Monday, July 13, 2015

SDCC 2015: Chuck Moore's Photo Flood 2 - Celebrities founder and current employee of CompleteSet, Chuck Moore shares the first of several photo floods from San Diego Comic Con International 2015!

Next up are some shots of various celebrities, one of whom may be following Chuck!
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All images are courtesy of Chuck Moore

Chuck Moore / Creator of Comic Related, Employed by CompleteSet, Podcaster at the Charlie Tonic Hour

What's my story? I grew up in southern Ohio. I owned seven comic shops in the 80s. I moved to Kentucky. I ran a radio station and did an alternative music show in the 90s. I traveled and did press work for the unlimited hydroplane racing series and with ESPN in the 00s. More recently, I formerly ran comic conventions, co-created a new podcast and helped launch a few other companies. All in a day's work and the day continues!

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