Sunday, November 23, 2014

Geek Fuel: Let Your Geek Flag Fly!

Last week we were contacted by a new company Geek Fuel that were debuting their monthly subscription mystery boxes. These mystery boxes are in the same vein as Loot Crate and 1Up where they send out a box each month filled with geeky goodness. I have never really been tempted by one of these before but something about this one had me interested. I think it was that they are really dedicated to the Geekdom. Within just days I received my Geek Fuel Mystery Box in the mail and did an unboxing video!

Right away I felt like this company wasn't a corporation out to market items and make a quick buck, but were actually a part of the Geek Community themselves and were ready and willing to share cool merchandise with everyone! I found that to be true once I opened my box and got a look at what it contained. Check out the unboxing video then read below for more thoughts on them!

This is their first box and they offered some really cool items that I think really encompass all aspects of the Geek Culture. Some of these boxes seem to be geared towards one type of person (Comic Book Fan, Video Gamer, Etc) but Geek Fuel really did encompass all aspects.

For the film and book Geeks out there you get, The Princess Bride Playing Cards by Albino Dragon. As you can see by this picture I got Deck #2 which I actually prefer The backs look like an average deck of cards while the face cards each have beautifully illustrated caricatures of the characters from the cult classic movie. Not to mention they give them in a really nice red velvet cinch bag, so you can reuse it to carry your cards or something else in.

Then if you are not just a book/film Geek but a Foodie too, or if you have kids we got a poster and a promo card for The Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook that gives us a really cool The Lord Of The Rings recipe that is fun and easy to do (and kids LOVE IT!). The Eye Of Sauron recipe is fun, simple, inexpensive and yummy!

For the gaming and toy Geeks out there you get a Halo Alpha Mega Bloks Minifigure Mystery Pack. I got a Covenant Storm Grunt. The figure is well done.

Next for the Pez and Star Wars fans out there you get a Star Wars Pez dispenser and candy! Ahhhh bringing back memories! I got the C-3PO Pez dispenser and it was pretty cool, especially as a Sheldon fan (The Big Bang Theory fans will get that LOL).

Now for the comic book Geek (the best there is) you get a copy of Valiant Entertainment BIG Event of 2014 Armor Wars #1! I love that I got the Foil Cover!

Geek Fuel said they will most likely send a T-Shirt every month and with this being their first they did a Geek Fuel T-Shirt that is not just a really cool shirt (that I WILL wear this Tuesday night on Frontline LIVE!) but is also a limited edition and even has a little number tag on the shirt! How cool is that?

Finally they gave a nice little booklet Geek Fuel: Geek Guide In A World... This booklet is pretty awesome! It is like the box itself where there is a little for everyone.

  • Box Office Geek Out
  • Gamer Geek Out
  • An Inside Look At Albino Dragon
  • The 4th Annual Designer Toy Awards
  • Behind The Design
  • The Heart of Valiant: A Look Inside An Epic Comic Event
  • Ultimate Geek Gift Guide
  • Kickstarter Thank You!

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All items are courtesy of Geek Fuel

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