Monday, May 19, 2014

To The Warren Born: Melinda Warren

Hey everyone, this week on Comic Frontline and Comic Related we are doing a Bonus week for Zenescope. Last week I reviewed Season 9 of Charmed, and this week I decided to give some bonus features to those reviews by doing some profiles this week of the four Charmed Ones, and their loved ones.

Today I am going to start with the beginning, Melinda Warren. Melinda was born on October 31, 1670 to two mortal parents Charlotte Warren and Lawrence Cutler. Charlotte saw that Larence was missing and she knew instinctively that he would never return so she went to see a powerful witch then known as Isabel who we would later know as Neena to make it so she was never pregnant. Neena told Charlotte that her knowledge that Lawrence wasn't coming back was a premonition from her unborn baby who she later tells Melinda her was:
"Melinda Warren, you were an aberration. A powerful witch born to two humans with no innate magic, who would give birth to a line culminating in the most powerful trio of witches the world would ever know"

Neena gives Charlotte the Triquetra that has become the symbol of the Charmed Ones. She told her to take it and sent her to Virgina to meet Eva, a good witch who along with her coven would help bring the baby into the world to for the future of all witches. On the night she was born an evil witch named Ruth Cobb wanted Charlotte's baby but as fate would have it the Charmed Ones arrived and helped Eva and her coven protect Charlotte and her unborn baby that the Charmed Ones were unaware that the baby would be the beginning of their magical line. The Charmed Ones surrounded Charlotte and in a shield of good magic to protect mother and child. It wasn't until after the baby was born that they found out that the baby was Melinda Warren.

At some point Melinda moved to Salem, Massachussets where she gave birth to her daughter Prudence and begin the most powerful tome in all of magic, the Warren family's Book Of Shadows. It was in Salem during the Witch Trials that Melinda would meet her fate when she began an affair with a man named Matthew Tate who she would find out was a warlock who was using her to steal her powers of Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization, and Premonition, and exposed her as a witch. Before she was set to be executed Melinda tricked Matthew into opening her locket trapping him inside until a member of her line releases him.

Due to Matthew outing Melinda as a witch she was sentenced to be burned at the stake. Melinda chose not to use her powers to escape her fate because she didn't want to expose magic to the world. Before she was burned Melinda had a premonition that she shared:
"You may kill me, but you cannot kill my kind. With each generation, the Warren line will grow stronger and stronger - culminating in the arrival of three sisters. Together, these three sisters will be the most powerful witches the world has ever known. They will be good witches and vanquish all kinds of evil. They will be known as the Charmed Ones." 
After her death Melinda would be called upon by the Charmed Ones to help them in great times of need beginning with the return of Matthew Tate in the present day and most recently when the Charmed Ones summoned the full Warren line of witches to fight Neena in the Upper Regions.

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