Monday, April 13, 2015

Comic Frontline: Convergence Week 1 Reviews

Comic Frontline: Convergence Week 1 Reviews

Back in November DC Comics announced their next big event: CONVERGENCE!  Convergence is the two-month comic book event that promises to rock the DC Multiverse to its very core. DC teased us with their first images featuring the newly created character Telos and told us that the event will consist of a 9-Part main book CONVERGENCE #0-#8 and 40 2-part miniseries. Well CONVERGENCE Week 1 is here and with it comes the Pre-Flashpoint DCU and fan favorites like Donna Troy, Wally West, Ryan Choi and more! Like last year's Futures End event Comic Frontline will be reviewing EVERY CONVERGENCE book, here are all our reviews for Comic Frontline: Convergence Week 1!

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