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Evil Eye Comics Review: Ei8ht #3

Ei8ht #3 Review
By: Chris, Evil Eye Comics 

In Ei8ht #3, the intriguing world that we’ve come to know as the Meld is the subject at hand.  Until this point in the series, the Meld has been a place and time built entirely upon mystery. A plane of existence stuck somewhere in between the past, the present, and the future, we could never truly know where in time the Meld exists or if it even exists at all. The entirety of what we’ve known about it is summed up on the first page of each issue, where it’s stated simply that “the Meld is something else entirely”. Well, after reading Ei8ht #3, that all changes as Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson finally enlighten us as to what exactly the Meld is, the result of which reveals even more mysteries surrounding this amazing new dimension of time and space than there were previously.

The issue begins with Collins and Doctor Hamm, two characters introduced in the previous issue who are now trapped in the distant past. Hunted by dangerous, prehistoric animals and things that are generally trying to devour them for dinner, they are desperately searching for a way back to their own time and running dangerously low on ammunition to protect themselves with. This is the only information about their situation that we are given but don’t worry, the story will come back to them later.

Back in the Meld, after a bit of snooping around, Hari tells the leaders of the resistance camp that the Spear is planning to unleash the Scourge on them while simultaneously capturing Joshua to gain information on the ship he arrived in. Nila and Joshua, instead of allowing this to happen, decide to go on the offensive and attack the Spear on his own turf. After that, you’re going to need to read for yourself because to say this is where things get interesting would be a gross understatement. Ei8ht #3 is where we begin to see all the pieces of the series starting to be woven together like a patchwork quilt. All the different times, spaces, and characters that we’ve been introduced to become sewn together into one epic story. Finally, everything is starting to come together.

For me, this is the best issue of Ei8ht yet. I thought the first two issues were amazing, but this took things to another level that even I didn’t think was possible. The color palettes differentiating each of the time periods from one another make each story line clearly unique and the sparse use of color in general allows the art and dialog to be the stars of the show. It’s a shame that there are only two more issues of Ei8ht remaining, as I love these characters and the story that has been created for them, but I cannot wait to dive in to the rest of this absolutely delightful mini-series as soon as the next issue is released.

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