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Mimi's Rapid Fire Reviews: Badass Ladies - Black Canary #2, Harley Quinn #18 And Some Badass Guys!

Hi world, my name's Mimi and here's my reviews for Black Canary #2, Doctor Fate #2, Harley Quinn #18, Martian Manhunter #2, Robin Son of Batman #2, Ant-Man Annual #1 and Hail Hydra #1!

Black Canary #2 On Sight

Black Canary #1 was in my opinion, a very fun start to the series. Black Canary #2 just ramped up the fun and crazy from the start. I love how Black Canary's bandmates react to just her being her normal badass self. I'm pumped to see more of her back story in this series to see how they really make it different than the original/previous series. Her classic Canary Cry destroys band equipment frequently throughout the bands concerts! 

In issue #2, the band have been training in hand to hand combat and now Black Canary is showing them how to really shoot a gun. This just made me smile while reading it. I just really love watching her teach people how to defend themselves all casual like it's no big deal while they watch her like she's got five heads. I love that Black Canary took down her attacker inside the music store with flutes!

Favorite Quotes:

''Chest. Shoulders. Head. Don't bother with legs, you'll never hit them. Aim for center body mass.''
''Pain is good for the soul. Speaking of which, why don't you all practice your hand-to-hand and quit gawking in awe at my hair-dye Kung-Fu?'' 
''I'm allergic to trouble. Oh no, that's not it. I'm allergic to show off jerks.''
I'm leaving out the kick-ass plot twist ending boys and girls.

What I Liked Most: The really cool Figure ''read this way'' doodles.
What I Disliked Most: Dinah was dyeing her hair but than it didn't change color? Did she not wash it out or did they decide, ''Nah'' and forget to go back and color it a darker shade or a different color?

My Rating For This Issue Is:

Doctor Fate #2 Rising Tide

Funny story, I don't know Doctor Fate all that much but I freaking loved this issue.  This was a tie with Hail Hydra #1 for my pick of the week.

The opening line made me laugh out loud, ''This is insane. Totally freaking insane. A talking cat convinces me to put you on, I hallucinate flying, and when I take you off- I'm on top of this dumb monument.''

Poor guy goes onto think this is the strangest panic attack ever. ''Two days to med school and I'm acting like I should be taken away by the men in white coats.''
Six Flags placement on page 4 boys and girls!
Side note, on page 5 I learned the characters name was Khalid which is the name of one of my best friends so it looks like I'll be making him read this series now.
When Doctor Fate's helmet hovered over Khalid's laptop and pulled up Egyptian mythology he replied with ''I'm going to med school, not for a useless PhD in archeology. Don't mess with my laptop, you crazy antique.''
What I Liked Most: Khalid being in that whole ''Why me'' phase of the story. Sometimes I just really love seeing characters adjusting to what 'fate' has thrown into there lives.
What I Disliked Most: The fact I have to wait for issue #3. Kidding, okay yeah, I do dislike the wait but what I disliked was the lack of say a 'fuller' form of Doctor Fate in a mirror or something else to really freak Khalid out but that's just me.

My Rating For This Issue Is:

Harley Quinn #18 Fish Food
I never thought I'd read a comic with this many Harley Quinn type characters. I also realized I can't read Harley's Brooklyn-esq accent out loud but I know how it sounds?  To be honest I wasn't all that thrilled with the beginning of the issue but as it went on I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I enjoyed the fact that the comic didn't really take itself all that seriously and I liked the art style.

While the girls run off Bolly say's she's still convinced they could've taken the four guys who held them up but than bam, Harley let's out a quote that made me smile, ''Never get'cherself killed over a thingamajig 'specially a phone thatcha can replace. Yer life is worth more than that. Y'gotta be smart. live ta fight another day, an' all that stuff.''

After Harley takes some of the sea weed drug of the issue we get a really funny tripping sequence of her as a Pirate with a pretty rocking outfit. The rival ship is called the Gotham Mist and the Captain is of course the Joker and they took Poison Ivy whose a mermaid. I don't know why I loved this part so much but I did.

Favorite Quotes:
My Harley senses are tingling. 
- Harley Quinn
You have special senses?
- Bolly Quinn
Yeah from growin' up in Brooklyn, I can see 360 degrees in every direction. You probably have 'em too.
- Harley Quinn
Okay, that's it. Which one a' you punks wants a taste a' my pricky sticky first? Wait, wait, that's just horrible. Okay, I got it now. Which one of you dingleholes wants to eat some baseball bat?
 - Harley Quinn
Another bit of dialogue I enjoyed was Harley and Bolly (Jesus I wouldn't be able to handle writing names this similar.) are held up by some gangster's who want Harley's phone. After Harley says they can have it she says the phone has a bomb inside of it, ''that's set to go off a few minutes after it leaves my personal space. The explosive inside can take down a city block. Sure it doesn't look like it's possible, but, well, you just haveta see it for yerself.'' 

Entreatingly enough, while she fights with her hallucination Joker they ended up ripping most of each other's clothes off than make out while his ships sinking and we get this awesome shot of them kissing and him holding a gun that shoots out BANG all classic style.

Over all, the issue took me by surprise. It wasn't my favorite comic ever but it was a cute read for a series I've basically ignored it's existence of.

What I Liked Most: The sea weed dream sequence.

What I Disliked Most: The freaking names for all the different members of Harley's Gang.

My Rating For This Issue Is:

Martian Manhunter #2 Weapon part 2

J'onn is one of those characters I want to hug. I just feel bad for him in every comic I've ever read him in and this issue certainly didn't eliminate my urge to hug the big guy.

Superman crashes J'onn's talk with Helen, the woman who had that awesome ''boom'' quote that I enjoyed. When J'onn start's to fight Superman (who I'm still adjusting to having just a t-shirt and jeans as his outfit), Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg pop up as well.

The fight scene that commenced was pretty freaking awesome. I really did enjoy this issue even though I hadn't read the first one let alone know a lot about J'onn.

Favorite Quotes: 
''Yes. It's something we're playing with. Trying to generate a localized worm hole for inter-galactic travel unsuccessfully, thus far, it umm, tends to annihilate 94 percent of any object we place in it. In layman's terms it makes things go boom.''
Where do you keep train? I want to eat your train. 
Holy crap.
Yeah, that told you! Show some respect for your freakishly tall elders, ya bum.

What I Liked Most: 'Mr Biscket's' and Alicia.

What I Disliked Most: Superman's new duds.

My Rating For This Issue Is:

 Robin: Son Of Batman #2

Damian, Damian, Damian, you should know to never call your mother by her first name unless you want your ass kicked. Except we didn't see Thalia al Ghul kick Damian's ass. Instead we got Thalia telling him he was starting his final year of training and the issue cut back and forth between the present with him making amends for what he did during that blood year of training where he royally screwed over this group of people.  Damian was a little asshole like he was in all of the other issue's I've seen him in but that's what works about him. He's consistently an asshole with brief moments of kindness. He's also still a kid growing up and almost all children are completely assholes. Especially when they are the child of Thalia al Ghul and freaking Bruce Wayne. 

In all honesty I enjoyed this issue and I think I'll stick with the series. Damian is such an interesting character and one of darkest members of the Bat family in my opinion. There's just so much hatred and anger in such a tiny child.

Nobody was a pretty cool character. I liked the entertaining ''I want to kill you'' banter between her and Damian. I really enjoyed the fact she's just going to pal around with him while he's on his redemption quest for all of his killing during the Year of Blood, aka his last year of training to be the next Ras Al Ghul it seems. 

Favorite Quote:

Is this the part where we all hug?

- Nobody

What I Liked Most:
 Nobody and Damian, they were really entertaining.

What I Disliked Most: Damian's bat thing that he road around like a giant dog. I guess it's something nostalgic for everyone else but me.

My Rating For This Issue Is:

 Ant-Man annual #1 

I am one of those fans who knew nothing of Ant-Man before the movie. I did a little research just to see what I was getting into but wasn't all that impressed. However, I ended up loving this comic.

I've come to terms with the fact that anytime a comic has the word 'annual' in it, I'm probably going to love it and want my own copy. This comic was filled with laugh out loud humor for me. I thought that art was done well and the characters were all interesting enough that I enjoyed reading this issue. If an Ant-Man annual #2 comes out, I'll be sure to read it. Scott and Hank were a very funny duo so I hope if I do keep on reading Ant-Man, I get to see that from time to time.

I freaking hate Ants, they both me all summer long yet I found myself enjoying a comic about a guy called Ant-Man. It was a great comic about a really, in my opinion, currently rather useless character but my views will hopefully change after I see the movie with Comic Uno Saturday afternoon.

Favorite Dialogue/Quote:

I just mean, It'd be great if we didn't just see each other as co-workers but, you know, as friends, too.Oh, you are just so needy aren't you? 
What I Liked Most: Scott's robotic friend appearing on the TV to change the football game.

What I Disliked Most: The friend in the bear costume, I just didn't get why he was in a freaking bear costume. I know both of Scott's employees are apparently ex criminals but why a bear suit?!

My Rating For This Issue Is:

Hail Hydra #1

Just when I thought I'd be finally done making badly timed ''Hail Hydra'' jokes, I had to read this comic. 

First things first, I really liked the cover. 

Ian Rogers was a pretty freaking cool character. I liked him. He had all of the token nobleness of Steve since he's Steve's adopted kid and all but fought in a slightly different way. Well, he goes by Nomad but I'm referring to him as Ian.

Of course Agent Ward was apart of this, coincidence/hint to Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. or just because they could? Nevertheless, Ward is only in it for half a page than he's gone.

Ian/Nomad was like a mini Steve fighting Zola in this weird new world that's New York City run by Hydra. I feel like ever since Captain America Winter Soldier, Hydra is going to be around a lot longer than Marvel probably originally thought it'd be. Now don't get me wrong, it was probably around again since Captain America the First Avenger but with the amazing success of Winter Soldier I think this whole Hail Hydra series really exists because of it.

Hail Hydra ended up being my favorite of the week. It was dramatic, emotional and comedic in all the right places. It paced well and the art was super freaking awesome.

Favorite Quotes:

''A day comes when we must choose who we become. We can try to hide from it. But the choice is stalking us, unavoidable. I was 12 years old when I faced mine."
''Dad's voice cuts through ''You don't have to carry the biggest stick to win a fight, just get control of the man who does.''
What I Liked Most:: Ian/Nomad's internal dialogue with himself.


My Rating For This Issue Is:

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