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Super Knocked Up: One Night Stand #1 Comic Review

Super Knocked Up: One Night Stand #1 Review
By: Jay

The original web series SuperKnocked Up has given birth to its very own comic book SuperKnocked Up: One Night Stand #1! When the beautiful and deadly super-villain Darkstar has a one night stand with the handsome and narcissistic superhero Captain Amazing it makes for an interesting web series. But does it translate into an interesting comic book? Find out what I think.

Darkstar goes to break out Dr. Destruction from jail. Captain Amazing and the Guardians of Justice arrive to stop them. Darkstar and Captain Amazing discover there is more between them than the law.

Jeff Burns, writer of the web series, brings his story to the comic book world and expands upon it. This isn’t just a retelling of the 1stepisode, or the 1st season of Super Knocked Up. This is a full story of how Darkstar and Captain Amazing met.  We get to see what happened before they woke up after their fateful one night stand.

I really liked the expansion of the first episode. You get a lot of details that because of production costs and timing we couldn’t get in the 1st webisode of SuperKnocked Up. We get to see some of Captain Amazing away from Darkstar and just how he behaves with women. Burns does a great job giving us deeper looks into the personalities of these characters and makes you care for them all the more.

This issue also introduces you to some characters like the Guardians of Justice, Dr. Destruction, the girl who would become Cheery Villain and more. We see some more villains and just more of this interesting world that Burns has crafted.

The art is done by Donny Dandakusuma, who brings a nice nostalgia feel to his art. I feel like I am back in the 80’s early 90’s before comics became super detailed and approaching the more realistic side of the spectrum. Dandakusuma does a great job showcasing characters that we may not get to know one-on-one yet. In the big battle splash page he does a great job showing us what these character’s powers are without needing it to be spelled out by the writer.

Overall, this is a fun book. If you’re a fan of the web series you’re going to love this issue, because it gives you more details. I do want to say though that you do not need to read this to appreciate the web series, but by reading this you get a greater feel and appreciation of the series. I recommend picking it up. Go to the SuperKnocked Up website and check out the comic. You can pick this up digitally (PDF or CBR file), or in printed format. Both are reasonably priced at $1.99 for either digital download and $4.50 for the printed version and you get a 28-page story.

That is what I think about this book. Let us know what you think about Super Knocked Up: One Night Stand #1 in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to know whenever we post more previews, reviews, news and interviews on Comic Frontline.

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