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To The Warren Born: Prudence "Prue" Halliwell

Hey everyone, this week on Comic Frontline and Comic Related we are doing a Bonus week for Zenescope. Last week I reviewed Season 9 of Charmed, and this week I decided to give some bonus features to those reviews by doing some profiles this week of the four Charmed Ones, and their loved ones. Today I am going with the firstborn Charmed One, Prudence "Prue" Halliwell.

Prudence "Prue" Halliwell was October 28th 1970, the oldest daughter of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Prue inherited many traits from the Warren line. From Melinda Pru inherited her Charmed Powers that started with Telekinesis, and evolved to include Astral Projection. From her Grams Penny Prue got her fierce dedication to her family and craft. Finally from her mother Patty, Prue learned to forgive and to be open to love. The last gifts being the hardest for Prue to accept.

Prue was always driven being successful in everything she did and made sacrifices for her family. Prue became a surrogate mother to her sisters when their mother died and their father left. Prue put her life on hold for her family giving up her passion for photography to get a more stable job to help her family. Prue ended up following her interest in history and antiques that lead her to working at Buckland's Auctions House that was run by warlocks who were after the Power Of Three. Eventually Prue realized that she needed to follow her dreams and got back into photography landing a job at 415 Magazine.

Prue was the most effected by Phoebe reciting the incantation in the Book of Shadows. When the Charmed Ones came into their powers and Prue opened up to their destiny she also opened herself up to love again with her old boyfriend Andy Trudeau who was also ripped from her life by magic.

But the biggest thing Prue lost to magic was her life on May 17, 2001 when the Source of All Evil sent his personal assassin Shax to kill the Charmed Ones and Prue died in the battle. Prue's death had a profound lasting effect on her sisters, especially Piper. Her death also effected the Power of Three. Prue's death disrupted the destiny of the Charmed One's the prophecy couldn't come to pass, but from her higher plane Prue lead her sisters to their youngest sister Paige, the sister their mother gave up for adoption and none of them ever knew about. With the Power of Three reunited Prue thought she could move on but she couldn't she was bound to her sisters still.

Prue left her reunion with her true love Andy and found a witch that She found a witch named Patience that Charon the soul collector had gone after, leaving her in a coma with no chance of recovery and took over her body. To not interfere with the new "Power of Three", Prue chose to stay away from her sisters and instead use her powers the way they were meant to be used; to protect innocents. 

Grams and Patty sent Cole Turner who was stuck in limbo to find Prue's soul in exchange for them helping him move onto the afterlife and find peace. Cole found Prue's soule in Salem Massachusetts. After telling Cole her story and why she can't let her sister know she is alive or the Power of Three could be severed Paige shows up and upon touching Patience the two sisters are thrown across the room and all their powers go haywire.

Prue tells her sisters her story and decides to completely give up her Warren powers and repairing the Powr of Three and leaving her with Patience's natural born Wiccan powers. Prue would later return possessing the Power of Three allat once when Rennek uses Leo's sword and the Grimoire This made Pru the most Powerful Witch and had her trying to maintain some order amongst all of the chaos. Prue figured out that the way to give her sister’s back their powers is to keep using them draining them from her and returning them to her sisters.

After Prue's return she helps her sisters in defeating Rennek. The Sisters learn about the Nexus of the All that is located in the desert. During the battle Prue grabs the Sword Leo took from the Upper Regions and with it she absorbed the Grimoire and became the Guardian of the All vanquishing Rennek. Prue now has the spells and runes from the Grimoire all over her as mystical tattoos. With her new role and powers Prue casts a spell setting the magical and mortal worlds back erasing all memories from humanity but at the same time making sure they never truly forget just in case magic is ever exposed. As the Guardian of the Nexus of the All Prue can not leave it so she creates a replica of the Halliwell Manor.Cole takes on the role of Prue’s liaison between her and her sisters and the rest of the outside world.

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