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The Reyes' Comic Pick-Up List 4-9-14

Hey comic fans, here is my Weekly Pick-Up List  for Frontline this week. This is where I let you guys see what I’m picking up for the week.  My Pick-Up List is a little different though. I grade the comics on how excited I am for them. If they score a full 5 out of 5 that means I'm uber excited for this issue and cannot wait to read it. I will also be taking recommendations in the comments for next weeks Pick-Up List. So if you guys want to see me review any comic just tell me in the comments and I'll consider picking it up for next weeks Pick-Up List. Lets get this week started!

All-New Ultimates #1

Cataclysm may have not been my favorite event ever  but I'm still very excited to see the aftershock of Galactus attack on the Ultimate U. Anything with Miles at the forefront will be an instant purchase.

Excitement Level: 2/5

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

I don’t know much about the character of Iron Fist so I'm jumping into this book a new reader. So hopefully this issue has a back story on who the Iron Fist is. The art looks amazing and the story looks fun so I'm hopeful that this will be a keeper.

Excitement Level: 3/5

Coffin Hill #7

Coffin Hill has been solid since the start and it just keeps getting better. I’ve decided to start reviewing this series on Comic Frontline because this issue starts a new story arc. Hopefully more people will pick up this series and realize its awesomeness. If you like witches you’ll like Coffin Hill.

Excitement Level:  3/5

Black Widow #4

Black Widow #3 started a new story in the life of Natasha Romanov. I can’t wait so see how this story pans out and hopefully it will continue to push Black Widow’s stock in the Marvel U

Excitement Level: 3/5

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2

I know this issue came out a couple of weeks ago but I had to un-drop this series after I saw the awesomeness that was Captain America 2. Issue 1 was really great so im looking forward to see how this series progresses. One complaint that I have is the semi absence of the Winter Soldier, I’m hoping that gets fixed with this issue.

Excitement level: 3.5/5

Superman/Wonder Woman #7

I really like the relationship between Supes and Wonder Woman, it seems more organic and natural than Superman and Lois Lane but this isn’t the reason I’m picking up this issue. The reason I'm adding this to my pick up list is because of Doomed. I’m very excited about Doomed and Action Comics was awesome so hopefully this issue can continue that awesomeness.

Excitement Level: 4/5

All New X-Men #25

My top 3 most anticipated issues are kind of interchangeable because i’m super excited about all 3. Jean Grey is one of my favorite X-Men characters of all time and Young Jean is no different. I’m hoping that after the crazy last issue of the Trials of Jean Grey the original 5 have to be experiencing a flood of emotions. Hopefully Jean Grey can keep her new powers in check and not continue to be plagued by the shadow of the Phoenix.

Excitement Level: 4/5

The Walking Dead #125

All Out War is incredible! The Walking Dead can do no wrong and the last 25 issues prove it. From the set up to the penultimate issue this series has been incredible and I know that the second to last issue of All Out War will be amazing.

Excitement Level: 4.5/5

Batman Eternal #1

After re reading Batman #28 I’m overly excited about Batman Eternal now. STEPHANIE BROWN is all that has to be said and you’ve got a buy from this guy! Hopefully this series lives up to my overly high expectations.

Excitement Level: 5/5 (It’s over 9000!)

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