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Mimi's Rapid Fire Reviews: Outcast #10, Red Skull #1, Batman Beyond # 2 & more!

Hi Comic Frontline fans! My name's Mimi and I have my reviews loaded and ready to shoot from the hip with Rapid Fire Reviews! This week I fires off on Outcast #10, Doctor Who Twelve #9, Batman Beyond # 2 Red Skull #1, and Giant Sized Little Marvel # 2! Check out what I thought on some comics I read this week and thanks for reading!

Outcast #10.

The last time I read an Outcast issue was sometime during Spring Break of this year and it was only issues one and two. However between now and when I read them, a trade of issues 1-6 has come out and I've yet to get a hold of it. Nevertheless, I read issue #10. It's nice to see that because of those two issues I was just fine with reading this issue.

I feel for the characters in this story, it's a dark world like real life but darker because of the demons that exist that are just making every one's lives hell. Ha, see what I did? Sorry, I couldn't pass that up.

Outcast is a good comic. It's dark and weird and sad all at the same time. You feel for the people in this story because it's all gone to shit without anyone really doing anything to cause it. Bad things just sort of happened and no one could stop it. That feeling is in this issue along with a sad possibility of hope for the adorable little girl on the cover. Of course the hope is from her parents only. 

What I Liked Most: The gritty art style, I loved it when I started reading it and it's still why I love it now. 

What I Disliked: THE PRIEST IS TOTALLY GOING TO DIE NOW OR GET SERIOUSLY INJURED AND I'M NOT READY FOR THAT. The Priest is an important character and of course killing him off will be emotional and a good story arch, that doesn't mean that I like seeing it coming.

I Give This Issue:

Doctor Who the Twelfth Doctor Issue #9, Gangland Part 1.

Previously in Doctor Who The 12th Doctor issue 8, ''When UNIT scientist Paul Foster crossed from a parallel dimension to ours to reunite with his family, a crack was created in our inverse. A horrifying group of body-hopping entities known as the Fractures spilled out of the void, determined to stop reality from rupturing. With panic sweeping the streets of London, the Doctor and Foster worked together to trap the creatures and return them to the void- but not without making a patent enemy of the Fractures, should they ever return.. Now, Clara and the Doctor are off to the 1960's Las Vegas for some rest and relaxation! But unearthly danger lurks under the desert city's neon lights.''

Personally, I love that the Doctor Who comics have a 'previously' spot before the issue begins. It makes it feel like I'm watching the TV show so that feels rather nice to have to read before the issue begins. Especially when I'm behind. I nearly lost it though on page 3 during the whole prequel/intro fight scene to the comic a line was '
''D'If was a deadly foe, a cunning, ruthless tyrant, but he had one weakness. He was  notorious GAMBLER. With their forced locked in a stalemate, Rassilon, adept at manipulating the flaws of both friends and enemies, challenged D'If to a game of chance. A game of death. And more than death.'' 

And guess what the game turned out to be boys and girls? None other than Russian roulette but in this issue it is known as 'Rassilon's roulette' and a time-gun is used instead of a normal gun. Of course because it's Doctor Who. ''Only one chamber of the weapon is loaded, but not with any ordinary bullet, with a time-bomb!''

I can't say why but I just thought this was adorable. Maybe because I feel like this is meant for all ages? Of course after the adorable story we cut to the Doctor and Clara where the Doctor holds the gun to his hand and wants to play the game. Page 8 has a great line ''It never occur to you that stealing from an organization the papers call 'Murder Incorporated' might be a bad idea?''

The art over all of this issue is pretty interesting. It kind of looks shiny and the drawing is just different than what I'm used to. It is consistent with the Tenth Doctor comic that I read though. The issue really wasn't bad, I just have a lot of mixed feelings about it. I think my main issue is I still have bitter feelings about the past Series/Season of Doctor Who on BBC America/BBC. I thoroughly enjoy Twelve, in the show and in his brief appearance in the comic, and I like Clara but like in the show,  her purpose in the comic is kind of just blah for me. I've started to really dislike her character so I guess It just transferred over to my feelings for this issue.

What I Liked Most: The lines that I've posted throughout this review. The writers are sassy and I appreciate it. 

What I Disliked: It was predictable. Almost painfully so for me. Maybe that's because I've watched the show for a few years now or maybe it's because I'm 22 and I feel like this is meant more for younger kids? Either way, it was predictable. 

I Give This Issue:

Red Skull #1


I don't know about you but there's just something about having a comic yell at you on the front page to make me excited to get started. I also love when not only is it yelling at me, but it's telling me EXACTLY what I need to know to jump into issue #1 of Red Skull.

I loved page seven's mug shots for Electro (Crossed borders without permission. member of the Order of the Red Skull), Magneto (Tore down a metal state of Doom in Mutopia.) Moonstone (Held secret meetings to propagate a lack of faith in Doom.) Jack O'Lantern (Blew up one of Doom's buildings in Doomstadt.), Lady Deathstrike (Gutted three Thors with her claws. Took a week to clean up the blood.) The Winter Soldier (A.K.A. James ''Bucky'' Barnes.) I'm lost at the fact Bucky didn't even have anything and he just looks like he's sulking in his photo.

I really enjoyed the rag tag bunch this issue threw together quite literally into the van/space ship type thing before the group gets told that even though they all pissed Doom off 'real good' they are getting another shot. ''Our God Doom is nothing if not a generous lord and he has an opportunity for you to redeem yourselves in his eyes. A real choice mission for you boys and girls. Y'all are familiar with the Red Skull? You might've heard the legends. Red Skull didn't care for Doom's rule over Battleworld and tried to unsuccessfully lead an uprising against him.  As punishment for his sins, Red Skull was sent over the shield where he died an ugly death. But there have been whispers among the watchers on the shield recently. Whispers that Red Skull survived. Escaped. And is at this very moment planning an attack on Doom's kingdom. Red Skull was already a symbol of dissent aganst Doom. but recently it's gotten-'' INCOMES, Lady Deathstroke not in the mood for the guards speech.

The guard who turns out to be CROSSBONES! Plot twist I didn't see coming because I just didn't see it coming guys and girls. I LOVE that curses are blocked out with little red cross bone skulls.

Crossbone's was very entertaining for me to read, especially with how he talked about 'Sheriff Strange' whose apparently 'a bit of a political monster. My guess Doom really said ''Bring me the red Skull's head in a box.''

The art in this comic is amazing. Well, to me it's amazing. I love the gritty style (If you can't tell I really love gritty/dark art) and just the over all style of the entire issue.

Than ANOTHER plot twist, Bucky in fact volunteered! I wanted to hug him the rest of the issue. Poor guy just doesn't want to deal with war but of course he always is.

The rest of the comic is some awesome fight scenes. Sorry/not sorry for all of the spoilers guys. Go buy this beauty ASAP.

What I Liked Most: The group that was assembled was a group of characters I knew and a few I didn't. I liked that I didn't know everyone in the group. They 'worked well' together for a bunch of people that didn't want to work together.

What I Disliked: I guess the sheer fact that OF COURSE Red Skull, the name of the freaking comic/issue, pops up to 'save the day' on page 21. Like of course he's going to pop up but better late than ever I guess.

I can't drop it because of the obvious appearance of Red Skull.

I Give This Issue:

Batman Beyond #2

''What's happened is that the world has become a rather awful place, Tim. Greed, apathy and corruption crushed our spirit. Brother Eye crushed our souls. The Eye spent years infiltrating computer networks and data systems worldwide. By the time we discovered he was active- he'd planted the seeds of destruction.''

Well, well, well, isn't that ominous dialogue five pages in of twenty three for a comic! Than again, it is Batman we're talking about.

''The people with the happy expressions show what happens after stage one, if he thinks you're worth investigating. The blank-faced people- their individuality erased, are stage two. Stage three? You're his. Cyborg.''

Inque is a ridiculously pretty. Like it kind of hurt to look at her when she wasn't in her attack mode style with Tim. Unless I'm wrong and it wasn't actually Inque, either way, that woman on the cover is swoon worthy.

Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon were very entertaining in this issue. Barbara wasn't taking his shit and Tim was just a lost puppy who wanted to punch things and no one was letting him until the end when he got to fight some crazy robots again. They were fun, or at least as fun as you can be in this really crazy world that Batman Beyond takes place in.

What I Liked Most: Inque if you couldn't tell.

What I Disliked: The Eye, it wasn't all that menacing, kind of just disappointing.

I Give This Issue:

Giant-Size Little Marvel A v. X #2

Mother of God, this was the cutest comic I think I've ever read. I've been a sucker for stuff like this for longer than I can remember. 

Watching The Avengers play dodge ball against the X-Men team was something I didn't know I wanted until I read this freaking issue. However it wasn't called dodge ball, it was called 'Marvel ball'. Apparently that usually means no powers but Iron Man blasted Cyclops because he threw a sucker punch blow at Cap. It was adorable and I loved it.

Some of my favorite lines were from Black Widow, Spiderman and Daredevil

Black Widow: ''Quiet, Pickle. We're way past rules. AVENGERS assemble all over their butts!'' 

While Black Widow's saying this we see Iron Man floating above the ground, Scarlett Witch and Thor watching where she's looking and Hulk and Cap looking at the hole that Hawkeye made in the wall from where Ice Man blasted him.

When recess finished, Spider-Man swings by and asks DD, ''Did you see who won?'' and DD replies with ''Very funny.''

Marville Elementary is freaking adorable guys. It just really is. I didn't take it all that seriously when I heard about it, not that you should take this comic seriously at all, but I wasn't intrigued. Now however I'm hooked. 

Tiny Bruce with his little pocket protector filled pocket was so cute I felt myself get a toothache looking at him.

The X-men have the 'Secret clubhouse of the astonishing, amazing, uncanny, super-dope X-Men.'' and the Avengers have the 'Secret clubhouse of the mighty, ultimate, super-fresh Avengers.'' and both club houses are ''Not so secretly about 10 feet from one another.''

What I Liked Most: The sheer fact both club houses are right next to each other, the way everything is drawn, okay I like a lot if you couldn't tell.

What I Disliked: NOT ENOUGH JOHNNY STORM. Does that even count? 

I Give This Issue:

Out of these issues, it's a tie between Red Skull #1 and Giant Size Little Marvel #2 for my pick of the week however since Constantine The Hellblazer #2 is coming out tomorrow I'm going to say that these three are my top three for the week and not actually pick a favorite because I'm super indecisive right now.  

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