Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Revenge: Who Shot Emily Thorn?

Written By Kat "Comic Uno"

What made Revenge season 1 so popular? The pilot started with a question, who pulled the trigger and why was Jack wearing a suspicious hoody. It took half the season for this story to unravel, and once it did we wanted more. Season 2 was very criticized and the writers knew that they had to bring back their game for Season 3. The season premiere plants the question, "Who shot Emily Thorn?"

Before Thanksgiving there was a short hiatus and there is only two more episodes until we find out who will shoot Emily Thorn. E!'s Kristin Dos Santos has been narrowing down the suspects and now in order I will tell you who I think will shoot Emily Thorn.

5. Nolan Ross
From the start of Emily's revenge plan Nolan has been with her side by side. If Nolan shoots Emily it wouldn't be against her plans. She would probably know about this plan-b, but it doesn't seem that this cliffhanger is going to go that direction. Before she gets shot she says "I am sorry". Nolan shooting Emily would feel like a cop out to me. If he shoots her for his own agendas (which he never would do) then I think viewers would stop watching.

4. Jack Porter
Last season Jack found out Emily was actually Amanda Clarke. He has been a shady character ever since, but you can still tell that he loves Emily. Since the writers have been pushing Jack as a untrustworthy character I feel that it would also be a cop out if he ends up being the shooter. There is no real motive. Of course, he could be helping Emily, but I want this cliffhanger to be interesting. If the shooter is helping Emily that would not be interesting. I would truly be disappointed.

3. David Clarke (Remember he Is Suppose to Be Dead)
This would probably be the most interesting cliffhanger. This would show that David is against Emily's revenge plan and that David Clarke has been alive this whole time. It could be an extremely interesting arc, but I don't see David Clarke lasting a long time if he did return to the show. If he does return it would be to show Emily what is truly important. It could make her abandon her revenge plans all together, but then there is no show. What is Revenge without revenge?

2. Charlotte Grayson
Charlotte is probably the most hated character on the show. Not because she is a bad person, but because she is really annoying. When Season 3 first premiered people couldn't stop talking about how annoying Charlotte and her new bangs were. If Charlotte shoots Emily she will finally have an interesting arc. Charlotte has a motive and this would progress her character. Charlotte is the perfect shooter. If I were one of the writers I would make Charlotte the killer. Charlotte could find out that Emily is her half sister. Maybe this is why Emily says sorry in the end. She is sorry that she never told her and than before Emily can explain Charlotte shoots her.

1. Daniel Grayson

In two weeks we will see the wedding of a lifetime. Daniel and Emily are finally getting married, but as you can see it does not seem like things will go well for them. Daniel is a nice guy, and even though he is a Grayson you don't utterly despise him. Daniel has slowly been drifting apart from Emily. Not helping matter Victoria and Charlotte are playing devil's advocate and pushing him even farther away from Emily. If Daniel finds out the truth I see his character doing a total 360. Even though we are empathetic to Daniel's character you can also see that he is still a Grayson. This can bring an interesting arc for his character and makes the most sense.

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  1. Great Article Kat! I love this show and speculating on it is half the fun!

    The reason why this is so good is because just about everyone has a motive to shoot her, Victoria, Conrad, Charlotte, Daniel, and more. I think if they bring David back though it will be in a series finale.