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The Reyes Countdown #3 Week Of 4-09-14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

All-New Ultimates #1  (Number 9 worst pick of the week)

All-New Ultimates #1 is a complete and utter disappointment on an epic scale. I was hoping for a good start but from page 1 the whole issue fell flat for me.  The art was terrible and I mean TERRIBLE. The story isn’t interesting at all and I hate the unnecessary change in Spider-Woman's character. I’m going to give this series one more chance to really grab my attention and if it fails to excite me then I'm done.

Score: 1.5/5

Coffin Hill #7 (Number 8)

This issue was really disappointing but not because it was poorly written or drawn badly. I didn’t like this issue because it felt like an intrusive filler issue that really didn’t have anything to do with what was going on in the series. I really can’t wait for the next issue and the beginning of a new story arc.

Score: 2/5

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1  (Number Seven)

I enjoyed this issue a lot more than I expected to and I learned a thing or two about Daniel Rand. This issue really helped me ease into the history of the Iron Fist and it didn’t feel like a chore to read. The only reason its so low on the countdown if because of the art. The art isn’t horrible but It’s gonna take some time to get used too. But other than that this Issue one did it’s job.

Score: 3/5

Black Widow #4  (Number Six)

Black Widow #4 was really well done and as action packed as ever. Natasha Romanov is a very interesting character (Which is something I never thought I’d say) and I’m shocked that she is as deep as she is. The story took an interesting turn but there were some issues. I really don’t like how (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Molot Boga was killed it felt a little too rushed. But I do like the new (old) villain that was introduced as the new big bad in Natasha's life.

Score: 3/5

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2 (Top 5)

Spy stories are awesome and this issue is no different. From the art to the writing this issue is freaking great and deserves to be in the top five of this countdown. My one big criticism is the fact that this series is named Winter Soldier but Ran Shen aka the Iron Nail is the main character in this series It just kind of annoys me that the series name is the very misleading and I really want Winter Soldier to have a more of a prominent role in this series.

Score: 3.5/5

Superman/Wonder woman #7 (Number 4)

This Doomed event is really shaping up to be something all right. Superman Wonder Woman #7 was a really well done issue that hit a lot of points for me with the relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman. The art is absolutely gorgeous throughout the whole book and this event is shaping up to be pretty great.

Score: 4/5

All-New X-Men #25 (Number 3)

I really don’t like anniversary issues because I feel like they're over-priced and not worth the money. With that said this All-New X-Men #25 was the exact opposite of a usual anniversary. This issue answered a lot of questions that were lingering and kind of acted as a prelude to Original Sin. Would Beast kill the Watcher? Wouldn’t that be interesting? All the art was superb and the future scenarios were well written. I really liked this issue and I can’t wait for Original Sin and All-New X-Men #26.

Score: 4/5

The Walking Dead #125 (Number Two)

Why is All Out War so damn good?! Everything about this book is great and I’m really sad this arc is ending. I really love the intense suspense in  The Walking Dead and this issue has a lot of that.  Anything can happen in the world of The Walking Dead and boy am I ready for 126. Hopefully Rick, Carl, and Andrea and make it out alive.

Score: 4.5/5

Batman Eternal #1 (Number One!)

Batman Eternal #1 is a damn good Bat-Book and you can tell that everyone writing this series really does care about the Bat-Universe. From the art to the story this issue was perfect, or at least perfect for me. This issue had the perfect blend of action of drama and detective work. This issue sets up a great upcoming story with the trial of James Gordon aka Commissioner Gordon. I really loved this issue and it is number one but I won’t be reading this series sadly. I just don’t have the funds to handle a weekly book because I have a lot of books to pick up every week. With that said I will be picking up Futures End weekly just because it feels more important than Batman Eternal.

Score: 5/5

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