Thursday, July 12, 2018

Comic Book Club 1: Supergirl: Many Happy Returns TPB!

Welcome to the Comic Frontline Comic Book Club! Each month Jay will be announcing a TPB (Trade Paperback) or OGNs (Original Graphic Novels) selected for us to read that month. Last month I took to our Discord and asked what books you want, and added some of the Frontline Six's picks and compiled a dozen of books for all of you to choose from and, Supergirl: Many Happy Returns, won by one vote, so that became our first book. So grab your copy and join us for the first episode as LegendStorm to discuss the book and announce next month's selection!

Talking Supergirl: Many Happy Returns TPB:
  • Intro
  • What You Need To Know Before Reading This Book
  • Plot Discussion
  • Main Characters
  • Character Discussion 
  • Where To Find These Characters Now
  • Questions/Comments From Chat
  • Next Selection: X-Men: Days of Future Past

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