Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To The Warren Born: Penny And Patty Halliwell

Hey everyone, this week on Comic Frontline and Comic Related we are doing a Bonus week for Zenescope. Last week I reviewed Season 9 of Charmed, and this week I decided to give some bonus features to those reviews by doing some profiles this week of the four Charmed Ones, and their loved ones. Today I am going with the Matriarchs of the Halliwell sisters, their Grams and their mother Patty.

Penelope "Penny" Halliwell is better known as Grams the Charmed Ones Grandmother who stepped in and raised them when their mother Patty was killed. I decided to continue it here because I am doing the Warren Witches that are most important to the Charmed Ones themselves.

Grams was born on June 23, 1937 in Boston, Massachusetts as a descendant of Melinda Grams inherited her power of telekinesis and became one of the most powerful witches of her bloodline. Grams created many of the potions and spells within the Book of Shadows.

That wasn't always the case with Grams, she started out as a peace-loving witch who didn't believe in vanquishing demons but instead believed that she could create spells and potions to purify them, until the 1960's when her friends who were posing as good witches killed her first husband Allen, father to her only daughter Patty who was born on April 5, 1950. After that Grams decided to dedicate herself to her craft and honed her skills at vanquishing demons.

Grams married three more times and was engaged 2 other times all of which had turned her cynical to the notion of trusting any man. This attitude towards when put a great strain on her relationship with Patty and her husband Victor Bennett, whose name Penny refused Patty to take. Despite giving Penny three beautiful granddaughters Victor was never accepted by Penny and resented Patty and her magic life.  The strain lead to Patty and Victor having problems and Patty to turn to her Whitelighter Sam Wilder with whom she had her fourth daughter who she gave up for adoption Paige Matthews.

Grams helped Patty bind her daughters powers in order to protect them from a Warlock. After Patty died on February 28, 1978 Grams stepped up as her Granddaughters surrogate mother raising them. Before her death Grams was going to relieve the girls of their powers completely. Patty's spirit begged Grams not to do this that it should be their choice, but Penny feared that their powers had been bound for too long and didn't want them to live the lives that she and their mother had lead and die like their mother did, but before she could finish the potion she died of a heart attack.

The two would appear numerous times throughout the series both on TV and in the comics helping the Charmed Ones when they needed it most and to guide them from afar when they didn't even know it. In Season 9 Grams and Patty made a deal with Cole to help him find peace and move on to the afterlife if he helped them find the soul of Prue while telling her sisters that she was just unable to come to terms with seeing them still.

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