Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #38

This week's anime screenshot is Attack On Titan

Wow guys! A few of these shows will actually end this week! That's sad since I liked most of them! Still I look forward to telling you about this week! Make sure you're caught up as always, then we'll dive right into this week's anime!

June 13th, Tuesday:

Fukumenkei Noise:

This was of course a training episode. All the shows like this have at least one episode about training camp. It's like the swimsuit episode for these types of shows. It's funny honestly. I didn't think they needed it, they always sound or do just fine when they get sent to training camp. That's the only thing I never understood! Either way the funniest part was when she sang about Momo. I actually laughed when that started. 

There was a lot of Nino and Yuzu having heart to hearts as well. I don't know how to feel about Momo. They did talk for a bit, but he seems to feel so bad after being so cold? Why doesn't he just confess what's happening with him? Why can no one in this show communicate. If it's just for the sake of the plot that's dumb as hell! Either way this was good, I look forward to seeing what happens. Also, the live portion bit was fun to. No Hurry Shout has a nice gimmick! 

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?:

This episode was actually more relaxed. For most of it anyway. There were 2 more intense scenes that were important to the plot. The first one is what I think is Ctholly's past life. I can't figure out if she is the little girl or the knight. I'm leaning more towards the knight though. There's a far bigger chance if you ask me. It'll be interesting to see more. I wonder how she died exactly? Or if they'll even show it. The other character's are cute. 

The main guy also discovered that the end was brought about by humans. That was implied so it isn't a surprise but the hug they had was so sweet and sad. I can't wait to see it elaborated on as to how they destroyed everything. I'm not even sure. I don't even have any theories. Pollution? Interfering with magic they didn't understand? It could be anything to be honest. This was great I liked it a lot! Even all the more relaxed bits you wouldn't pay as much attention to were nice! It gives you insight into everyone so it's nice! Definitely worth the watch! 

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine:

Oh my god this was good. The episode actually didn't have much of our royal tutor! He gave them all an assignment to investigate a rumor, then left them to it. They have learned a lot of from Heine, and it shows a lot in the whole first half. They do pretty much figure everything out in the end. It was the duke guy that set the rumor up from the sound of it. Anyway we got to finally see Heine's past. I didn't see that coming at all honestly! 

Basically the king and Heine met when the king left secretly. They became really good friends and have a lot of sweet moments getting to know each other. Then the king tries to defend him from the gaurds misunderstanding. In the end the king gets shot and they think Heine both kidnapped and tried to kill the king. It was so sad seeing him in prison. Though I have to confess, Heine should keep long hair. It suits him a lot better. Although now he's resigned from being the tutor. I saw it coming but still! It makes it even worse when the manga author said the last episode made THEM CRY. We are so screwed next week guys! Either way though, this was good! I liked it a lot it was amazing! I can't wait to see the finale that supposedly caused tears! 

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku:

This was interesting. I do not trust the other exorcist guy. Naotori I think his name is? He now knows about the book. I can guarantee he'll probably try and take advantage of Natsume now. It's already been hinted at before. That puts me on edge. I do still love the yokai with the mask. She's pretty cool I've always had kind of a soft spot for her. I sense Natsume getting thrown into the whole exorcist fight again. The one between this guy and the guy with the black hair. His boss did show up after all. Either way this was good! I do hope things go well, but I have a feeling they may not. Again though, still an interesting and entertaining watch! 

June 14th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

This was good! We finally got some insight on who's causing this. They have an interesting design that's all I have to say on the issue honestly. Oh that and the transfer student is involved with it obviously. Hell, he may be the cause. I hate Naruto in this episode. I wanted to kick him out a window after the scene was in. The teacher stepping in made me slow clap. It's cute how everyone cares about the class rep so much. I'm glad they were all OK! It was awesome to see Boruto plan this whole thing to draw the ghost out of hiding! All the kids did a good job. This was awesome and everyone had some growth! I enjoyed this one a lot! 

Room Mate: One Room Side M:

This also wasn't great. It was a bit funnier I'll give credit where credit is due! Some of the stuff they were doing was ridiculous enough to get me to laugh pretty hard. That whole thing with the brunette leaving made me roll my eyes. This show is going nowhere it's so annoying! We're already 10 episodes in and it stalled so much nothing happened Argh! I'm disappointed with this show and this show. 

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism:

This was really cool! The middle school girl is sweet and adorable when you get to know her as well. She helped out the main guy a lot in this fight. Even the antagonist is really cool and interesting. She can fight really well, the final fight in the last episode is going to rock! Though she has an odd way of expressing her love to the only person she ever liked. Killing him won't make that work out for you lady! Still I loved the middle school girl helping him and everything else here! This was awesome! 

June 15th, Thursday:

Clockwork Planet:

The final battle is about to start! I mean it is technically about time since the show is almost over. Still it feels sudden and rushed somehow? I don't know it's kind of hard to explain the feeling? I know I shouldn't feel this way but still. Either way now they all have to work together to fix everything and destroy a weapon. Said weapon is basically created by a hermit old man. He just now has a bearing on the story I don't recall him doing much, if anything else. I think the brunette robot will die. I'm excited to see how this final battle goes. It might be good! This episode was pretty good, still this show is kind of dull. 

Renai Boukun:

Honestly not a lot of notable stuff happened. There was a lot of the pink haired girl doing her thing. I do enjoy her a lot even now! The most interesting part is the cupid girl becoming a demon. To be honest she looks cooler that way. Is the main guy going to betray his original girlfriend!? Will the show end with them in an open relationship or something!? I have no idea where it's going at all! Everything was just so sudden! I guess this whole plot with cupid I saw coming, but nothing like this! I am curious about what the last episode will entail. 

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭:

I'm so angry but I loved this so much as well. 

Turns out the girls are not getting back with the main guy. Even after what happened they are backstabbing him and going to work with a rival party. I can't believe it. I understand why they didn't but still! This show was about them bonding and achieving dreams together! Now how will they do that!? How will they fix this in one episode. It really makes me so sad that they may all split forever, and never see each other again!

That's awful! I'm surprised by the "Let's go on a date" thing. I guess I should have known they might get together haha. Still it was really good! It almost made me cry when Eriri got back her ability to draw. I do wish them the best, even though they won't be together. I do wonder where it will go now that it went to such an unexpected place. This was awesome but also fuck this episode for screwing with my feelings! 

June 16th, Friday:

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa:

This episode features the sword fight with the main guy from the last season. AKA the awesome part where he decides he doesn't want to be protected anymore. That was one of my favorite parts when I saw it. It was interesting to see it from Aiz's perspective, and how she even got there to begin with. My only regret is the lack of Hermes. Since I really love him in this show. I am happy to see Lefiya improve as well. The whole scene where 2 of them were pushing their breasts together. I laughed because of how weird and sudden it seemed. Either way this was awesome. The new character showed up a bit and she's great. Everything about this show is great. This one was another quality episode! I can't wait to see what adventures they go on next! 

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai:

They were all defeated except Pride already!!? Wow this went by fast. The whole thing with that demon old man was gross and creepy. I guess we needed a tentacle like scene to complete the ensemble of pervy scenarios in this show. I'm surprised Melancholy is the only one still on her side. She isn't even one of the sins! Either way the fight scenes in the finale are going to be great. I am fond of Wrath and I didn't expect it at all. This was pretty good, despite the perverted weird moments. I don't know this show is one of a kind weird and has a weird appeal. 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This was funny. Soon we will see Nobunaga conquer more places, this one was a more relaxed episode. Which means I get to see my favorite guy, Hanbei again! Yay! I was waiting for him to cough up blood. I'm surprised it didn't really happen. I laughed when Nobunaga started talking about sweets. I should have known it wouldn't be entirely serious reasons when he asked about unifying Japan. This was a funny one. I'm pleased with it because I also got to see Hanbei again, but it was funny to. Definitely a good one! 

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

Here we have it! This episode had two significant things going on and one big plot twist even I didn't see coming. I must say though, I feel dumb for not getting it. Basically it was revealed the king was the man that danced with the main girl a few episodes ago. I feel so bad for her, and gross for thinking he was cool! Yuck! Now I'm actually wondering if he somehow sealed her powers the night they met. The whole angel thing is going to cause trouble. The demon thing already made things complicated enough. The poor kid just wants his Mom back and is doing what the angels told him! I was so sad when they didn't escape the way they wanted, but when the necromancer appeared and opened the cage with that sentient hand, I was happy as hell. I love her as well. Overall this episode was great! I was really invested in every moment! 

June 17th, Saturday:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season:

The final battle. You have no idea how mad I was when Bakugo won. On one hand, I appreciate Todoroki giving his Dad the ultimate screw you. I love him, he's such an amazing character. The best part was when All Might congratulated the winners. His hugs look so great. I want a hug from All Might for sure. Everyone did well and I'm proud. Except Bakugo. You can't shut up him up no matter what you do. Even when he wins he's annoyed. I didn't know that the older brother wasn't dead yet. He's probably going to, though. I mean look at the state he's in! I do look forward to seeing what the school does next. I'm surprised Todoroki is going to his Mom. She did an awful thing but she is an interesting looking character thus far. I hope they show us where that goes! I loved seeing everyone at home after the ending as well. They all had the funniest little sequences. If not the cutest scenes! This was an awesome episode! I look forward to more very soon! 

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2:

Oh my god this was incredible. I'm so sad the show is over for now. Still this was an amazing season finale. I am so surprised the Hannes died. He isn't my favorite but I still screamed when he died. I felt so bad for Eren. That whole part where he had to be powerless again. It was just so heartbreaking! Mikasa was very motivating though and everything that happened afterwards was amazing. I feel bad though. I laughed at Armin trying to shoo away the titan with the one blade. I can't wait to see them solve the mystery. I also look forward to seeing more of what Ymir will do. She is such an amazing character and this season proves it. This finale was awesome I adored it.

Overall this show, much like it's last season was fucking awesome. 10/10. It honestly has no flaws that are that notable if you ask me. It's written and paced well, the soundtrack is beautiful, the voice acting is very real and believable, and the art and animation may be even be more stellar then last time! If you are an anime fan, checking out Attack On Titan is an absolute must. It's become a modern classic on the same level as things like Cowboy Bebop and Ghibli films. I can't wait for the next season in 2018! I will definitely be reviewing it when it starts up again! 

Granblue Fantasy The Animation:

This was really good! We have our new party member and he is awesome. He's that tough looking guy with a heart of gold. I love that archetype! I think my favorite part was when all the characters got together to fight. I love the character designs in this show to bits! It's amazing and all of them look so cute and interesting. I'm glad they were able to save everyone! I am excited to see where they all go with the new guy next! This was such a good one! I really loved it! 


This episode featured more of the main girl the main guy is supposed to be with. Or at least who the show seems to want with him the most. It was a cute episode. In the end, they did find a way to sneak a swimsuit in there. I'm not surprised. I don't have a lot to say about it, except that the whole flashback showing their parents and how they met was so amazing and fucking cute. This was basically their bonding episode. It was exactly what you would want out of one. Sweet, fluffy and cute! It was really enjoyable. I do look forward to what will happen next! Hopefully we'll get to see him obtain his dream by the time the show ends at least.


This was the relaxed episode after the intense fight. A chance to give the audience a sort of breather. We got to see a flashback of the main guy with the girl that died. I was waiting for that. I'm so happy everyone is OK! I can't handle another death after that magical girl. I know it will happen but not yet! I'm not ready yet. The two of them are a cute couple. I'm surprised the main guy actually got some sort of satisfaction from her death. Why would he feel that he cared so much! The explanation wasn't good enough! Still I look forward to seeing the rest of the flashback and more of explanation. I still like him as a character but I gotta say I'm not happy with him right now. 

June 18th, Sunday:

Alice to Zouroku:

This was nice! We got to see Sana's family in Wonderland. I laughed so hard when he said he was going to scold Wonderland. Sana and the other girl bonded. Being stuck in an imaginary realm does that to you, I guess. I think she will get adopted in the last episode. That's my personal opinion but I'm not entirely sure yet. It may be still too early to tell. It was nice seeing them bond, though. I can't wait to see what happens next. It looks like shit is about to go down! 

June 19th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia:

Here we have Little Witch Academia. I'm surprised they brought the whole Akko finding the words and saving the world of magic thing to a close now. I thought it would end on the last episode, but there is still one left! Either way though it was really interesting. The final fight with Chariot against the other teacher was great.

She is so epic, even without what she was doing before when Akko first saw her. I think the best part was when Akko did the thing. The flowers and everything that popped up were so pretty. I totally freaked out when the dragon appeared. I thought "Oh god they're all going to have to fight it together." Then they didn't. Seeing that other teacher sad when nothing worked was actually said. In the end Akko got what she wanted. It was so nice to see that last moment. I wonder if the other teacher is going to witch jail or something. Either this was amazing! I adored this to bits! 

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho:

This was really nice. Basically they want to seal off the way modern magic works with the Grimoire of Zero. At least the blond kid says so, so I assume they are. Everyone regrouped and seeing Thirteen get punched several times and almost die was rather satisfying! Even with what he did I don't trust him one bit. His apology is the most monotone thing I've ever heard and I don't believe it for a second. Either way now everyone is together Zero and the Beast guy reunited and they're going to save the world! I still hate 13 and want him dead but whatever. I hope he does, please die. PLEASE. I'm looking forward to the finale! 


A good week! It is a shame Attack On Titan ended, though. It was one of the best shows Spring had to offer! Still though, I enjoyed almost everything the show had to offer! My favorites were Little Witch Academia, The Royal Tutor, Attack on Titan and Boku No Hero Academia! My least favorite was Room Mate! 

I hope you enjoyed the article! Feel free to comment on the article with your opinions! I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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