is. 3 Stars.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #37

WOW This was a great issue! #Shredder and #Krang have a sit down mafia style and all out war is declared. This issue was great, throw in a little#Kitsune and #Alopex B-Story and you have an issue that I don’t even care that the Turtles weren’t in it! 4 1/2 Stars.

Star Trek #36 

 I am a big #StarTrek Fan (Not a Trekie) but I am not a fan of the new Star Trek movies since they don’t work with the #Roddenberry Dream to me, they feel more #StarWars. This is actually odd though because I always said that #DS9 was my least favorite series because it was more like Star Wars and now the two meet. Good old #Q has taken the crew forward into their time and we see that the Dominion has won but Sisko is still fighting them and Earth is home to the#Klingon Empire! I LOVE IT! Did I mention that the art is great? Everyone looks like the actors that portrayed them! 5 Stars. 

Starlight #5

I really enjoy this book, it is really well written . Reminds me of old school #FlashGordon and#AdamStrange. That is the story. The art though is very simple, maybe too simple? Little to no backgrounds and minimal details. But I am still looking forward to the conclusion. 3 Stars.

Rise of the Magi #3

I know not everyone likes this book, but I do. I’m not the magic type either but there is something about this series that I am enjoying. I really enjoy Asa and I am looking forward to the next issue, love seeing magic in New York LOL. 3 ½ Stars

Nova Special #1

This story started in#UncannyXMen Special, then continued in Iron Man Special and concluded here and WOW each part was worst than the last one! The story was non existent. In the end the guy who hired the other guy (yeah I am not even bothering to remember their names) to kidnap Havok dies from falling off a step ladder trying to get something off of a shelf, and we NEVER know why he wanted Alex Summers to begin with and NO ONE asks ANYONE why? The X-Men rescue Scott and leave. Iron Man is like wow I need to learn their powers. Then find Nova who found the old guy dead. The End! Yeah $4.99 a pop all 3 issue $14.97 plus tax and you have NOTHING! 0 Stars

Wolverine #11

 3MonthsToDie and we are at the 1 Month left mark and I find myself still not caring. They are using these characters that we have no investment in and could care less about. Why not use his real supporting cast if these are his final moments, where is Kitty? Where is Jubilee? These are the characters I want to see not some girl named Pinch. 2 ½ Stars.

Wolverine and the X-men #7

No Future? That is what the title of this issue is and I wonder the same thing with the future of this book. The story felt all over the place too many going on at once. I enjoyed #NewXMen : #AcademyX because it was about the students and that was the core focus this seems like just another Wolverine or just another X-Men book nothing makes this stand out or even focus on the school and that is where this X-Book should be focusing on. 2 1/2 Stars.

The Amazing Spider-man #5

This is an Original Sin tie-in but was more about Black Cat than Silk. Black Cat is still out of character for me, and what is up with everyone saying "Spider" or "the Spider" about Spider-Man? The last issue was better. 3 Stars

Avengers Undercover #8

 I really do enjoy this series and the one before it, #AvengersArena it is sad to see them go. This issue this arc feels very rushed. You can tell that Marvel wants to cancel this book and the writer is just trying to finish things up so the story can get to where he wants it. The art is a bit off Deathlocket looks like she’s aged 5 years or so in the span of the 2 series. The Avengers arriving at the end was a nice cliffhanger. 3 1/2 Stars.

 Captain America #23

Damn it Marvel! I love#CaptainAmerica and this issue was great. I have stuck through this book throughout the Dimension Z arc and now it is paying off. Ian is all grown up and returned, and he isn’t all because #Falcon found someone else! 3 1/2 Stars. 

Captain Marvel #6

 What a difference a renumbering makes. The previous direction during Marvel Now was dull and bad, but this new direction in All-New Marvel Now is great I am really enjoying Captain Marvel. It’s not perfect but I am enjoying the book again. I love how she stood up to defend the planet and the way she did it, it was classic #CarolDanvers. 3 1/2 Stars.

All New X-men #30

 This is a really good issue no more #BattleOfTheAtom bleeding into this story it is just about the past#XMen and Kitty. I am oddly enjoying the Angel & X-23 pairing and even the Kitty Star-Lord Holographic pairing. I even enjoyed Emma and Jean bonding. 4 Stars.

Amazing X-men #10

I really enjoyed this issue. The Wendigo story arc has me wanting a new Alpha Flight series. Beyond that I actually am enjoying this team the chemistry is there the way they all play off of each other and their history or lack of it in Firestar’s case I really like it. 4 Stars 

Hulk #4

I'm not sure what to think of this new direction for Hulk. I like it but it doesn’t exactly mesh with what we are seeing with him everywhere else. Hulk now wants to be called #DocGreen and is out to cure all other Gamma powered beings but himself along with destroying all Gamma based weapons. Great issue though. 4 Stars.

Nightcrawler #5

Nightcrawler #5 Like Amazing X-Men, this book was really good. It wasn’t that big on action or adventure but still had some while telling us the story of Kurt readjusting to life at the Jean Grey School and his role in it. I loved him seeing Jean and her saying that there is more to life and death than even the X-Men know. 4 Stars.

X-men #18

 Ahhhh to have these characters written well again. I finally see them as a team. The respect, the familiarity the humor it is all there. This team gets who these women are today not who they were 20 years ago. I loved the joking with #Beast and #Monet where he used her full name, a small moment but a very strong one. I also have to hand it to #Guggenheim he is using their history especially Rachel’s family being exterminated by the #ShiAr and making it all tie in perfectly. 4 Stars.

Avengers World #11

I say this almost every month this is the best Avengers (Undercover doesn’t count since they are the kids from the Acamedy) book out there! I really love how the voice over was done and that they really sold us on the #NextAvengers bringing in characters from one of their best animated films was a brilliant move! 4 1/2 Stars.

Fantastic Four #8

From disappointing to great! This issue was a Fantastic read! I loved every page in this, we got to see fall out from the previous two issues with Ben being locked up and Sue’s big fit with the Avengers. The Fantastic Four, the First Family of Comics is being torn apart and I can not get enough of it! I am loving this story and this title right now! 4 ½ Stars.

Spider-man 2099 #2

I will say this again, this is the difference a writer makes! Dan Slott reintroduced #SpiderMan 2099 and he was god awful, and now with #PeterDavid, his creator writing him again it is just AWESOME! 4 ¾ Stars.

Original Sin #7

WOW! I loved this issue it had everything action, adventure, shocking moments and that signature cliffhanger ending that makes me love and hate Jason Aaron! This tells more about what really happened to the Watcher and what is to come! 5 Stars! 

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Inferno Rings of Hell #1

I am really loving all things #AgeOfDarkness, this is no exception. This is almost Shakespearean father and step mother crushing the daughter but not really because they just banish her to a fate worst than death, and if she survives…. I can not wait to see the 9 rings of hell and find out how or if Lucifer and Mercy can survive it. 4 Stars

Grimm Fairy Tales  Presents Wonderland #26

This is a great jumping on point. After the Clash of the Queens and now that the White Queen in on the throne we see her surveying the land which allows readers to learn more about Wonderland as well. I love the cliffhanger too, I am a sucker for a good cliffhanger! 4 1/2 Stars.

F1rst Hero #1

In recent months there have been some really interesting takes on Superheroes and #TheF1stHero is no exception. In this universe we have a world where The Reagan assassination attempt wasn’t a shooter but an#Extrahuman, we know them in them in comics as Mutants or Metas here they are call Extrahumans. The Extrahumans are human who develop powers and then go insane killing people etc, so the Government kills all Extrahuman, but now one isn’t going crazy. I love the premise and the story is really well executed. 3 ¾ Stars.

Skyward #8

I am loving Skyward it is a nice adventure in this world with creatures like #Rabites. The#BattleOfThreeRivers is upon us and it is really getting good.I love the ending with the Magi getting their powers. I can not wait for the next issue. 4 Stars.

Southern Dog #1

Going into the Indies for the next few MINI REVIEWS This one is from #ActionLab Southern Dog #1 This issue was really well done it takes a unique look on racism whole also telling a Teen Wolf-like story at the same time. I'm looking forward to #2! 4 Stars
 Midnight Tiger #1

I loved the Free Comic Book Day Sampler which was essentially #0 of Midnight Tiger. That story is where we were introduced to our main cast, but if you missed it (I say find it) you can still jump on with this issue. #MidnightTiger is a near perfect fusion of Spider-Man and #StaticShock (Not the comic Static but the animated series Static Shock) there is humor, action and some great character moments here. I even loved how the family in the alley that Midnight Tiger saved were named Thomas (Dad), Martha (Mom) and Bruce (Son) little Easter Egg nods like these just make this book all the more enjoyable! 4 ½ Stars


Hexed #1

This is a very interesting book. It is a book set in the magical side of things and we have the main character Lucifer who sort of steals magic items so they don't fall into the wrong hands. It has a little bit of the #Warehouse13 vibe but a bit creepier. Great start has me interested in the 2nd issue for sure. 3 1/2 Stars

Sonic the Hedgehog #263

This was a fun issue, nothing special but it was fun. It would make a fun episode for a cartoon, it really read like an episode of Sonic The Hedgehog. I do like the characters in the expanded Sonic Comic Universe. Even the back up story was fun. 3 Stars.

Kevin Keller #14

LOL This is a really fun little story. Kevin Keller does the right thing when after a workout he sees a guy mugging a woman and stops the guy. Veronica takes his good deed and transforms Kevin into a real-life Batman-type hero named#TheEqualizer without him even knowing it. I loved it especially the little 60’sBatman man Batcave reference here. I am really looking forward to #15! 4 ½ Stars. 

Dark Ages #1

This is an interesting book so far. I’m not sure exactly where they are going but I am aboard for the 2nd issue. It feels like they want to mix medieval with sci-fi which is interesting. 3 Stars.

Star Wars #20  

Man reading Star Wars is so bitter sweet. It’s a really great solid read love the fun chemistry with everyone especially Han and Leia but then you think it is all ending soon. I am going to enjoy the ride. 4 Stars. 

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