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Zenescope: On The Shelves 02-04-2015

Zenescope: On The Shelves 02-04-2015

 Zenescope  Entertainment  is celebrating their Year10 milestone in 2015 by releasing 10 issues per month. With a mix of the ongoing and brand new, these releases contain the hottest and most sought after stories in the Grimm Universe! On The Shelves will keep you informed on what they have coming out every week with a little preview!

"Ten issues per month is the perfect way to celebrate our ten year anniversary. It keeps the amount of issues manageable for fans and allows us to really focus on the quality of our titles.” 
Joe Brusha, Zenescope Co-Creator and President 

 Zenescope  Year 10  releases feature the ever-popular GRIMM FAIRY TALES, ROBYN HOOD, REALM WAR, GRIMM TALES OF TERROR, AND WONDERLAND.  These on-going titles will be joined by modern mini-series including THE LITTLE MERMAID and THE WHITE QUEEN plus the 3rd installments of OZ and THE JUNGLE BOOK.

 Zenescope  Year 10  event highlights graphic novels and collections including the WARLORD OF OZ and GRIMM TALES OF TERROR hardcovers, a ROBYN HOOD omnibus, and the much-anticipated GRIMM FAIRY TALES SOURCE BOOK.

Grimm Tales of Terror #7 – Bloody Mary

As the legend goes, if you say those words three times while looking in a mirror, the ghost of Bloody Mary will appear.  But what happens when an innocent ghost story becomes much more real?

The horror anthology series from Zenescope Entertainment continues!

Grimm Tales of Terror #7
Story By: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Josh Gorfain
Written By: Ralph Tedesco
Art By: Joel Ojeda (1-13) and Eleonora Carlini (14-22)
Colors By: Fran Gamboa
Letters By: Micah Myers
Edited By: Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date:  2/4/15

The White Queen #1 (Mini-series) LAUNCH POINT
This story takes place between the events of Wonderland: Age of Darkness and Wonderland #26. From the amazing creative team from Grimm Fairy Tales vs Wonderland

The Age of Darkness has descended and the four mystical realms surrounding Earth have since merged.  Calie Liddle, Wonderland’s White Queen, becomes a pawn in the Dark Queen’s ultimate plan.  Though she opposes those plans, Calie must do the Dark Queen’s bidding….if she wants her daughter’s life spared.

Wonderland enters the Age of Darkness!!

The White Queen #1 (Mini-series) LAUNCH POINT
Story By: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Troy Brownfield
Written By: Troy Brownfield
Art By: Luca Claretti
Colors By: Leonardo Paciarotti
Letters By: Charles Pritchett
Edited By: Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date:  2/4/15

Grimm Fairy Tales #107 – LAUNCH POINT

Sela’s duties one again take her away from Arcane Acre when former HiboCorp agent, Jessica Ciampo, approaches her with a dangerous task.  Back at the school, a spirit appears to Ali with a message for Hailey.  A new evil rears its head at Arcane Acre and before sun falls, it will strike out against the students.

Grimm Fairy Tales #107 – LAUNCH POINT
Written By: Pat Shand
Art By: Andrea Meloni
Colors By: Erick Arciniega
Letters By: Ghost Glyph Studios
Edited By: Nicole Glade
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 2/4/15

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #2 (of 2)

Hollywood and Zombies collide in this hilarious parody comic from  Zenescope  Entertainment !

After a zombie outbreak hits Hollywood, a group of star actors finds itself trapped in the Roosevelt Hotel. With few options left, the A-List celebrities try to put their differences (and EGOS!) aside while chaos surrounds them. Can the eclectic group work together as a team or are they destined to fall victim to the zombie horde?

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #2 (of 2)
Written By: Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha
Art By: David Lorenzo Riveiro
Colors By: Jorge Alberto Cortes
Letters By: Jim Campbell
Edited By: Nicole Glade
Price: $5.99
Release Date: 2/4/15

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All images are courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment

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