Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #42

This week's anime screenshot is from Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu 

2nd week in! Some anime I've been waiting on still hasn't started yet, I'm surprised! I'm sure they'll turn up soon, though. Lets get right into it! As always make sure you're caught up before you click, though!

July 11th, Tuesday:

No anime today! I'm surprised, but hopefully there will be more tomorrow! 

July 12th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

This episode had a lot of tension because it teased whether or not the class rep would return to school. We also got to see all the students doing more training. Is it bad that I forgot entirely that the school broke. Oh well, I remember now. Either way all the characters are getting good. I think we will get to see them on a mission soon, I look forward to it! I'm so happy class rep is still allowed in the school. The episode was good so I must say again, Naruto is annoying in this show. Every time he speaks I want to bitch slap him even if he's right. He hasn't been good to his family and he dismisses Boruto all the time. I know I know he's the Hokage but still! Spend time with your family! 

Netsuzou Trap:

OHHHHHH now I get it. 

I get the controversy guys! The episode was pretty standard until our two ladies and the two boyfriends double dated. The boy with the black haired girl keeps trying to have sex even though she doesn't want to. She is unhappy in her relationship which is why she seems to want the main girl. She's unhappy in her current relationship and could very well be in love with her friend. Them having a relationship could take awhile, though since the main girl resents her for the past. I honestly hope they can work things out. I still feel bad for the boyfriend of the main girl, though! He did nothing wrong he doesn't deserve to be cheated on. Also there is going to be naughty stuff ahead. Just a warning for those of you who don't like it. They're going to go "Even further" oh boy. 

Saiyuuki Reload Blast:

The second episode! Just as fun as the first one! In this one the gang goes to a town that exports salt and protects it from the demons. They keep trying to steal it for whatever reason. It was funny because poor Hakkai almost winded up doing it all alone. I loved seeing the other 3 screw around. Hakkai is just group Mom no one can tell me otherwise. I think Gyojo flirting with his arm stuck in a hole was the best part. I also loved the shorts in the episode with the water slide and when Hakkai kept moving when he was going to be hit. Those were in the shorts. I loved that! 

Hajimete No Gal:

Huh? You guys wanted to see this show? OK if you say so...

This anime is about a guy who is a loser, hangs out with other losers and one creep. The girl he's dating is one with her breasts always half out. She may have a sweet side, the end of the episode seems to imply it, but she also seems like kind of a bitch. There were a lot of mean more raunchy jokes. Mostly at the protagonists expense. I think he doesn't deserve it. I hope the girl is nice. This show is kind of funny, I guess! It might be good and I hope the main girl winds up being nice. The the other characters don't have much noteworthy about them. Other then the fact that one has huge breasts. 

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV):

This is going to be interesting. This seems like it'll be Dangan Ronpa but on a lesser scale. Basically what's happening is this school works on a hierarchy. They can't leave but have everything they need on school grounds and whatever they want! Turns out though, even though they were rewarded points the first month, during the second one they were entirely insulted and dragged through the mud. They were also given no points so they may starve to death! The plot is really interesting I like the tension. The characters I don't have much to say about yet. All I know is, main boy that's distant and indifferent, pure cinnamon roll girls and loner who is mean. Those are the main 3 and they seem pretty cool but I need development for them to get into it more! So far so good, though! I like this! 

July 13th, Thursday:


This one is either going to be a hit or miss and I can already tell. 

First off main boy is retarded. Sorry, but it had to be said. He meets a nice sweet girl, a club of cool people. The girl he crushes on likes video games like him, and has a club for it and just literally hands it to him. What does this little bitch do? He says no because he wants to enjoy games his way. She embarrasses herself and seems upset afterwards. What the hell what a dumb protagonist! The game shop looked really nice in this show. The characters look cute and art and everything looks nice but dear god! Main guy is such a dumbass! Hopefully this show does get a bit better! Maybe they'll make a game together I hope it goes well but again, this anime may be a stinker. 

July 14th, Friday:

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan:

OK now we're getting somewhere. Though, people really go out of their way to fake miracle from god don't they? Mario seems the most interesting to me so far. It's a shame he'll probably only appear for this particular mystery. There is a satanist hiding among them. Maybe Mario is actually a vessel for Satan and hearing his voice. Or maybe he's just mentally ill. Still I find the priests to insufferably boring. The mystery is getting more fun to follow but still. Other then that snore fest. Even the art uses blander more common colors. Again, though still better then the last one.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi:

Yes a return of this show! I loved this show. It was in the group of first anime's for me. Hell always creeped me out, but this show I'm OK with! 

It is fitting that they returned with a more modern episode. The whole conflict between the girls started in an online chat room. A cute polite girl meets another girl who secretly found her annoying and orchestrated all the bullying she endured. The main girl even became friends with said traitor girl. For those of you who don't know the shows formula hasn't changed. Each episode focus's on one conflict where they send their tormentor to hell. Honestly though in this one I feel like she overreacted. Then again a lot of people in this show do. The pre hell scene was super fucked up but I loved it anyway it was great. There is one new thing in this season. A mysterious little girl telling Ai what she is doing it wrong. I have no idea what's happening or why she's here yet. It'll unravel as the show goes on! I loved this and welcome back Hell Girl! You were missed! 

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

Our two heroes make the journey to the angel realm! I love seeing them work together. It was the man plot and the angels are honestly just as cool as the demons. Still I empathize with the demons more. The angels aren't slaves and everything so, yeah. The mother and son reunion was awesome. Then of course they had to ruin it by making son the obvious villain in this arc. Great. Poor old man though getting ignored entirely by Nina. As for the demons, they are concerned about where all this is going. Lucifer is abnormally calm he probably knows things. The rag demon has also been shoved in a roman esque arena and everyone hates him. Honestly? My poor baby. I can't wait for more the angels were awesome especially the new ones that guided Nina and Jeanne! I can't wait for more fights as well. 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

Wow this whole episode focused on the retreat plan. Still it was funny, though. Hideyoshi is going to be the one holding everyone off, the one dude might betray and "Betrayals need to be well planned" made me laugh really hard. This shows humor really gets me. Oda questioning Nene's cooking skills was funny as well. The retreat will be next episode but still loved this! It was hilarious! I can't wait for more! Not much to say other then "Funny as hell."

Shoukoku no Altair:

This is going to be intense. There is war going on and hostage shit happening. I'm having a bit trouble remembering the names of the places? Basically though they're going to a neighboring place to start shit. Not a good idea so this kid is going to take care of it! I can't wait to see more fighting among. The main boy seems like he'll be good at it. I hope he can save his friend from potentially dying he seems like such a nice guy...which kind of guarantee's his death to be honest. That girl seems like a Mom figure to him as well, I like her a lot. I know the purple haired guy probably planned all of this to be boss pretty much, but I still like him even though I shouldn't. 

July 15th, Saturday:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season:

This episode featured exactly what I wanted! More training scenes from everyone. All of them were so cute I love seeing them. Deku unfortunately hasn't learned to fight yet. He needs some time to practice. I'm happy this dude wasn't verbally mean to Deku. I always see instructors being mean to the main character so it's nice to see a change! Then there was the hero killer. It's been built up for awhile and now he's going after Iida. Finishing off what he started with that family, if you will. It's so sad I'm worried he'll die. The hand villain from last time also doesn't like hero killer, which is going to be an issue. I like hand guy better so..whatever I guess. Then there's the creepy villain! He' back but in a different body. Honestly the new body isn't as creepy which I'm grateful for. I loved this and can't wait for more! 


The poor main date sim protagonist. I have no idea how she'll help them out but it's good they have someone else on their side. She is so adorable as well. I'm sure everyone else finds her annoying but I don't care. I adore her to bits. Then we have the other new guy. He seems to be on the villain team and had a lot of bad shit happened to him. I feel bad for the older guy with the guns. He looks like he really suffered. All of them seem to have suffered honestly. I love all these characters really. The knight chick seems to be planning something with the crazy one with the purple hair. I feel the need to mention they did all this naked. I can't wait to see what they do teamed up since they seem so different from each other. I also like how they protected the date sim girl. I understand why she was so upset, and she deserves to be hugged and loved and treated with respect. Good episode but another setup! I look forward to more! 

Hitorijime My Hero:

Just when I thought this show might not be so mean spirited and awful. 

The two boys that were friends, but ditched each other were bonding again. They almost kissed a few times! I was happy with this! They are the same age, could mend each others wounds from the past! It could have been great, it could have been angsty! It could have been romantic and beautiful but no. No no no. They had to make the one main douche kiss him out of nowhere, basically call the other a dense idiot, then give him an ultimatum. Cut ties with him or fuck him pretty much. That is so fucked up and screw him. This teacher/student creepiness is happening folks.  Oh boy. I'm already not liking this at all or in the very least starting not to. 

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu:

This was good! Sadly, no ship fight! We did get morality clashing within the team, though. I feel like I air more with the emotional side of the argument. In the end, though the younger main kind of helped work it out. They resolved it after a "Ya know you two are kind of the same!" and a fighting the army thing. It was nice. I wish there was something a bit more intense with the fighting, but this was character development and it was good as well. I liked it! Also guys I saw Mikazuki in the opening! He might appear yesss! I love him so much I hope he does ASAP! 


This one featured the main girl fighting against the student council elite people. Or at least one of them. It looked like she was going to win as well! She did all the stuff she does to shove those bitches into corners! I don't care for blondie, though. I'm still happy that she's paying for what she did. After being defeated, though something interesting happened. Main girl wants to fight the student council and even though she is now a servant she's still happy. Did a neko girl routine and creeped the students who were ordering her around. So in the end she always wins! The game was fun, I'm sad she lost but I can't wait to see her kick arrogant, bitchy student council ass! This was good for sure! 

July 16th, Sunday:

Princess Principal:

More cute moe girls committing crimes or at the very least very questionable acts!? Joy! 

I have somewhat mixed feelings on this little gem. On one hand I love this show. On the other I feel kind of bad for the people that are getting screwed over. Mostly talking about the guy from the first episode, though. I liked him! The main girl is my favorite character, though I feel bad for that at the same time. I feel like during this spy mission, something went wrong. It's going to bite them in the ass in later episodes. I thought it was interesting one of the girls there was black. That's rare in an anime! It was nice seeing everyone at the party and the main girl is cute when she acts like she has a conscience haha. Either way this was good! 

Centaur no Nayami:

The second episode! Honestly this was so nice. We got to see some of the character's mothers. I like how they always conveniently have a chair around that's big enough for a centaur. I've never heard of schools that won't let you have part time jobs! That's a silly rule why wouldn't that be allowed? Doesn't it make students look more responsible? The main centaur girl makes a good model! Though honestly being in a medical field suits her really nicely. I hope she does get to that. It was so weird when the demon girl had to dress all girly! Leave her be she's a natural tomboy it's weird when you do that! We did get to see the mer-people which I'm grateful for. I was worried we may not, but they made it so the worlds interacted. It must be tough living like that with a tail. A good episode for sure, I enjoyed it! 

Ballroom e Youkoso:

The next episode! It was kind of formulaic but also original! The main guy is having trouble learning the conventional way, everyone thinks he's unteachable. In the end, he seemed to get better by watching and trying to mimic one of his peers. By the way the new guy? He's my new favorite character in this show. He looked like he was going to be a jerk but he really wasn't. He is serious and very dedicated, but he is actually pretty polite to the main character. It's the main character that wants to steal the girl from him, all things considered. The new guy is a good dancer! It'll be cool seeing them fight once they're more equal in terms of skill level. This was good but Yuri On Ice was still way better. Had to be said. 


Some more fights are breaking out. I am noticing one flaw with this show already. It's not a huge one, and it's something I can deal with. This show jumps around from place to place a lot. In a way it's necessary. There are a lot of things going on. Still it will make it more difficult to review. I think right now the most important thing is probably Joanne of Arc. She fought some demon looking good and a dude from the dark army saw and tried to intervene. He wanted her to join them but she refused. I can't tell why she's here and what side she intends to join. Maybe she's going to be neutral like the other guy? Frankenstein and her summoner interests me a lot as well. He is bonding with her and I wonder if they may have romantic feelings for each other.

Then we have the clone. He has only 3 years to live basically. I like how the one girl didn't even turn him in because she didn't know. He will probably leave the black army castle and join the good side. Most likely he will run into Saber and her summoner. We see them in bits and pieces and it confuses me. Isn't Saber the title character of the series? Why aren't they with the other good army yet. Either way some plots are opening up, some fights happened but nothing super huge yet! Just more setup! I liked it, though! 

July 17th, Monday:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ:

This is honestly my favorite one every week ever since it started. Everyone thinks it's stupid I don't care! I think instead of Hibiki, the one going through a lot of personal stuff will be Chris. She seems to be taking the shooting thing she did really hard. I think ultimately, she did the right thing. Had she not the kid would have died. It wasn't a great choice, but it was the best and only one available. I hope she stops feeling guilty over it soon. Tsubasa got a song this time around while she fell out of a plane with Maria. It was great.

The big fight featured the main 3 and it was awesome. I liked it! The bad guys also consulted their boss and managed to get their robot back to life. She is surprisingly cheerful and non threatening but I sense a secret yandere on the way with her. The fights were great, the song was great and I enjoyed myself. I can't wait for more and to see the bad guys have a magical girl form as well! 

Isekai Shokudou:

OK so this show is going to be a slice of life about various character's eating food. They resolve issues their going through because of this place as well. On one hand, but on the other don't we have enough slice of life anime out? It dominates most of the releases every anime season! Still the princess arc was cute. It didn't bore me as much as it did last week but still. It was nice seeing flashbacks of her and her Grandpa, and seeing how happy she was there. The dude who passed on a recipe for the place in the first part was nice as well. I guess this was OK! 

Koi To Uso:

OK apparently now he's kissing her once a day. My theory still stands, though.  I think she's falling for the main guy, and wants him to get out of his system. They all hung out for a bit, but the boy just sat there. Honestly poor awkward child. The girl the main guy likes kissed him in the end, despite the awkwardness but the other boy saw. What was unexpected was him kiss the main guy when he was asleep. Guess they're going to answer the "what if they were gay" thing huh? I think the funniest part was showing how the two dudes met. Poor guy panicked so much he called the cops. That was great! I look forward to more! 


A pretty good week! I enjoyed it a lot. Still two anime's are missing, I'm surprised! Regardless, my favorites were Boku No Hero Academia, Symphogear and Fate! My least favorites were Hitorijime My Hero and Gamers. 

I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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