Friday, July 17, 2015

Doctor Who the Eleventh #14

So, funny story. As much of a Doctor Who fan that I am, I haven't been keeping up with the comics. When you go on Titan's website for Doctor Who the Eleventh #14, Titan has these cute little bullet points.


• Series co-writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams team up for an unmissable mini-epic, as a year's worth of stories come to a head!
• Can the Doctor save his new friends from their time-twisting fates?
• Will Alice find peace – or be marooned far from Earth?!
• Will ARC finally discover the truth about itself – or be reduced to atoms?!
• Will Jones fulfill his cosmic rock god destiny – or die among the stars?!
• And who will be left to join the Doctor as we head into Year Two?!

I knew none of this until I read the Previously part of the issue before the comic actually started. The art of this series is still something I'm adjusting to. I feel like the BBC comic art is funny looking caricature style without meaning to be. Or maybe it is on purpose and I'm just not a fan. 
Everyone in the Doctor Who fandom, the Whovians, each have a Doctor, the first one they watched on TV and for me it was Eleven so reading this issue already gave me a rather large amount of feelings before it even began. I enjoyed Alice as a companion, Jones was entertaining in that stupid comic relief way and ARC was cute. I think if I go back and read the previous 13 other issues I'll enjoy this issue more, appreciate more of it than I already did and really feel that cliff hanger ending more than I already did.

With this issue I didn't predict where it was going like I did with the 12th Doctor which was kind of nice. The writing was pretty sad to be honest because the TARDIS leaves the Doctor, ARC and Alice in the start of the issue. It's a pretty sad moment but also somewhat comedic because the panels just zoomed in on different parts of the TARDIS while 11 pleaded with her to stay but she left him alone making me sad along with probably anyone else reading the comic. 
The 12th Doctor is like the angry grandparent tired of every one's crappy life choices but still has that daredevil thrill seeking side to make you go, ''God damn it Grandpa you have to stop leaving the nursing home and attacking the nurses.'' 

The 11th Doctor is that child whose grown up too fast so to cope they still act like a child and throw random temper tantrums and when he does your just like ''Oh no, now he's angry, shit somethings probably going to blow up any second now.'' It's always sad for me to see 11 sad because he's always the bubbly stumbling Giraffe child whose all limbs and trips over everything because he's still freaking growing. 

The fabulous thing about Doctor Who is that each Doctor is still the same person but each actor, and obviously group of writers, portray them differently. They have the memories of previous generations so that's always fun. It's a great way to be able to pull something way out of left field and get to go ''Oh yes, I dealt with that years ago'' Insert super imposed image of another form of the Doctor doing something probably identical to what's going on at that specific moment. 

But I digress, seeing 11 all devastated over the TARDIS leaving him than eventually finding her in another dimension with (Insert character here) was freaking fabulous. I loved the ending plot twist because I didn't see it coming at all. I didn't predict where this issue was going so good job writers! 

What I Liked Most: Jone's thinking he's dead and not listening to 11 or ARC.

What I Disliked Most: The art style. The colors great but the style is still growing on me.
Rating: 4 and a half our of five. 

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