Saturday, July 5, 2014

Marvel's 4th of July News...New Captain America!!!!

That's right everyone, while we were out enjoying BBQ 's and fireworks Marvel set up their own gigantic firework. 

Yesterday Marvel tweeted:

In Captain America #21 Rick Remender had the villain Iron Nail suck the Super Soldier Serum out of Steve Rogers, taking him out of play for a while.
"Steve is no longer going to be in the field. That will lead to some interesting changes in the next three to four issues as we discover who will be on the field."
-Rick Remender

Rumors are already floating around all over about who this new Cap will be and how long this person will be Captain America. A few characters such as James "Bucky" Barnes (Winter Soldier) and John Walker (U.S. Agent) have previously taken up the mantel in Steve Rogers absence. 

Many are waiting for Marvel's October Solicitations but are speculating it will be Sam Wilson who is Captain America's long time friend and partner, The Falcon who will take up the mantel. Much of the speculation comes from the cover of Avengers #35, which shows the Avengers eight months in the future, and features a different Captain America who looks like it could be the Falcon.

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