Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #45

This Week's Anime Screenshot is Saiyuuki Reload Blast

Some of these shows are apparently close to the halfway point already? Dear god it always sneaks up on me how fast it is! Either way make sure, you're caught up and we'll get into it!

Tuesday, August 1st:

New Game!!:

This episode featured some of the girls going to some event with a magical girl movie. I love how anime looks within an anime it's great to watch. I liked how enthusiastic they were about it. There were also a few other funny scenes. The one with the indecency was pretty good. The project was also given a lot of positive attention so we'll get to see them making out! I'm happy for the cast and can't wait for more this was good! 

Wednesday, August 2nd:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

This one featured Naruto's family and the day Naruto became Hokage. Boruto's little sister is insane when you upset her. Wow, you don't mess with the girls in the Naruto family! It was funny though, Naruto taking the hit for Boruto. I laughed at that part. That and when Hinata locked them both outside. I think Naruto and Boruto may have bonded over this whole fight. Maybe Naruto will get better at the whole dad thing as well. Overall a great episode. Lots of domestic family stuff and some lore! I loved it! 

Netsuzou Trap:

Now the other boy is starting to get suspicious of the main. I mean I would be to at this point. At least he doesn't seem AS broken up over it as I thought. I thought he would cry. I love how the main girl stood up for the other one. I hope they both fuck up that other guy. The fact that's threatening to blab if he doesn't get a threesome is disgusting. He's like the worst person ever! You lesbians screw him up! 

Saiyuuki Reload Blast:

The next section of the reincarnation arc. This whole thing with Goku broke my heart. The poor thing was distressed the whole episode. All his crying scenes broke my heart to but the part with him as the weapon was so gold. It turns out that Nataku is an artificial weapon. I think the father may be molesting him. That actually took me by surprise since the show is normally more light hearted. The fight at the end was my favorite part, though I loved it. The previous version of Sanzo and Goku having a moment was great as well. It was so sweet. I still love that one goddess and the Urasai was great. I love Hakkai in all his forms. Awesome, I loved it! 

Hajimete No Gal:

The student council girl is as it turns out a very screwed up person! I didn't think she was that girl on the podcast.It was unexpected to me anyway. The one friend of the main character, the lolicon grosses me out so much. I wish the anime would stop giving him any attention he really grosses me out. I'm happy the main character showed more guts this time. I'm glad they all put that girl in her place. It was funny when they all jumped down like that. The best part was the main girl and guy. They were so cute in the end and she is good to him and now he's good to her too! I love it! 

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV):

The episode showed class B and honestly I love them. They are so harmonious and sweet! The pink haired girl is very nice and I like her. She didn't do anything wrong yet unlike the other girl I thought was sweet and cute. Obviously, they don't seem to have bonded well because of the huge class difference. Still I hope they will she is very nice and just wants to succeed in this terrible system like everyone else. I liked this episode it was nice getting introduced to new characters and was well done as always! A fun watch for sure though I hope the plot starts moving more soon. It seems to be a bit quiet right now. 

Thursday,August 3rd:


This episode followed the blonde girl in the gaming club. She has a budding romance with the main character, lord knows why he's a huge moron.Yes, I still haven't let it go, fight me. The main character is honestly such a cute girl. I can see some people finding her alone but she's so relatable and such a nerd I love it! The whole daily routine thing was so fun. I would be so bored if I had such a regimented life though. This was actually good I liked it! It was worth the watch! 

Friday,August 4th:

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan:

This episode was actually really interesting. One of the main guys talks about this guy who gets wishes from what I assume is a demon. It ruins his life, but also creates the woman of his dreams which he eventually destroys. It was sad but really interesting. The character he was talking to actually caught my attention as well. He was interesting and fun to see. If the show had more of him maybe I'd like it more. A surprisingly good episode from a show that has been pretty average thus far. If you ask me it could even work as a standalone to some degree, if you ask me. 

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi:

This episode was really good! It made me so mad at the same time, though. That old lady should have gotten a free pass. That woman was so awful, it managed to break my heart in the first scene. That bitch running the place should have gotten sent to hell, no strings attached. The relationship she developed with Wanyuudou. It was really sweet and nice and it honestly made me love the character. In the end the lady got sent to hell. but the other woman's health started failing and she in the end became destined to hell as well. It sucked. She deserved to go to heaven, but she is a hero. One of the best focuses of Hell Girl so far if you ask me. Good episode. The new character didn't do so much this time, though. 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This was amusing. The one dude who keeps implying he's going to betray Nobunaga talked to the guy in their way. I love how he suddenly got in casual clothes it was brilliant. He handled it really well! I loved how his son was just "That's our Dad!" when he said he would betrayed Nobunaga if it hadn't worked. The other character was cute and fun as well, I enjoyed him and enjoyed this episode a lot! It was great! 

Saturday, August 5th:

Boku No Hero Academia 2nd Season:

In this episode, the writers challenged your ability to take the show seriously by making the head police officer an anthropomorphic dog! A Saint Bernard it seems! The students could have gotten punished really badly, but he was merciful and kept it from getting out that they did. You could say he's a...good boy...am I right? -dodges thing being thrown at me-

The Hero Killer seems to be the person that caused All Might to start loosing his powers. His backstory getting leaked caused a chain reaction. We got to see previews of new villain characters, they're all inspired by Hero Killer and his story. This is not going to be good! Still they all look really cool and I loved it! The guys are healing, and the phone part made me laugh! Awesome episode! 

Hitorijimete My Hero:

Again more focus on the teacher and the main character. Honestly they are kind of cute. The student is all flustered around him. Honestly, the rest of the episode was kind of boring. We got to see more of the other couple as a kid, the teacher as a kid which was adorable and a few other little things. Nothing that caught my attention a lot, though. The teacher looks like Jumin from Mystic Messenger now that I look closer. Also main kid is gonna get beat up. All bets on the teacher coming to heroically save him. Every yaoi must have a scene like that! An OK episode I guess. 

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu:

The anime seems to shifting focus to another group of swords! Lucky me, it seems to focus more on a lot of the swords that I liked, Mikazuki included! Needless to say I'm thrilled! For those of you who were worried, though that one sword that got impaled is fine! He woke up and just needs some time to heal. One thing I don't get is why they're making Mikazuki seem slightly villainous. I also don't entirely get why they're fighting, sort of. Aren't they all on the same side? Still it was a good episode and I liked it! I got what I asked for so I can't complain much. 


Yes things are getting interesting now! The main guy and the girl meet another person that turned out to be the reflected. The daughter of a police officer who was kind of overprotective of her. It kind of reminded me of Toph in Avatar. Still I loved the new girl  and when she used her powers to protect the other main characters, that was great. Her wheelchair can basically turn into a big robot. She's D.VA essentially! I liked her transformation a lot and it's cool to see she'll be part of the team. I think she's my favorite character thus far. Really identifiable and fun to watch! A good episode for sure! 

Sunday, August 6th:

Princess Principal:

This episode features one of my favorite things in these types of shows. Train battle! All the girls were on a train doing business. My favorite part was probably the part where they were all on the roof. The ninja girl was badass and the scene where she was at the grave of that guy broke my heart. I'm happy she transferred to be with the others girls. The whole "Western culture isn't so bad after all" comment made me laugh. This was really good, Ange was nice this time as well and I enjoyed it a lot! Awesome episode! 

Centaur No Nayami:

This episode focused around a new character that is basically a snake. She has the body of a female but a long neck and snake head and everything. Honestly, she looked really cool. The main centaur girl was afraid of her based on a movie she saw when she saw when she was younger. One where a snake person basically body jacked Centaurs, causing her to faint in here whenever the snake girl opened her jaw. For some reason they went with a whole race commentary/discrimination angle. I didn't dislike it, but it can't really be applied to humans. A scary movie never made me scared of a whole other race. I get what they were going for, but it fell flat if it was a racial commentary attempt. Still it was cute. Snake girl is friends with the group now and it's really nice! I enjoyed the episode and the new character a lot! 

Monday, August 7th:


Too much going on! 

Still, I did like this. It focused more on Mordred and her master. She is really amazing. I'm surprised by how cold Arthur was towards her. She was her child wasn't she? Honestly I might like her even more than Arthur in a way. The best part was seeing her in action against her first sight on the black side. We also got to see Jack The Ripper. Someone I know loves this character so I hope they enjoyed her first appearance. I actually liked her a lot as well. Didn't expect to see such a charismatic  and somewhat cute version of Jack The Ripper. The girl in the wheelchair is also really amazing. I hope she doesn't die where they left here and that gear she has to fight is amazing. Everyone with a wheelchair should get that immediately. Again, good episode all things considered! 

Isekai Shokudou:

This episode was slower then even the normally show is. Still it was somewhat enjoyable. It had all the characters that showed up thus far debate what the best food was. All of them chose their favorites and had a spat over it. It was still really boring and honestly kind of childish. I winded up enjoying it more when the main girl described her daily work at the beginning. I would skip this one, it was so meh! This show is honestly meh, though. I didn't like this too much it bored me even more then usual. 

Koi To Uso:

This episode featured all the couples going to a special government to learn about sex and why the government made the best choices even in that area! Because red string of science bla bla bla no feelings allowed here bla bla bla. 

I don't know how clear I've made it but I don't like the government in this show. They have this weird creepy undertone like well meaning but creeping on any every private aspect of your life. The fact that they have a smile the whole time makes it that much worse. 

The students are also uncomfortably naive. I remained fairly naive about this sort of thing until my mid/later teens, but even I knew what a condom looked like. Maybe not exactly what it was made for BUT I DIDN'T FEEL TEMPTED TO SNIFF THE PACKAGE. They act so babyish and naive about it it's really uncomfortable and weird. Also the main characters are gonna have sex. Maybe. Who knows. I didn't like this a lot. Disappointing since I kind of like this show. 


A pretty good week! I enjoyed most of it as per usual! My favorites this week were Saiyuuki Reload Blast, Boruto and Princess Principal. My least favorites this week were Isekai Shokudou and Koi To Uso sadly. 

I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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