Saturday, November 14, 2015

Kat's Pull List for 11/18/15 "Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor"

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week's pull list.

451 Media Group

Six #1
I really liked Sunflower from 451 Media Group. So I wanted to try out another one of their number ones. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 


Fathom Blue #5
I think this is the last issue of this mini. It was an average book, that I thought had more potential. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121)  

Dark Horse

Power Cubed #3
This series is not really original, but fun enough to see through. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121)  

DC Comics

Batman and Robin Eternal #7
This has been a very solid weekly series and I am glad that we are learning a bit more about Mother. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121)  

Earth 2 Society #6
I've only been picking up this series for Lois Lane other than that the series is pretty bland. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121)   

Martian Manhunter #6
This issue is going to be make it or break it for me. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121)

Titan Hunt #2
There has been a lot of speculation about what this series means for the DC Universe. Hopefully we learn more with issue 2 so fans can speculate even more.    


The Beauty #4
This has quickly become one of my favorite indie titles! I have grown to really love the main detectives. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

I Hate Fairyland #2
I thought the first issue was pretty interesting for the series, but I think this issue will determine to see if I will officially add this title to my pull list. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

Savior #8
This book had a lot of potential, but fell flat. Hopefully the last issue can redeem the series for me. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

Huck #1
I really like the creative team for this book! I am getting this issue printed and hopefully I will like the story. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

Invincible #125
I like what Kirkman has been doing with the "reboot" for Invincible. It really shows how much Mark has grown as a character over the years. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 


Astonishing Ant Man #2
I wasn't a fan of Cassie's portrayal in the last issue. Hopefully we can see the gradually fixed. I am excited to see Ms. Thing!  

Extraordinary X-men #2
The first issue wasn't too original, but I do like the team and artwork.  

Star Wars Kanan #8
This series has been losing some steam for me, but I do like Weisman's writing so I will continue to pick it up. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

Mighty Thor #1
This is one of my most anticipated books for the week! I love the idea of Jane being Thor and I can't wait for Marvel to finally start exploring this.  

Ms Marvel #1
This is another book I am really excited to read this week! I am excited to see Kamala's new status quo as an Avenger and how that is effecting her life.  

Spider Woman #1
Another All New All Different Marvel title I am really anticipating! I love the idea of Jessica being pregnant.  

Star Wars Vader Down #1
I am really hoping this event will be a good jumping on point for me to start reading more Star Wars comics.  

Star Lord #1
It's kind of weird to see Star Lord have his own book now that he really isn't Star Lord anymore. But nether the less I enjoyed the last Star Lord series and I hope to enjoy this one the same. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 


Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Special Robyn Hood #1
I usually dont get the holiday specials, but because of Robyn Hood I am going to give this one a shot. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 121) 

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