Saturday, October 18, 2014

Like Father, Like Daughter From Screenplay To Comic

Do you remember that issue of Action Comics when Clark Kent left Lois Lane and their child because he had to be Superman? Do you remember that issue of Amazing Spider-Man where Peter Parker left Mary Jane after she gave birth to Mayday because he had to be Spider-Man? No? Really? It's ok those things never happened. But they did happen to Invulnerable in Like Father, Like Daughter an upcoming comic by Kat Comic Uno. Deadbeat dad? Supreme Superhero? Horrible Husband? Which one is Invulnerable? With great power comes great responsibility, but every man, even an Invulnerable one has a breaking point.

That is the premise behind Kat's comic the innovative spin on the classic Superhero genre comic, Like Father, Like Daughter. This is something you have never read before. The book started off as a school assignment for Kat who is a film student and was given the task of writing a screenplay. Kat drew upon her life long passion and love for comic books and wrote Like Father, Like Daughter last semester a story about a girl named Casey who's father was a hero, but not her hero like most girls her age. Casey's dad is Invulnerable who is a real life honest to goodness super-powered hero which everyone loves but Casey and her mom because to be that hero he left them when Casey was a little girl.

From there Kat couldn't get that screenplay out of her head and while she was preparing to write a new screenplay she thought back to Like Father, Like Daughter  and wanted to make it into a comic. She had the idea, she had the story, now all she needed was an artist. Once again Kat drew from her passion, this time her passion of reviewing comics on YouTube and went to YouTube with a video looking for an artist. Kat gave a brief description of what the story was and the type of art she was looking for, for the book which would be funded through a Kickstarter.

Kat posted her video to sites like Reddit where it caught the eye of Rashaan from Short Fuse Media Group who contacted her and they began talking about bringing this project to life. Kat announced this partnership through a few of her videos including her 5,000 Subscriber LIVE Show Q & AShort Fuse is a company that up until now specialized in personalizing comics and action figures as gifts, but have decided to get into the indie comic publishing business with Like Father, Like Daughter as their first publication under that banner.

Short Fuse produced a Website to help get the word of mouth about this project out to people before the Kickstarter went up to show everyone what they would be supporting. The site is beautifully done with concept art, weekly one-page one-shot shorts, a weekly blog, fan art submissions, contests that allow you to get your work put out in the public forum, an upcoming web comics, and more!

With the Kickstarter fast approaching Kat returned to her channel with a LIVE Q & A Show all focusing on Like Father, Like Daughter. This show she answered questions about the series, her relationship with Short Fuse and the process of getting to this point. Kat also announced some contests that the website would be holding that allows something other comic companies don't do a chance for you the fan to showcase your work online through them.

The day arrived finally! The Kickstarter launched! Not just Kat's friends, family and viewers took notice, the industry did as well....

Last night Kat along with Short Fuse Media did another LIVE Q & A Show to support the project and answer everyone's questions about it.

You may be asking yourself: What is the point of this article? This is all stuff you may already know, but there are things you don't know. Kat does a lot of work for a lot of places outside of Comic Frontline. She is a full time college student, a daughter, a sister and a friend. She has her own channel Comic Uno, works here on Comic Frontline, our Group Channel, as well as contribute to sites like Comic Vine, Movie Pilot, Entertainment Fuse and many more. She also helps support the YouTube Community with her annual Geeky Awards, and she is always willing to do a collab video to help a channel or retweet to help a friend out.

We are all trying to help Kat promote her Kickstarter, Brant and Nicole did articles that made me admire them for how great they turned out on Comic Related and Entertainment Fuse respectively. Mike Spider-Slayer also did an awesome video on it on his channel Comic Book Corner 2.0.

If you have watched my reviews, seen me on Frontline LIVE, Media Madness or read my articles on here you probably think my greatest hero is Superman. Right? You're wrong. My greatest hero is someone whose stories were never put in a book, my hero is my dad; who I lost 7 years ago. He taught me many things in life and one of them was to follow my dreams, he used to tell me "Never let your fears eclipse your greatness." He also taught me to help boost someone else who may be reaching for their dream. That is why I backed Kat's Kickstarter she didn't let her fears eclipse her greatness and she is reaching for that dream. So I am asking you can you lace your fingers and give her a boost to reach her dream by supporting her Kickstarter?

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All images images are courtesy of Short Fuse Media


  1. That was a great article Jay. It's fitting you would write one of best articles for LFLD on your Media Madness cohost and longtime bud. Great recap of everything Comic Uno's been through, it would make a great feature on DVD, the story behind the story. Thank you for sharing your family story which really hits home the reason why people should support something like this. Big Thumbs Up man!

  2. Thank you so much Scotty for the kind words. I believe in the project and I think it deserves to be out there for everyone to enjoy.

    I would also support any of the Frontline Family because they each have something inspiration that I admire about them and would support :)

    My dad is still my greatest inspiration and I am glad his words resonate with others as much as they do with me.

    Once again thank you for all your support we really appreciate it!