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Top Panels of The Week! - 02/07/18

Comic Frontline is starting a new segment where the crew picks their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week's post I will announce the winner from the poll.

5.  Paper Girls #20 -Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Somewhere along the way the girls lost touch. Are you defined by the people you hang out with? 

4. Hawkeye #15 - Awkward Talk With Dad!

No wonder why Kate got such a bad rating on her DRYVE app!  

3. Batman: White Knight #5 - Monkey In The Middle!

Babs talks some sense to Dick and Bruce's everlasting feud.

2. Batman White Knight #5 - Batgirl Flips Batman!

Bruce deserved it!

1. Runaways #6 - No One Touches Nico!

 It's rare to see Karolina this angry, but no one touches Nico. 


5. Avengers #679 - Challenger Revealed!

Finally, we find out who this "Challenger" is and get a little history on the Elders. (2 panels actually, but they tied together.)

4. I Hate Fairyland #16 - Just In Time For Groundhogs Day!

Gertrude had turned her ways around, almost escaped Fairyland, only to wind up in Hell, and now her own personal Hell is... returning to Fairyland to start all over again. HILARIOUS!

3. Paper Girls #20 - No One Understads Gen-Xers!

As a Gen-Xer, young Tiffany's misunderstanding of the term is cute, funny and makes the term sound as stupid as it is.

2. Rogue & Gambit #2 - How Convenient?!

This panel is just classic! As anyone who read that era of X-Men would likely agree, we all thought the same thing... how did those clothes shred in that conveniently revealing and yet fashionable way? HAHA Too funny.

1. X-Men Red #1 - Jean Returns!

Jean Grey back in all her splendor and grace! This is the panel any Jean Grey fan has been waiting for!


5. Iron Fist #77 - Restored!

1 and half panels.... I know but gotta say IRON FIST RESTORED!

4. Batman #40 - Been There, Seen That!

Didn't we see this before...hmm. HAHA but called it and love how they both find even the thought ridiculous.

3. Paper Girls #20 - Terminated!

Noo just when we made friends.

2. Rogue & Gambit #2 - Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

Rogue & Gambit have a history of ups and downs...but it's an X-Wedding in the making.

1. Superman #40 - Beginnings!

Superman begins!


5. Mech Cadet Yu #6 - Robos To The Rescue!

The Mech Cadets are in trouble surrounded by newly hatched Shargs and Yu lets General Park know, who orders the Robos to stay put, but Buddy will never leave Stanford in trouble and the rest of the Robos follow to protect their Cadets.

4. Superman #40 - Caves Vs. Fortresses!

As a Superman fan I have always heard how great Batman is because of his gadgets and the Batcave, and Jon says what I always reply with. The Fortress is so much cooler!!!!

3. Batman #40 - Up, Up, And Away! DUH!

Again, as a Superman fan I hear people make fun of the "Up, Up And Away!" Come on it is a part of who he is. But I love that even in the middle of a never ending battle Bruce & Diana find time to poke fun at Clark's call to arms. LOL!

2. Batman #40 - Wonderoos?!

Superman has Krypto: The Superdog. Batman has Ace: The Bathound. Wonder Woman has Jumpa: The Wonderoo! Yeah I know she wasn't called the Wonderoo, but COME ON!!!! I just love this scene so fun, and so awesome!

1. She-Hulk #162 - It Hurts!

If this one does not get you, you have no soul! Jen is in therapy trying to resolve her psychological problems that had created her Grey Hulk alter Ego. She faced her fear of nearly dying by smashing Thanos, but now she must get over her anger at Bruce for leaving her, and do what so many never get a chance to do when we lose a loved one, say goodbye. In the end Jen does and as you can see by doing this she returns to her Sensational Green She-Hulk once again.


5. X-Men Gold #21 - Goodbye "Old" Friend

When storm says goodbye to old man Logan. As he feels he is the weakest link of the team.

4. She-Hulk #162It Hurts!

 When Jen finally says goodbye Bruce.

3. Injustice 2 #19 - Titans Together!

 The Titans say goodbye to Conner. 

2. The Walking Dead #176 - It's Mama!

 The Walking Dead #176 as Michone finds her daughter. 

1. Injustice 2 #19 - No One Kills Robin!

 My #1 is Injustice #2 with Batman screwing with Zod.

Top Panel of the Week - 2/7

Paper Girls #20 -Where did it all go wrong?
Hawkeye #15 - Awkward Talk with Dad
Batman: White Knight #5 - Monkey in the Middle
Batman White Knight #5 - Batgirl Flips Batman
Runaways #6 - No One Touches Nico!
Avengers #679 - Challenger Revealed!
I Hate Fairyland #16 - Just In Time For Groundhogs Day!
Paper Girls #20 - No One Understads Gen-Xers!
Rogue & Gambit #2 - How Convenient?!
X-Men Red #1 - Jean Returns!
Iron Fist #77 - Restored!
Batman #40 - Been There, Seen That!
Paper Girls #20 - Terminated!
Rogue & Gambit #2 - Do You Hear Wedding Bells?
Superman #40 - Beginnings!
Mech Cadet Yu #6 - Robos To The Rescue!
Superman #40 - Caves Vs. Fortresses!
Batman #40 - Up, Up, And Away! DUH!
Batman #40 - Wonderoos?
She-Hulk #162 - It Hurts!
X-Men Gold #21 - Goodbye "Old" Friend
Injustice 2 #19 - Titans Together!
The Walking Dead #176 - It's Mama!
Injustice 2 #19 - No One Kills Robin!
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